Summary September 22, 2017

  • Scientists have named the easy and effective way to extend the life

    After almost seven years of observations, scientists came to the conclusion that a half-hour activity for five days reduces the risk of death by 28% and heart disease by 20%.

  • Experts have called the most dangerous man on the Internet

    Canadian singer Avril Lavigne was the main villain of the Internet.

  • Trade agreement between the EU and Canada temporarily entered into force

    Trade agreement between the EU and Canada CETA temporarily and partially entered into force on 21 September, writes Die Tagesschau.

  • Montreal will take the world figure skating Championships in 2020

    The international skating Union (ISU) adopted in Montreal, Canada, venue for the figure skating world Championships 2020.

  • “Canada seems to be a man”: Simonyan on the license for broadcasting RT

    Earlier RT with a link to the canadian magazine Maclean’s reported that, despite the accusations of allegedly spreading Russian propaganda sounding in the channel by a number of Western countries and their leaders, canadian Commission for supervision of radio, television and telecommunications did not initiate an investigation against RT.

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