Summary September 11, 2017

  • Lady Gaga confessed to the cause of the breakup with actor Taylor Kinney

    In the film Gaga for the first time, admitted why her engagement to actor Taylor Kinney was canceled.

  • Kudryavtseva will play against Erakovic in the first round of the tournament in Quebec

    Became known, the distribution of winners qualifying for the main draw of the tournament in Quebec (Canada).

  • Russian berlinguette won an international tournament in Canada

    The Russian women’s team Curling in the composition of Victoria Moiseeva (skip), Uliana Vasilyeva (skip), Julia Portonovo (Vice-skip), Galina and Yulia Arsenkina Guzeevoy won the international tournament OCT Fall Classic Oakville in Oakville (Canada).

  • Angelina Jolie caused a sensation in Toronto: photo

    Angelina Jolie appeared at the Toronto film festival and caused a sensation. The actress arrived at a big film festival with their children.

  • In Canada, due to forest fire evacuated about five thousand men

    About 5 thousand people were evacuated in the canadian province of British Columbia due to a major forest fire.

  • Immortals became the first finalist of DreamHack Montreal 2017 CS:GO

    The match will take place on 10 September at 20:00 Moscow time. DreamHack Montreal 2017 is held in the canadian city of Montreal.

  • Bouchard withdrew from the tournament in Quebec because of a virus

    The audience in Quebec always support and motivate me. The virus plagued me for a few days, not allowing to practice.

  • The August unemployment in Canada fell to the lowest level since 2008

    In August, the unemployment rate in Canada unexpectedly dropped to 6.2% from 6.3% in July, reaching its lowest level since October 2008, according to data from the statistics Department of the country.

  • Scientists: Strong solar flares will lead to the formation of “superspike”

    Over the past week, solar activity has increased. Astrophysicists have fixed on the fourth luminary, a powerful explosion.

  • The ISS crew was forced to hide in the shelter because of solar flares

    The crew of the International space station on Sunday, September 10, was forced to temporarily hide in a special shelter due after solar flare danger.

  • “Rostelecom” plans to invest in Russian e-sports

    According to sources, “Rostelecom” has already held talks with Russian eSports team under the name of Vega Squadron, but the team has not yet commented on the possibility of working with a Telecom company.

  • Most popular YouTube blogger world again accused of racism

    During one of your streams in-game Player Battlegrounds Unknown, the blogger used derogatory word to address a black character.

  • NASA published photos confirming the existence of UFOs

    Photo was taken by an astronaut with a handheld camera. According to experts, is that NASA in fact recognized the existence of aliens.

  • Named 10 most popular smartphones in the world

    The most popular smartphone in the world ahead of the release of iPhone 8, became the Xiaomi MI A1.

  • In the Sun there was another flash extreme class X

    Recorded Sunday evening, the flash has extreme class H. Power disturbances the lights is estimated at X8,2 out of a possible 10.

  • Experts: SpaceX has developed the ship-the destroyer of satellites

    According to foreign media reports, the commercial company SpaceX launched into orbit a classified machine, which is likely to destroy orbiting satellites.

  • The experts made a rating of the Nokia phones of the old generation

    Experts have made a kind of retro-rating popular since ten years ago or more phones from Nokia.

  • The Vostochny space centre delivered the blocks of the carrier rocket “Soyuz-2.1 a”

    December is scheduled to launch “Soyuz-2.1 a” with the Russian satellites of Earth remote sensing and monitoring of disasters “Canopus-b” №3 and №4. In November, the carrier rocket “Soyuz-2.1 b” with the upper stage “Fregat” will orbit the Russian satellite remote sensing of the Earth “meteor-M” №2-1.

  • After a week, NASA plans to destroy the probe “Cassini”

    For 20 years the unit Cassini studied Saturn and its satellites.

