Summary September 12, 2017

  • Rospotrebnadzor will inspect the hotels of Turkey for the presence of Coxsackie virus

    Specialists of Department will check during the visit the hotels that received the most complaints from victims of enterovirus infection, will inspect the organization of anti-epidemic measures, including disinfection of water in swimming pools, visit the infectious diseases hospital, reports TASS.

  • “Kaspersky lab” can close the office in Washington

    Vice-President of “Kaspersky Lab” for relations with state authorities Anton Shingarev said The Bell, in the office in Washington “planned restructuring”.

  • U.S. police detained the son of van Damme for drug possession

    American police detained the son of actor Jean-Claude van Damme on a number of charges, including drug possession, reports TMZ.

  • Volkswagen 2030 will create electric versions of all its models

    German automaker Volkswagen plans to invest billions of euros in the development of new electric vehicles and by 2030, to submit to elektroversiya all of their models.

  • Violate the laws of physics are the engine that runs without fuel

    China has created a working prototype of the engine EmDrive, which violate the laws of physics, according to TV channel CCTV-2.

  • The role Volan de mort received the citizenship of Serbia

    The most famous of the Fiennes role of Amon goeth in Steven Spielberg’s film “Schindler’s List” and the flounce-de-mort in a series of films about Harry Potter.

  • The U.S. justice Department was asked to make a perpetual law on electronic surveillance

    U.S. attorney General Jeff sessions and the head of national intelligence Daniel Coates has sent Congress a request to impose an indefinite status for a law allowing to conduct electronic surveillance of citizens, according to the U.S. justice Department.

  • US government debt for the first time in history exceeded $20 trillion

    The U.S. national debt for the first time in history exceeded $20 trillion, reports the Washington Examiner.

  • Forecasters estimated the damage from hurricane “Harvey” and “Irma” in the $290 billion

    The total damage from the hurricane “Harvey” and “Irma” could cost the U.S. economy $290 billion.

  • Hurricane “Irma” weakened to the level of a tropical depression

    Tropical storm “Irma” in the South-East of the USA has weakened to a tropical depression — cyclone lowest intensity, said Monday the national weather service of the United States.

  • In the UK in the second reading adopted the “bill on the abolition of EU law”

    For transforming the EU laws in vnutribrtnnoe voted 326 members of the house of Commons.

  • Kozhin, the Russian Federation and Turkey signed a contract to supply s-400

    Russia and Turkey have signed a contract to supply anti-aircraft missile systems s-400. Currently, he is preparing for execution.

  • Erdogan: the Deposit for the Russian s-400 already included

    We will remind, at the end of July, Erdogan said that Ankara and Moscow had signed certain documents in the framework of the agreement on the purchase of Russian anti-aircraft missile systems s-400.

  • Haley said that the United States does not want to start a war with North Korea

    Haley noted that Washington does not seek war with Pyongyang, and the United States “not fun” strengthening imposed on DPRK sanctions.

  • The Supreme court temporarily lifted restrictions on immigration Ordinance trump

    Previously portal reported that Donald trump appealed to the Supreme court to lift the restrictions imposed on the immigration decree, which applies to the temporary ban on use of U.S. refugees.

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