Summary October 11, 2017

  • A group of anarchists stormed the Spanish Embassy in Athens

    A group of anarchists, supporting the independence of Catalonia, stormed the Spanish Embassy in Athens.

  • Madrid may suspend the self-government of Catalonia

    As expected, the Declaration of independence of Catalonia will be voted on, if the negotiations between the authorities of the autonomy with Madrid will fail.

  • In Turkey in the explosion at the refinery killed 4 people

    The tragedy occurred on Wednesday, October 11, in the Aliaga district of the Izmir province during maintenance work on a refinery company Tupras.

  • Because of fires in California has already killed 17 people

    The number of victims of forest fires in California had risen to 17 people, reports New York Times.

  • The Spanish government gathered at an emergency meeting in Catalonia

    The Spanish government is discussing the steps of Madrid on the issue of disconnection of Catalonia at the emergency meeting.

  • Deputies from the liberal democratic party spoke about the plans of Kim Jong-UN to tame fire USA

    The DPRK leadership is going to “tame the fire” the United States, and in this regard, the military are testing a new Intercontinental ballistic missile capable of reaching the US West coast.

  • The Japanese government will pay residents in Tokyo $5.5 million over the noise from a US air base

    The Japanese authorities will be required to pay residents to about 5.5 million dollars for the noise coming from the base of the U.S. air force “Yokota”.

  • Hackers attacked users of Pornhub in the United States, Canada and the UK

    It is noteworthy that due to the cyber attacks suffered mainly residents of the United States, Canada and the UK.

  • Foreign Minister of Serbia sang the song Erdogan

    The first Vice-Premier of the government of Serbia and foreign Minister Ivica Dacic during a gala dinner sang to the President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan a song in the Turkish language.

  • NYT: the United States refused to “virus” thanks to the secret services of Israel

    According to the newspaper, Israeli intelligence agents about two years ago, hacked into the internal network, “Kaspersky Lab” and found that Russian hackers allegedly via the antivirus programs managed to obtain the secret data by the National Security Agency of the United States.

  • The United States sent to the borders of North Korea, two strategic bombers

    The bombers worked strikes on ground targets near the Eastern coast of the Korean Peninsula.

  • The UN has called the country, spending almost 90% of executions in the world

    Iran, Iraq, China and Saudi Arabia spend almost 90% of executions in the world, said UN Secretary-General antónio Guterres during a speech on the occasion of the international day against the death penalty in new York.

  • In the footsteps of Catalonia: Belgian Flanders began thinking about independence

    Van Grichen said that the bulk of the population of Belgium approves the new status of Catalonia, the Flemish region intends in the future to hold its own plebiscite.

  • In Turkey, the court sentenced the journalist to a U.S. prison

    In Turkey, the court sentenced the journalist of the American newspaper The Wall Street Journal to two years and one month imprisonment.

  • Shinmoedake began erupting in Japan for the first time in six years

    For the first time in six years began erupting volcano Shinmoedake in the southwest of Japan.

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