  • Experts: iPhone 8 will change the keyboard and status bar

    Developers learning iOS 11 GM, which yesterday posted a hackers hacked the Apple server, told how it will look in the status bar and keyboard in jubilee iPhone X. it is known that this smartphone will be installed edge-to-edge screen and no home button with fingerprint scanner.

  • The earth may collide with Venus due to solar flares

    6th September there was a powerful solar flare over the last 12 years, reminded gazetasi.

  • Residents of Stavropol in the sky I spotted a UFO

    Stavropol residents said that the sky was spotted an unidentified object.

  • UFO observed in the skies over Devon black spherical UFO

    Ufologist, watching the black sphere a few minutes, was lucky even to make the UFO.John Mooner heard about similar objects appearing in the sky in different parts of the world.

  • Google will completely update the design panel privacy

    “In the coming days,” all users will be available to new panel design’s privacy policy.

  • Google has made adjustments to conversion tracking in AdWords

    Google has made the following changes to tracking: If enabled, the auto-tagging and the tag Google Analytics Google adds a cookie to the domain _gac website.

  • Google Play interface will be changed dramatically

    Developers, Google announced a radical change of the interface of Google Play, which is an app store for the Android mobile operating system.

  • The attackers used the Facebook CDN servers, storage malware

    Recently, in July 2017, researchers at Palo Alto Networks told of a criminal group that uses the URL of Google and Dropbox.

  • A new computer virus is spreading through WhatsApp

    When switching to the special page of the virus, the user is prompted to confirm “what you are active user”, sending out a message to 10 friends or three groups of WhatsApp.

  • Mozilla ended support for the music service Spotify

    Safari dropped support for the music service Spotify.

  • Facebook began testing the service, similar to Tinder

    Corporation Facebook has been testing service that can provide assistance in arranging meetings.

  • In Instagram introduced a new feature — tree comments

    New functionality appeared a few days ago. Now an improved version of the social network available for iOS and Android.

  • Media reported about the impending resignation after the election of 10 governors

    The Kremlin plans to dismiss up to ten governors following the elections on 10 September.

  • Analysts said the number of potential bankrupts among Russians

    Analysts at United credit Bureau (OKB) analyzed data on 47 million borrowers with open credit accounts, information about which is stored in the database box and calculated how many borrowers could potentially be bankrupt.

  • The head of Saratov has resigned due to election irregularities

    The head of Saratov Valery Saraev resigned in connection with the violations committed during the September 10 election.

  • The Bank has denied the information on transfer debit card overdraft

    Sberbank denied reports circulated in social networks information about changing debit card service without notice to customer, explaining that in the mobile application cards are displayed as overdraft, which is necessary for correct application of payments and transfers.

  • Polonskaya urged to thoroughly investigate the arson “for Matilda”

    State Duma Deputy, former Prosecutor of the Crimea Natalia Polonskaya urged law enforcement agencies to “thoroughly” investigate the burning of cars at the office of the law office Pen & Paper, which protects the interests of the Director of the film “Matilda” by Alexei Uchitel, reports “RIA Novosti”.

  • Ulyukayev said the epigraph of “Auditor” in the words of Sechin on cretinism

    Ex-Minister of economic development Alexei Ulyukayev commented on the words of the head of “Rosneft” Igor Sechin on “cretinism” with the announcement of the recording of their conversation.

  • Rampant “Irma” in Florida: in the network posted a video of the flooded Miami

    Powerful hurricane “Irma” hit the coast of the U.S. state of Florida, because of the rampant disaster, the Central areas of Miami were flooded.

  • Avakov urged Saakashvili clearance at the state border of Ukraine

    The head of the MIA of Ukraine Arsen Avakov told about the options that have ex-Governor of the Odessa region Mikhail Saakashvili to legitimize their presence in the country.

  • “Apple” announced the receipt of the 181 mandate in the elections in Moscow

    The “Yabloko” party reported receiving 181 mandate in the municipal elections in Moscow. This is stated in the press release of the party.

