Summary October 10, 2017

  • Elizabeth II shocked by the behavior of the girl Prince Harry

    Of course, Megan and Harry couldn’t seem together without the highest approval of the Royal family and the Prince’s grandmother Queen Elizabeth II.

  • Two teenagers were killed and three injured due to an accident in Canada

    In a car accident in the city of Joliette in Canada killed two teenagers. Three more were injured in a car accident.

  • Buns congratulated the Russian national team in gymnastics

    Team Russia in gymnastics at the world Championships in Montreal won one gold, three silver and two bronze medals.

  • Scientists believe that gossip is useful for relationships and career

    Experts came to the conclusion that gossip is a highly developed social skills and are necessary for the formation of relations.

  • The canadian won the lottery for 25 million dollars

    A resident of the canadian province of Ontario won the lottery of 31.3 million canadian dollars (25 million U.S. dollars).

  • President Putin congratulated the gymnast Apiary with a victory at the world Cup in 2017

    The President of Russia Vladimir Putin congratulated Russian gymnast Maria Paseka on winning the world championship in gymnastics, which ended in Montreal (Canada).

  • IOC rechecked all 254 doping control of the Russians from the Olympics in Sochi

    By the way, recall that in July 2016 the IOC retested 63 samples of our athletes competing in Sochi – all the cross-check gave a negative result.

  • An armed man attacked a police officer in Canada

    Armed with a knife man attacked police in the canadian city of Edmonton. It is reported by the “Edmonton journal”.

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