Summary October 13, 2017

  • Poll: almost a third of respondents first heard about Catalonia in the survey

    More than a third of Russians could not answer, what is Catalonia and where it is. This is evidenced by the poll. 29% of respondents first heard this name in the survey.

  • In China presented the latest laser weapons to combat terrorism

    China has developed a new laser weapon for use in anti-terrorist purposes, reported on October 12, the newspaper Global Times. The developer Hongfeng is affiliated with the Chinese aerospace scientific-industrial enterprise CASIC.

  • In Berlin we regret the decision of the US and Israel to withdraw from UNESCO

    In Berlin we regret the decision of the US and Israel to withdraw from UNESCO, and I think that sends the wrong signal, he said at a briefing the official representative of the government of Germany Steffen Seibert. On the eve of the US said the decision to withdraw from UNESCO.

  • The white house announced key provisions of the new strategy trump on Iran

    Key provisions of the new strategy of US President Donald trump has circulated in the press service of the White house.

  • In a burned-out California city found running postman

    In the US photographer Douglas the throne with the help of a drone off the California town of Santa Rosa, almost completely destroyed by a forest fire. Video from the scene publishes the New York Daily News.

  • Warsaw said the reason for the transfer of US troops to Poland

    “In Poland there is no division of American troops,” he said. The defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov said Thursday, October 12, in Poland the de facto mechanized division deployed U.S. forces.

  • In Turkey, the court released the pilot in March shot down Syrian MiG-21

    The court of the Turkish province of Hatay was liberated from custody of a pilot shot down in March, Syrian MiG-21 Mehmet Sufjan. However, a court trial will continue, according to Turkish TV channel NTV. Pilot accused of violating the state border and espionage.

  • The Turkish General staff reported on the establishment of observation posts in Idlib

    The Turkish General staff yesterday began the installation of the observation points in the Syrian province of Idlib, reported on the Agency’s website. The staff explained that appropriate actions are taken on the basis of concluded in Astana agreements on creation of zones of de-escalation in Syria.

  • The number of victims of wildfires in California has exceeded 30 people

    In the United States of America as a result of strong forest fires killed 31 people. Element is raging in California. This region has already evacuated more than 20 thousand people in six districts declared a state of emergency.

  • The US withdrawal from UNESCO was a symbolic step I think in the OP Russia

    The US on Thursday advised UNESCO on the decision to withdraw from the organization. State Department spokesman Heather Nauert said that Washington’s move is linked to the need of reform and “anti-Israel bias” of the organization. The decision will come into force on 31 December 2018.

  • In the Network appeared the recording of the “acoustic attack” on the U.S. diplomats in Cuba

    In the Network appeared the recording of the “acoustic attack” on American diplomats in Cuba. On the recording heard high-pitched sounds that resemble the sound of crickets, told the Associated Press, who published the fragment.

  • In the UK, ex-prisoners can ban alcohol and the Internet

    The head of the British Ministry of probation Sam Jim proposed to prohibit ex-prisoners to drink alcohol, to gamble and to use the Internet. According to The Independent, the Minister believes that these measures will help the released offenders to avoid further violations.

  • U.S. Ambassador: NATO concerned about Turkey’s purchase of Russian s-400

    In September, Turkish President Erdogan said that negotiations with Russia on deliveries of Russian anti-aircraft complexes “Triumph” (s-400) is in full swing.

  • Oil has fallen in price from-for growth of stocks in the US

    WTI became cheaper by 0.55 per cent, its price was a 51.02 per barrel. API data show that the reserves of “black gold” in the U.S. last week increased by 3,097 million barrels and amounted to 468,097 million barrels.

  • The cause of the premature death of hundreds of thousands of people in Europe

    Scientists of the European environment Agency in Copenhagen on the environment called the cause of the premature death of hundreds of thousands of people living in Europe. It turned out that air pollution causes more than 500 deaths a year in Europe, says FAN.

  • In the US prisoners while trying to escape killed two prison guards

    In prison in the U.S. Pasquotank Elizabeth city North Carolina prisoners while trying to escape two security guards were killed. The incident occurred on Thursday, October 12, at approximately 15: 30 East coast time USA (22:30 GMT).

  • China began building the most expensive highway in history

    Chinese builders have begun construction of the motorway Yibin to Panzhihua, which has become the most expensive such projects in history. It is reported that the 450-kilometer route will cost the Treasury of $ 13.4 billion.

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