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Update: Some of our readers have chimed in, pointing us to the source of the huge traffic spike for the search term gushcrop. Apparently, a spam text message was distributed by the owners of the gushcrop (dot) com domain, and thus recipients became curious as who the sender exactly was. This site markets adult enhancement… Read More »

Miley Mei Dior

There are a large number of people searching for Miley Mei Dior, however, we have yet to track any substantial information on this young lady. Some people have resorted to asking about Miley Mei Dior on question sites, however, nobody seems to know who exactly Miley Mei Dior is. We could only venture to guess… Read More »

Ron Paul, Hiliary Clinton get similar traffic referrals

When it comes to the presidential campaign sites of Hilary Clinton and Ron Paul, nobody would guess that the two would have anything in common. A website traffic measurement firm says otherwise. According to the firm, both sites are receiving their greatest amount of traffic from Myspace, Yahoo, Yahoo Mail, and of course Google. Without… Read More »

Terry Semel, Yahoo! CEO, Resigns

Terry Semel, the CEO of Yahoo resigned today after his 6 year run at the company. Semel stepped down amidst growing fear that the company could not keep up with Google’s tremendous growth. Today, Google has almost twice the number of sales as Yahoo. Jerry Yang, the co-founder of the company will fill Semel’s position… Read More »