Summary November 18, 2017

  • BYD will open its first plant in Canada

    Chinese automaker BYD, supported by the American billionaire Warren Buffett, plans to open its first factory for the Assembly of cars in Canada, betting on an expected jump in demand for electric trucks from municipalities and legal entities.

  • Canadian surgeons saved the child from paralysis of the right in the womb

    In Canada, surgeons have made an incredible on the complexity of the surgery — they opened the uterus of the expectant mother to undergo an operation formed inside the fetus.

  • Canada withdraws from Iraq reconnaissance aircraft

    Canadian reconnaissance aircraft CP-140 Aurora will complete the mission in Iraq, the troops of the international coalition against grouping “Islamic state” (IG banned in Russia) and will return to Canada in December 2017.

  • Convertible VAZ-2108 sell for 1 000 000 rubles

    The author of the ad said that for sale convertible VAZ-2108 released in 1993, and the model brought to Canada.

  • Stoltenberg: Ukraine and Georgia cannot become NATO’s newest members

    Ukraine and Georgia are not yet ready to become new members of NATO, but the Alliance is with them relevant work.

  • Inflation in Canada slowed in October to 1.4%

    In October 2017 consumer prices (index CPI) in Canada rose relative to October 2016 1.4% after rising 1.6% in September, according to data from the Statistical office of the country Relative to the previous month prices rose by 0.1%.

  • Angelina Jolie: Sexual violence has nothing to do with sex

    The actress Angelina Jolie in the framework of the Ministerial conference on UN peacekeeping in Vancouver, said that sexual violence is found not only in Hollywood but also in politics and even in the armed forces.

  • Amazing healing lake in Canada duplicates the aquatic environment of Mars

    Amazing lake Spotted lake, located in Canada, its unusual appearance and composition of the water is reminiscent of Mars.

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