Summary October 19, 2017

  • Died frontman of the band “The Tragically Hip” Gordon Downey

    On Tuesday, October 17, died a soloist with the canadian rock group “the Tragically Hip” Gordon Downey.

  • Scientists have discovered why firefighters often suffer from cancer

    Firefighters more often than representatives of other dangerous professions, suffering from cancer, because their skin settles a huge number of carcinogens arising from the combustion of plastics and construction materials, according to a paper published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology.

  • Canada North America’s first ban on wearing the burqa

    Fall under the ban in the first place, the wearing of traditional Muslim garments, the burqa (burka) and the niqab that conceal the face entirely or partially, but the law does not exclude the possibility that the ban could be extended to cases when people hide the face in other ways, for example, with the help of bandanas, emphasizes the publication.

  • Canadian “Magnitsky act” came into force

    In Canada Royal visa received “the Law on victims of corrupt foreign governments,” also known as the “Magnitsky Act”.

  • Three people died because of the ammonia leak at the hockey arena

    A leak of ammonia had occurred in the canadian province of British Columbia, has caused three deaths and provoked a massive evacuation of the population.

  • Robots, drones, modular homes in Canada will build the city of the future

    The metropolis of the future is going to include unmanned public transport, adaptive lights, modular homes and robots-couriers.

  • Transfer Panarin helped “Columbus” to win a victory over the “Winnipeg”

    “Columbus blue Jackets” beat “Winnipeg jets” in the regular season of the National hockey League, informs “the Soviet sports”.

    • Переведено сервисом «Яндекс.Перевод»