Summary October 18, 2017

  • The Senate of Canada approved the “Magnitsky act”

    The Senate of Canada finally approved the so-called “Magnitsky act”, which allows to impose sanctions on human rights violators on the planet, including in the Russian Federation, reports the referring to UKRINFORM.

  • 19-year-old canadian was posing as a plastic surgeon

    Police in Toronto have arrested a con woman posing as a plastic surgeon.

  • In Canada, three people died because of the ammonia leak at the hockey arena

    At least three people were killed as a result of leakage of ammonia in the canadian city of Fernie.

  • Transfer Panarin helped “Columbus” to win a victory over the “Winnipeg”

    Assist for were scored by the Russian forward of “Columbus” Artemiy Panarin.

  • Venezuela recalled its Ambassador to Canada for consultations

    Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has withdrawn for consultations of the Ambassador of Wilmer Barrientos from Canada.

  • Parent company Google will build in Canada, the city of the future

    American Alphabet holding company, which is the parent company of the IT giant Google will build an ultra-modern city in the suburbs of Toronto.

  • Saunders will defend the WBO title on December 16 in a fight with Lemieux

    World Boxing organization (WBO) announced that the team of world champion in the Middleweight Billy Joe Saunders have reached agreement with the team official contender David Lemieux about the conduct of the battle.

  • Fight Stevenson — Alvarez will be held until next year

    The world champion under version WBC light heavyweight champion Adonis Stevenson will play their next match not until next year.

  • Canadian scientists have created a concrete and steel properties

    The material, called “eco-friendly ductile cementitious composite” (EDCC), consists mainly of the side of the industrial product – fly ash (industrial dust produced during the combustion of mineral impurities).

  • Epigenetics has turned lazy flies workers

    Methylation in the regulatory area the only gene to have changed the behaviour of the flies and made them more intensively to find food, show biologists from the University of Toronto (Canada).

  • Passenger plane first encountered a drone in the air

    Passenger aircraft Beechcraft King Air 100 collided with a drone on approach to the airport of Quebec.

  • WhatsApp will allow users to follow each other on the map

    Feature allows chat participants to share data about your location that appears on the map.

  • Google has disabled users rebelled calculator calorie counting

    Google has disabled users rebelled calculator calorie counting.

  • 8 IPhone entered the TOP-5 most popular smartphones in Russia

    The experts of the IT industry has compiled a list of the TOP 5 most popular smartphones in Russia.

  • The tunnel to create a lunar base

    Scientists thought the venue appropriate to create a lunar base, as it will reduce the influence of radiation and large temperature differences, according to JAXA.

  • NASA told about the depressurization of the spacecraft “Soyuz”

    Astronaut Thomas Stafford said that this spring on a space ship “Soyuz”, where the back to Earth three people, depressurization at the final stage of the descent, according to Wednesday edition of Space news.

  • Intimate photos of iPhone owners will protect artificial intelligence

    The program automatically finds intimate photos and hides them in a private vault.

  • In the Netherlands, opened the first printed on 3D-printer bridge

    In the Netherlands, opened the first bridge, which is fully printed on a 3D printer. It is reported by the company BAM infra.

  • Dubai residents took Russian rocket for UFO

    In social networks there were various opinions about what is a meteor, a burning plane or even a UFO.

  • Roscosmos will create an airlock module for the international lunar station

    Corporation “Roscosmos” will create an airlock module for the international lunar station designed for spacewalks.

  • “Kaspersky lab” will open a research center in PALO

    Opening of scientific-educational center of cyber security “Kaspersky Lab” held in far Eastern Federal University on Russky island on October 24.

  • In the Internet appeared the video of the flight of MS-21 in Zhukovsky from Irkutsk

    Irkutsk, 18.10.17 (IA “Teleinform”) – the channel of the Ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation on a hosting “YouTube” posted a video of flights of the MS-21 from Irkutsk to the airport “Ramenskoye” in Zhukovsky near Moscow.

  • NASA has shown how the collision of neutron stars

    NASA experts with the help of artists created a painting that tried to show how it could look like to an outside observer, the collision of two neutron stars.

  • MSU, MIPT and St. Petersburg were a hundred of THE in computer science

    MIPT, Moscow state University and ITMO University entered the hundred best universities ranking by Times Higher Education in the direction of Computer Science.

  • The head of Alibaba does not believe that artificial intelligence will replace human

    Artificial intelligence technology is rapidly developing, but they are designed to make life easier for people, not to replace them, said CEO of Alibaba Jack MA at the Moscow forum “Open innovations”.

  • Resguardo and police in 2018 will equip shields with shock

    By the end of next year police and soldiers Regardie can get a universal stun shields.

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