Summary September 12, 2017

  • Toronto 2017: Sales at the film market in full swing

    Experts note that while the festival has not shown any film, which would have caused a stir, appealing to several large distributors, but sales have been very active.

  • “Ural” has signed a contract with outside hitter of team Canada Barnes

    The outside hitter of team Canada’s Riley Barnes signed a one-year contract with Ufa “Ural”, the official website of the club.

  • Yamal is preparing for Arctic winter games 2018

    According to the Department of international and foreign economic relations of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous district, Yamal plans to send to the Arctic games delegation from 91 persons.

  • Angelina Jolie in Toronto change clothes: photo

    At the premiere of the cartoon “the Producer”, the producer of which was herself, Jolie appeared in a spectacular white dress – Trouser suit from Givenchy.

  • Canadian residents met with Ukrainian culture

    Canadian residents got acquainted with folk customs and traditions of the friendly people, tasted national dishes and listened to the speech of Ukrainian rock-groups.

  • Alberto Gilardino could pursue a career in the MLS

    Former Milan player Alberto Gilardino to sign a contract with the club MLS “Montreal Impact”.

  • Dozen and Lepchenko came out in the second round of the tournament in Quebec

    Lepchenko filed through 1 again, made 1 mistake on the pitch and sold 6 break points out of 10.

  • Canada imposes tariffs on steel pipe imports from South Korea

    As reported according to the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), Canada from September 6 introduces a preliminary antidumping duty on imports of carbon steel tubes and pipes, alloy steel from South Korea, and for tubes with outside diameter of 60.3 mm above and below 609.6 mm (24 inches).

  • Immortals became the first finalist of DreamHack Montreal 2017 CS:GO

    The match will take place on 10 September at 20:00 Moscow time. DreamHack Montreal 2017 is held in the canadian city of Montreal.

  • Gymnast Denis Ablazin will perform at the world Cup in Canada

    Penza athlete Denis Ablazin will compete at the world Championships in gymnastics, which will be held in Montreal, Canada from 2 to 10 October.

  • Quebec and Tokyo. Preview tournaments

    Won in Quebec and representatives of Russia: in 2002, the triumph here said Elena Bovina, a year later won Maria Sharapova (second WTA title in her career of the future first racket of the world), but in 2008 the prize went to Nadia.

  • Lady Gaga confessed to the cause of the breakup with actor Taylor Kinney

    In the film Gaga for the first time, admitted why her engagement to actor Taylor Kinney was canceled.

  • Kudryavtseva will play against Erakovic in the first round of the tournament in Quebec

    Became known, the distribution of winners qualifying for the main draw of the tournament in Quebec (Canada).

  • Timur Bekmambetov has shot in his new film Benedict Cumberbatch

    Russian Director and producer Timur Bekmambetov together with The Weinstein Company presented at the International film festival in Toronto his new film “War of currents” (The Current War) with Benedict Cumberbatch in the title role.

  • Forward Igor Radulov can end a career

    As reported by hockey agent Yuri Nikolaev, forward Igor Radulov, most likely, will finish career.

  • Flying over St. Petersburg fireball caught on video

    In the network appeared the recording and photos, which can be seen in the sky over St. Petersburg flying fireball.

  • The expert warned about the mass killings of the sex robots

    In the future people may become victims capable of murder sex robots, if hackers learn to hack.

  • Russian physicists will be allowed on the space station, China

    The representative of the space Agency of China Zhao Tsangpo, in turn, told reporters that Chinese and Russian scientists have already signed a number of cooperation agreements.

  • Scientists create on the ISS, “the coldest place in the Universe”

    American and Russian scientists plan to create “the coldest place in the Universe” on the territory of the ISS.

  • In St. Petersburg, completed construction of a unit for Chukotka

    At the Baltic shipyard completed work on the unit for the world’s only floating nuclear power plant.

  • On the Sun predict a new outbreak of the highest class

    According to the laboratory x-ray astronomy of the Sun Physical Institute named Lebedev, “TESIS”, the explosion was the second in power since 2005 and is second only to the flash of class X 9.3 that occurred on the sun September 6 and became the most powerful in the last 12 years of observation.

  • Violate the laws of physics are the engine that runs without fuel

    China has created a working prototype of the engine EmDrive, which violate the laws of physics, according to TV channel CCTV-2.

  • The founder of Tor said Roskomnadzor to block the service

    One of the creators of Tor David Goldschlag explained in Roskomnadzor can block the operation of the network, reports the newspaper “Vedomosti”.

  • Developed “Vkontakte” spotty robot will travel to the ISS in October

    Spotty robot developed by the company “Vkontakte” together with “Roskosmos” will travel to the ISS on October 12.

  • The most expensive and powerful that is known about the new model iPhone

    12 September Apple will present three models of iPhone — 8, Plus and X. the Updated version of the gadget will be the most expensive in history — their price starts from 88 thousand rubles.

  • The ISS crew hid from radiation due to solar flares

    The astronauts of the International space station on 10 September were forced to hide in a special shelter due to the danger caused by large solar flare.

