Summary October 21, 2017

  • The interior Ministry has forbidden Muslims to ask these questions

    The questionnaire was not only standard questions, but also very offensive and provocative questions about the relation to those or other banned extremist or terrorist groups, and the consideration of potential refugees to women who do not wear the hijab and the niqab.

  • Three teenagers were stabbed at the school in Toronto

    Three teenagers were stabbed at the school in the East Toronto, Canada.

  • Died frontman of the band “The Tragically Hip” Gordon Downey

    On Tuesday, October 17, died a soloist with the canadian rock group “the Tragically Hip” Gordon Downey.

  • Three people died because of the ammonia leak at the hockey arena

    A leak of ammonia had occurred in the canadian province of British Columbia, has caused three deaths and provoked a massive evacuation of the population.

  • Canadian submarine will patrol off the coast of Japan

    It clarifies RussianWeek – Canada, the Navy deployed a submarine “Chicoutimi” to patrol the Pacific ocean near the Japanese coast.

  • In Toronto to build a “smart city”

    Sidewalk Labs, a subsidiary of Google built in Toronto, Canada smart Quayside area of 8 sq km., in the spring the organization Waterfront Toronto has announced the search for “innovative” financial partner to create the “integrated district”, located near the shores of lake Ontario — near the streets of Bonnycastle Street and Queens Quay East.

  • Last night in Canada came into force “the law Magnitsky”

    We are talking about officials who are considered guilty of violating human rights. this law is similar to the American “Magnitsky act”, which was adopted in the United States five years ago.

  • Acne Buterin: to create a national cryptocurrency will take years

    It will take years to run the national currency, based on the technology of distributed registry: at this stage, Central banks are not able to create the correct blockchain, I’m sure Buterin.

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