Summary October 17, 2017

  • In Canada, a container ship was rebuilt in tanker complex supply

    The object of the restructuring was the selected container ship Asterix was built in 2008-2010 by the German shipyard Nordic Yards in Wismar and acquired in October 2015 at the Greek Capital Ship Management for $ 20 million.

  • The drone rammed the plane: an Unusual occurrence in the sky over Canada

    Drone collided with a plane internal Avialinii Skyjet approaching the International airport Jean-Lesage in Quebec city.

  • 19-year-old canadian was posing as a plastic surgeon

    Police in Toronto have arrested a con woman posing as a plastic surgeon.

  • “Calgary” defeated “Vancouver”, Jagr and Burmistrov made the transfer

    “Calgary” defeated “Vancouver” with the score 5:2 in the match of the regular championship of NHL. The Canucks suffered their third defeat in a row.

  • A lover of animals checked in at the hotel with a horse

    The original “guest” made the American hotel Georgetown is a tourist from Canada checked in with own horse.

  • In the mountains of Canada scientists have found ancient traces of life on Earth

    In the mountains of Canada scientists found the oldest traces of life in Earth’s history.

  • Canada IAEA will allocate $1.2 million for work on the nuclear program of Iran

    The foreign Minister of Canada Chrystia Freeland announced the allocation of an additional $1.2 million to IAEA to monitor implementation of the agreement on Iran’s nuclear program, the press service of the foreign Ministry of Canada.

  • “Edmonton” — “Ottawa”: Lucic got into a fight with Borowiecki

    Striker “Edmonton oilers” Milan Lucic had a fight with the defender of “Ottawa senators” mark Borowiecki in the match of the regular championship of NHL, which takes place in Edmonton.

  • Scientists in Canada have created a new radio telescope to map Universe

    In Canada, a new radio telescope that will help scientists to create a three-dimensional map of the universe and learn more about “dark matter” of the cosmos.

  • Why man head better than a woman, scientists have found

    A team from Canada was able to determine that women who are chiefs and Directors are less likely to behave generously towards their employees than men.

  • Cara Operations buy 100% chain of restaurants Pickle Barrel

    Company Cara Operations Limited has signed an agreement to acquire a 100% interest in the network of restaurants Pickle Barrel.

  • Canadian scientists have created a concrete and steel properties

    The material is called “eco-friendly ductile cementitious composite” (EDCC), it consists mainly of the side of the industrial product called fly ash (industrial dust produced during the combustion of mineral impurities).

  • The MS-21 aircraft made its first flight from Irkutsk and Zhukovsky

    The MS-21 aircraft for the first time made the long flight from the airfield of the Irkutsk aircraft factory on the airfield Flight research Institute (LII) named by M. M. Gromov, Ramenskoye.

  • Scientists predict the “death flash” in the Sun

    Scientists have mentioned that the solar flare that happened in 1859, caused the failure of Telegraph networks in Europe and the United States, as well as the bright polar auroras at low latitudes.

  • Apple sent suppliers a record low number iPhone X

    Foxconn Electronics has started deliveries of the iPhone X, the first batch of 46,5 thousand units already shipped from Zhengzhou and Shanghai to the Netherlands and the United Arab Emirates (UAE), reports DigiTimes, citing a report

  • The Bank has denied rumors of cheating with a mobile Bank customers

    The Bank has denied the information on the distribution in Russia of a new kind of telephone fraud to gain access to customer accounts.

  • In Google Maps, a map of the Solar system planets and their satellites

    Users of Google Maps will be able to “visit” on Solar system planets and their satellites, according to a company blog.

  • Petersburgers will be able to learn about the work of the transport in the mobile app

    In St. Petersburg will be a mobile app through which you can obtain current information about work of public transport and detail of transactions on the card “Plantain”.

  • German researchers announced the discovery of the Amber room

    German researchers said that found another estimated location of the Amber room, exported from the Russian soldiers of the Third Reich.

  • A cosmic accident the two galaxies shown by scientists

    Space telescope “Hubble” captures the moment of collision of two galaxies that occurred in the Cancer constellation about 250 million years, according to a statement on the website of the telescope.

  • Physics first picked up gravitational waves from the merger of stars

    While in Sweden was awarded the Nobel scientists of half the world have already used the discovery in practice: 17 August, the radiation first came from the merger of neutron stars.

  • GAZ explained why you need a “Tetris” of “Gazelle NEXT”

    The GAZ group has confirmed the availability of the game “Tetris” that is built into the onboard computer of “Gazelle NEXT”.

  • Work Wi-Fi on the planet is under threat — specialist

    To demonstrate vulnerability scientists have created an exploit called KRACK (Key Reinstallation Attacks).

  • After undocking from the ISS space truck “Progress” flood

    In the mission control Center (MCC) told about the fate of the space truck “Progress MS-06,” who on October 16 has docked with the International space station (ISS) in automatic mode.

  • Facebook bought anonymous messenger tbh

    Facebook acquired the application for anonymous surveys tbh, popular among teenagers.

  • Google Photos has learned to recognize pictures of Pets

    The Google office Pictures has announced that the service is able to recognize photographs of Pets, automatically grouping them together with people.

  • Google My Business API began to support Posts on Google

    Google announced that now the users of the service My business can automate Posts on Google via the API.

  • Google has added to Chrome for Windows antivirus

    Google released a new version of the desktop Chrome browser for Windows.

  • Secret functions of Google Chome revealed by the experts

    Browser features Google Chome unknown to most users, revealed experts, the data was published online VistaNews.

  • WhatsApp found a vulnerability that allows to monitor the users

    The creators of the software have discovered a scary vulnerability in WhatsApp messenger.

  • Work Wi-Fi on the planet is under threat — specialist

    To demonstrate vulnerability scientists have created an exploit called KRACK (Key Reinstallation Attacks).

  • Yandex and Google has removed Russian Rutracker from issuance

    Yandex and Google has removed from the output of the largest Russian-language BitTorrent-tracker called Rutracker, formerly known as

  • Mobile operators accused of selling users ‘ personal data

    Co-founder of Shotwell Labs involved in the creation, Philip Neustr published in his blog a proof that the mobile operators disclose personal user data by third-party request.

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