  • Presentation of the new Apple iPhone. Online stream

    Tuesday, 12 September, Apple unveils new iPhones, and possibly other gadgets.

  • Satellite “SP-5″ launched into orbit

    The mass of the satellite during separation from the upper stage approximately 5900 kg. 11 Sep 2017 22:23 rocket-carrier “proton-M” with the upper stage “breeze-M” and the geostationary telecommunications spacecraft “SP-5″ (Amazonas 5) on Board was successfully launched from the Baikonur cosmodrome.

  • Astronomers warn of powerful magnetic storm on September 13

    The storm provoked by a solar flare on 10 September, and its strength is estimated at 2-3 points out of a possible 5.

  • Scientists: Two giant asteroid class “Apollo” close to the Earth

    Russian scientists said on approaching the Land of two potentially hazardous to our planet asteroids.

  • Facebook saves users mobile traffic

    Earlier, as he wrote DGL, we have Facebook now has its own YouTube channel: the company began testing video platforms and Watch for commercials users, content, broadcasting, shows created money of the social network.

  • Facebook is testing a new ad format

    Facebook is testing a new ad format – local classifieds-alerts based on predictive targeting, reports Marketing Land.

  • In Krasnodar earned a free food ordering service Broniboy

    The application sends a request, the waiter will clarify whether the restaurant dish available, and then ordering you need to pay online.

  • The founder of Tor said Roskomnadzor to block the service

    One of the creators of Tor David Goldschlag explained in Roskomnadzor can block the operation of the network, reports the newspaper “Vedomosti”.

  • New computer virus spreads through WhatsApp messenger

    Messenger attacked by cyber criminals. Via messenger WhatsApp spreads a new computer virus.

  • “New learn”. Telegram turns into a media platform

    The messenger Telegram took the third place among other sites, the number of references in social media in Russia, and active audience of the channels in the messenger amounted to 1.5 million — Telegram becomes a full mediaplace.

  • Police evacuated passengers from the railway station “Perm 2″

    Police checked the station, passengers waiting on the forecourt. On the platform one by one they let in only those whose train goes.

  • An Iraqi court sentenced to death the citizen of the Russian Federation

    An Iraqi court sentenced to death the citizen of the Russian Federation.

  • Plaque Nemtsov in Central Moscow dismantled

    Memorial plaque to slain politician Boris Nemtsov, earlier illegally installed on the facade of the house in the center of Moscow, dismantled and taken to the duty of the Department of internal Affairs on the Central administrative district of the MIA activist of the SERB.

  • Violate the laws of physics are the engine that runs without fuel

    China has created a working prototype of the engine EmDrive, which violate the laws of physics, according to TV channel CCTV-2.

  • Crimean authorities have accused the EU in disregard of the right to free elections

    Vice-Premier of the Crimean government Georgiy Muradov responded that making such a statement, the EU shows again that he neglects basic human rights.

  • Political scientist: Putin could launch a campaign after the New year

    Vladimir Putin may announce his participation in the upcoming presidential election is not in November, as reported by the media, and in January, said the portal political analyst Yevgeny Minchenko.

  • Russians warned about the possible reduction of pensions

    What awaits pensioners in 2018 At the end of June Dmitry Medvedev said that all pensions, with the exception of payments to working pensioners, index to the inflation rate.

  • The UN Secretary General welcomed the tightening of sanctions against the DPRK

    Earlier, the UN security Council adopted new sanctions against the DPRK, which will significantly limit the trading opportunities of Pyongyang, reminds

  • The European Union refused to recognize results of elections in Crimea and Sevastopol

    The European Union has stated that it refuses to recognize the elections in Crimea and Sevastopol, the past September 10.

  • The Russian Embassy called a mockery of the words of the state Department on “walks”

    The Russian Embassy in the United States considered it “a blatant mockery” of the words of the official representative Gosdepa Heather Nauert, which commented on the searches in Russian dipuchrezhdeny in San Francisco and Washington.

  • The Russians broke the record for lifetime

    The average life expectancy in Russia for the first time in history rose to 72.5 years.

  • The head of the German foreign Ministry: sanctions against Russia will be removed in the case of peace in Ukraine

    The foreign Minister of Germany Sigmar Gabriel in an interview with Handelsblatt said that sanctions against Russia will be removed only if in the East of Ukraine peace is achieved.

  • Russia denied the DPRK’s claim to nuclear power status

    Permanent representative to the UN, Vasily Nebenzia said that Moscow is not going to make claims of Pyongyang to receive North Korea’s nuclear status.

  • Iran suspected in assistance to the DPRK on nuclear program

    Tehran is suspected of cooperation with the DPRK in nuclear weapons since then, as Pyongyang officially announced the successful test in 2006.

  • Yulia Tymoshenko entered into the database “Peacemaker” for helping Saakashvili

    As reported today the TV channel “112 Ukraine”, Saakashvili also registered in the database of the site “Peacemaker”.

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