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Status Update That Got a Student Expelled

CLICK to SEE the Full Status Update! WARNING: Graphic Language! In another case of teen stupidity that comes out of Brevard County Florida, a teen is facing expulsion after posting a highly inappropriate “Status Update” on his Facebook page. The teen, a student at Edgewood Senior High School, made threats against his English teacher, Kathy… Read More »

Sidwell Friends School Washington DC – Obama’s School of Choice

Internet surfers have developed a sudden interest in Sidwell Friends School Washington DC, and as always we have some info to give for those interested in the topic. According to their website, the Sidwell Friends School Washington DC is a Pre-12 private school that has campuses in Maryland as well as Washington. The Sidwell Friends… Read More »

Virginia Tech families feeling ignored

Family members of victims of the VT disaster are feeling ignored after they were denied representation in a gubernational panel studying the shooting. In responce, they have submitted a statement on behalf of thirteen families that denounces their refusal. The panel which they are seeking representation in hopes to learn how the gunman was able… Read More »