Summary October 12, 2017

  • Canadian accidentally took video of the fight between moose and wolves

    A random operator from Canada Dan Nystedt with your quadcopter was able to remove the fight between moose and wolves on lake in Northern Ontario. The video that the canadian posted in his YouTube account, lasts six minutes.

  • Wild ducks stay for the winter in cities and feel good

    From 2014 to 2016 in the area of the Chicago Metropolitan area scientists caught 41 canadian goose (Branta canadensis) and put on their collars with GPS transmitters to track movements. 35 experimental ducks prefer to winter in the city, such as in public parks and gardens.

  • Millions of users Pornhub picked up a dangerous virus

    Computers users pornoresursy Pornhub contracted the virus Kovter, reports the Hacker News. Infected the computers of millions of users around the world. Responsibility for the attack took hacker group KovCoreG.

  • Study: patients of male surgeons die more often

    Having examined the medical records of over a hundred thousand patients operated in Canada, experts estimate that the risk of death is 12% lower if the surgery holds a woman, writes “gazety”.Scientists themselves explain this by the fact that women are less inclined to take risky decisions and often ask for help if you cannot cope with the problem themselves.

  • CTV: Trudeau believes in the positive outcome of the negotiations on NAFTA

    As stated by the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau after a meeting with U.S. President Donald trump, circumstances are difficult, but he believes in the success of the negotiations on the revision of the Agreement on North American free trade area. This is reported TASS with reference to the TV channel CTV.

  • In London a woman died after falling from the gallery of St. Paul’s Cathedral

    In Central London, a woman died after falling from the inner gallery of St Paul’s Cathedral, also known as the “whispering gallery”.

  • Voronezh athlete ranked in the TOP 7 of the most beautiful gymnasts in the world

    Under the impression of the world Championships in Montreal sports portal Cempionatam made the TOP 7 most beautiful gymnasts in the world. Got him and our countrywoman angelina Melnikova.

  • Scientists have discovered a hole in the ice of Antarctica

    Scientists from Canada found in the ice of Antarctica the hole area of 80 thousand square kilometers. About it reports the edition Motherboard. Scientists from the University of Toronto noted that in the ice shield of Antarctica in the vicinity of the Sea Weddel formed hole.

  • Scientists said the reason for the constant desire to have sex

    Australian and Canadian scientists have published their study, which revealed the reason for the increased libido or hypersexuality. Scientists have conducted a static analysis of several previous studies on hypersexuality and impulsive sexual behavior.

  • The launch of spacecraft “Progress MS-07″ moved to October 14

    The launch of the cargo ship “Progress MS-07″ to the International space station moved on October 14. It is reported TASS with reference to the mission control Center. The launch will now take place on Saturday at 11.46.

  • Earth just missed a dangerous asteroid 2012 TC4

    At the end of last July experts from the European southern Observatory have confirmed that 2012 TC4 again approaching the Ground. The convergence occurred at approximately 8:42 Moscow time, the asteroid passed over the Antarctic region of the planet. You can see it was only in powerful telescopes.

  • In the RAS, spoke about the approach to Earth of asteroid 2012 TC4

    According to vibe, if an asteroid fell to the Ground, this phenomenon is slightly exceeded in scale “Chelyabinsk meteorite”, but would still remain local. NASA reported that on the morning of October 12 to Earth approach of asteroid 2012 TC4.

  • Experts have uncovered the most dangerous Internet traps

    Specialists in information security KnowBe4 called the most common online ploy, which can be caught by any user. It is reported portal BetaNews.

  • The SpaceX rocket launched into orbit a telecommunications satellite

    SpaceX put into orbit the telecommunications satellite dual-use with the help of the carrier rocket Falcon 9. The live broadcast of the U.S. launch, the company conducted on its YouTube channel.

  • The dwarf planet in the Solar system found ring

    For a long time it was believed that the dust ring may surround only the gas giants like Saturn. However, in comparatively recent times they also managed to find some on the orbit of the dwarf planets and the so-called “asteroids-centaurs” that have some characteristics of comets.

  • Fixed problems with Facebook and Instagram

    Failures occurred in the online versions, and in some programs in mobile devices. At the moment all the problems in the social networks is eliminated. The representative of Facebook said that there was a technical failure, reports Channel 360.

  • Facebook users are faced with failures in the social network

    Users of social network Facebook in various countries around the world are faced with failures in its work, according to numerous users on Twitter and a number of Western media.

  • The FAS will check the price of Apple iPhone 8

    The Federal Antimonopoly service has received complaints about the overstatement of the American Corporation Apple the cost of its new flagship – iPhone 8, the press service of the FAS. In this regard, the Agency made the decision on inspection: the experts will analyze the pricing policy of Apple.

  • A British company is offering to bury people in space

    The British company Ascension Flights has put on the market of funeral services new unusual offer. Now anyone can scatter the ashes of deceased into space and even to get quality video from this momentous event.

  • Steal password with iPhone was a breeze. How to protect yourself

    Independent developer Felix Krause opened a new way to steal passwords on the i-devices. According to the engineer, the attackers can easily spoof a dialog box Apple to incorporate it into any iOS app or on a website and lure the user’s Apple ID.

  • The Telegram messenger is now available in Russian language

    The messenger Telegram after the update became available in Russian. The service Creator Pavel Durov timed innovation to its birthday – on October 10, the founder of the messenger was 33 years.

    • Переведено сервисом «Яндекс.Перевод»