Summary October 09, 2017

  • Mutko praised the team’s performance at the world Cup in gymnastics

    Deputy Prime Minister Vitaly Mutko commented on the performance of the Russian team at the recent Montreal world Championships in gymnastics.

  • The canadian won the lottery for 25 million dollars

    A resident of the canadian province of Ontario won the lottery of 31.3 million canadian dollars (25 million U.S. dollars).

  • In Canada, a 12-year-old boy stole a car and crashed into a bus

    In the canadian province of Manitoba 12-year-old boy stole a car and crashed it in a bus.

  • Trudeau will discuss with the trump trade dispute Boeing and Bombardier

    The Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau will discuss with the President of the United States Donald trump trade dispute between us aircraft manufacturer Boeing and canadian Bombardier during his visit to Washington, 10-11 October.

  • Jagr made a surprise to their group of fans “Traveling Yagry”

    Forward Jaromir Jagr, who recently signed a contract with “calgary flames”, made a surprise group of fans that calls itself the “Travelling Yagry”.

  • Gymnast Belyavsky won “bronze” at the world Cup

    Russians David Belyavskiy entered the top three at the world championship. Gold medal in the uneven bars was won by Zou Parkview (China).

  • Coach: gold medal in women on boards had to be Eremina

    Elena Eremina became the silver medalist of the world championship in uneven bars.

  • Gymnast Eremina won world Cup silver in uneven bars

    Russian gymnast Yelena Yeryomina won a silver medal at the world Championships in gymnastics, which takes place in Montreal (Canada), in the exercise on uneven bars.

  • Of Shirai became the world champion in the vault, Dalaloyan — 8th

    Japanese gymnast Kenzo Shirai won the gold medal of the world championship in gymnastics in Montreal (Canada) in the vault.

  • An armed man attacked a police officer in Canada

    Armed with a knife man attacked police in the canadian city of Edmonton. It is reported by the “Edmonton journal”.

  • Denis Ablazin spoke about the victory in the world Cup

    We will remind that the victory was won by the Greek Eleftherios Petrounias scored 15,433 points.

  • On Mars found a clue to the emergence of life on Earth

    NASA scientists said that the discovery on Mars of hydrothermal Deposit will help to find the answer to the question of the origin of life on Earth.

  • Officially abandoned Windows Phone development, Microsoft

    To develop a platform of Windows Phone 10, Microsoft will be no more. This was in A … said project leader Joe Belfiore.

  • “Admiralty shipyards” to build platform for Arctic exploration

    The company “Admiralty shipyards” to build a special ice-resistant vessel for research in the Arctic. The project will allocate 7 billion roubles.

  • An asteroid the size of the Chelyabinsk meteorite passed by the Earth

    Asteroid 2017 TB1, the diameter of which can reach 67 meters, flew today at 07:00 Moscow time past the Earth at a distance of just over 13 million kilometres, equivalent to 34 distances between the Moon and Earth.

  • China has put into orbit the third Venezuelan satellite

    China launched the Venezuelan remote sensing satellite VRSS-2.

  • Next to the Dyatlov pass found an ancient monument

    Sverdlovsk UFO Valentin Degterev the images from space found a huge monument of the Neolithic era in the area of the infamous Dyatlov pass.

  • Access Wi-Fi networks tied to the state services

    The Ministry of communications recommended to the regions to provide users with Internet access via public Wi-Fi network only after authorization on the portal of public services, reports the newspaper “Izvestia”.

  • Apple’s new iPhone may lose Russian market

    There is a possibility that the Russian cellular operators will not be able to work with Apple products that will be produced from 2018.

  • The scientists commented “the fall of the asteroid” 12 Oct

    According to the observations of experts of the European southern Observatory in Chile, moving towards the Earth asteroid 2012 TC4 size up to 30 meters as close to our planet on October 12 a distance of approximately 43,000 kilometers (comparable to one-eighth of the distance from the earth to the moon).

  • Social network “Vkontakte” goes to the corporate market

    The largest in the Russian Internet space of social network “Vkontakte” goes to the corporate market — launches corporate VC group, is intended solely for employees of a particular company.

  • Give NASA lunar mission SpaceX Elon musk

    The us space Agency NASA will be forced under pressure from the authorities to transfer lunar mission of the company SpaceX Elon musk.

  • Scientists: Star Proxima Centauri “stolen” from another system

    A group of astronomers, scientists conducted a number of studies, during which she managed to record the fact that the “theft” of the star system Proxima Centauri.

  • SpaceX postponed the launch of the rocket Falcon 9 on October 11

    Us company SpaceX has announced the postponement of the launch of the carrier rocket Falcon 9 with the telecommunications satellite dual-use SES-11/EchoStar 105 from 9 to 11 October.

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