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Paris released from jail

Paris Hilton was released early this morning from jail bringing her three week stay to an end. Hilton was surrounded by an enormous amount of reporters as she left the facility. Paris’ vacation in the Lynwood jail cost taxpayers $1,110 a day. You do the math, that’s a hefty sum of money to keep somebody… Read More »

Paris interviewed by Larry King

Paris Hilton was interviewed for the first time Wednesday since her release from L.A. county jail. This interview took place with CNN’s Larry King. In the one hour interview, Paris responded to allegations of drug use and spoke of the positive and negative influences jail has had on her life. She claims that her jail… Read More »

Paris to be guest on Larry King

Paris Hilton is scheduled to be interviewed by CNN’s Larry King next Wednesday, one day after she is released. This comes after problematic arrangements with both NBC and ABC. Both stations announced their change of heart Friday. Hilton will not be paid for the interview. I’m sure Paris will be crushed to find that she… Read More »