  • RF IC filed a case against 20 officials of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine

    The main investigatory management SK the Russian Federation has filed 20 criminal cases against senior officials of the Ministry of defense of Ukraine.

  • Zakharova called Merkel statement about Crimea “concrete argument”

    Official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said statement of German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Crimea.

  • The DPRK has promised US “pain and suffering” in the case of the tightening of UN sanctions

    The DPRK foreign Ministry said on Monday that the United States will face harsh retaliation from Pyongyang if Washington will contribute to further strengthening of the UN sanctions against North Korea.

  • Sechin predicted the fall in oil prices in 2018

    The head of “Rosneft” Igor Sechin predicted the drop in oil prices in 2018: according to him, the average cost of “black gold” will be 40 to 43 dollars per barrel.

  • The Sun again was a powerful flash

    A series of flashes on the sun, began on Monday and then the scientists recorded five releases of energy class M. after only two days, scientists announced the most powerful in the last 12 years the outbreak of the Sun.

  • In Ukraine against Saakashvili opened a criminal case

    Ukrainian police opened a criminal case against the ex-Governor of the Odessa region Mikhail Saakashvili in connection with its move across the border.

  • Died comic book writer, Creator of Wolverine and Swamp thing Len Wayne

    Wayne — one of the creators of the character Wolverine from the Marvel universe. He also worked on the comic “Swamp thing”.

  • United States softened the UN resolution on sanctions against North Korea

    Monday, September 11, at the meeting of the UN security Council will be considered a watered-down draft resolution on sanctions against the DPRK.

  • At the airport of Frankfurt am main and sprayed an unknown gas

    Unknown sprayed an irritant gas at the airport of Frankfurt am main.

  • Hurricane “Irma” weakened to the first category

    Hurricane “Irma” that struck the United States, weakened to the first category, according to the national center hurricane warning the United States.

  • Hillary Clinton announced the end of his political career

    Hillary Clinton has announced that it has decided to end his political career.

  • Sechin predicted the fall in oil prices in 2018

    The head of “Rosneft” Igor Sechin predicted the drop in oil prices in 2018: according to him, the average cost of “black gold” will be 40 to 43 dollars per barrel.

  • Florida officials: hurricane “Irma” threatens 30 million people

    The government of the U.S. state of Florida, fear that the elements may cause damage not less than 30 million people.

  • The DPRK has promised US “pain and suffering” in the case of the tightening of UN sanctions

    The DPRK foreign Ministry said on Monday that the United States will face harsh retaliation from Pyongyang if Washington will contribute to further strengthening of the UN sanctions against North Korea.

  • Lavrov: Russia still studying the text of the UNSC resolution on DPRK

    The USA intend to put to the vote of the UN Security Council on 11 September, the draft resolution on toughening sanctions against the DPRK for conducting a country of 3 Sep nuclear test.

  • In Sweden will start the largest in the last 20 years of military exercises

    Monday, September 11, in Sweden, will start the largest in the last 20 years of military exercises called ayoga 2017.

  • U.S. attorney General wants to test employees of the security Council on the lie detector

    U.S. attorney General Jeff sessions has proposed to test employees of the national security Council on the lie detector to determine the sources of information leaks to the media, reports on Monday information portal Axios.

  • Poland determined the amount of war reparations from Germany

    Poland determined the amount of war reparations, which may require from Germany.

  • Rospotrebnadzor warned about the outbreak of hepatitis A in California

    Rospotrebnadzor warned the Russians about the fact of an outbreak of hepatitis A in the territory of the municipalities of the state of California.

  • In China thought about a complete ban diesel and petrol cars

    The publication notes that China follows France and great Britain who also intend to ban the production of petrol and diesel cars from 2040.

  • Hurricane “Irma” left 430 thousand residents of Florida without electricity

    According to recent data, more than 430 thousand people were left without electricity due to hit the American state of Florida hurricane “Irma”.

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