Summary October 22, 2017

  • Hostages Canada. Why Sergachev cannot play in the AHL

    Whether it is the Americans, performing in Junior and student leagues, or about Europeans, not important – more than 80 percent of players in the modern NHL through the AHL.

  • On the rally of opponents of the Prime Minister of Canada arrested four people

    In downtown Toronto there were clashes between opponents and supporters of the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau.

  • Three people were injured when landing a light aircraft in Canada

    In the Western suburbs of Montreal in Canada made a hard landing Cessna light aircraft, the accident were injured three crew members.

  • Unknown man shot in the canadian centre of Newmarket

    The accident injured a man. The victim was taken to hospital where he later died.

  • Canadian submarine will patrol off the coast of Japan

    It clarifies RussianWeek – Canada, the Navy deployed a submarine “Chicoutimi” to patrol the Pacific ocean near the Japanese coast.

  • Airline sued over served sparkling wine instead of champagne

    Canadian Daniel Macduff was offended by the carrier when they brought him sparkling wine instead of champagne, writes the Daily Mail.

  • A law banning the wearing of the veil have been adopted in North America

    According to The Independent Canada became the first country in North America that adopted a similar law.

  • Scientists: In the year 2058 a giant asteroid “Kruitni” will destroy the Earth

    According to the researchers, the bizarre orbit of the asteroid, which is in gravitational resonance with our planet, to the year 2058 will pass so close to Earth that it would be dangerous for all inhabitants of the planet.

  • Scientists have discovered a link between thunderstorms on Earth and lunar activity

    Scientists announced the discovery of the connection between thunderstorms on our planet and lunar activity.

  • Lawyers told how technology is driving the change

    Thanks to technology spouses often cheat on each other, not with one but with multiple people, writes The Telegraph.

  • Elon musk was allowed to dig a second tunnel for the Hyperloop

    The government of the U.S. state of Maryland allowed the businessman and entrepreneur Elon musk to dig the second tunnel for the transport system of high-speed trains and machines high-Speed Hyperloop train will take passengers from Washington to new York in 29 minutes.

  • The media called the country that leave the most garbage in space

    The US, Russia and China have left more space debris in earth orbit, says a study published by Business Insider.

  • Chinese scientists have determined the new borders of the milky way

    Chinese astronomers said that the borders of the milky way, which is the Solar system, nearly 26% wider than previously thought, reports RIA Novosti with reference to the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

  • Astrophysics: the sun found a hole the size of 1500 Land

    The emergence holes were very disturbed by scientists. A huge hole in the size in 1500 Land was discovered by astrophysicists in the Sun.

  • Apple is planning to release a budget version of the iPhone X

    The developers believe that a budget iPhone X will help the company better compete with Chinese manufacturers of smartphones.

  • NASA landed the first earthlings on Mars

    Space Agency NASA has allowed people to walk on Mars using the Mars service Acces.

  • In the network appeared the dates of the three nearest sales Steam

    The online gaming platform Steam, which regularly pleases the customers by sales, will soon organize three new.

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