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Oil Rig Explosion – Environmental Damage Feared

An oil rig that exploded off the shore of Louisiana Tuesday night causing several fatalities sunk Thursday, raising concern that the environmental fallout could be much worse than initially predicted. Experts now fear that more than 300,000 gallons of crude oil may flow into the oceans surrounding the Mississippi and Louisiana coastlines for days to… Read More »

Corey Haim’s Funeral Plans Announced

Details of Corey Haim’s funeral arrangements have been released today, although confusion continues to loom as to who or what agency is expected to flip the bill. According to statements made by Haim’s mother earlier last week, the city of Tornto was expected to pick up the tab for the venue. But as they have… Read More »

Bernie Brillstein dead at 77

Bernie Brillstein, a multi-talented Hollywood icon who catapulted many to fame by launching their comic careers and contributed to the launch of many television/movie hits died at the age of 77. Brillstein died at Los Angeles hospital on Thursday. He was suffering from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Bernie Brillstein is known for his quick rise… Read More »