Summary November 18, 2017

  • BYD will open its first plant in Canada

    Chinese automaker BYD, supported by the American billionaire Warren Buffett, plans to open its first factory for the Assembly of cars in Canada, betting on an expected jump in demand for electric trucks from municipalities and legal entities.

  • Canadian surgeons saved the child from paralysis of the right in the womb

    In Canada, surgeons have made an incredible on the complexity of the surgery — they opened the uterus of the expectant mother to undergo an operation formed inside the fetus.

  • Canada withdraws from Iraq reconnaissance aircraft

    Canadian reconnaissance aircraft CP-140 Aurora will complete the mission in Iraq, the troops of the international coalition against grouping “Islamic state” (IG banned in Russia) and will return to Canada in December 2017.

  • Convertible VAZ-2108 sell for 1 000 000 rubles

    The author of the ad said that for sale convertible VAZ-2108 released in 1993, and the model brought to Canada.

  • Stoltenberg: Ukraine and Georgia cannot become NATO’s newest members

    Ukraine and Georgia are not yet ready to become new members of NATO, but the Alliance is with them relevant work.

  • Inflation in Canada slowed in October to 1.4%

    In October 2017 consumer prices (index CPI) in Canada rose relative to October 2016 1.4% after rising 1.6% in September, according to data from the Statistical office of the country Relative to the previous month prices rose by 0.1%.

  • Angelina Jolie: Sexual violence has nothing to do with sex

    The actress Angelina Jolie in the framework of the Ministerial conference on UN peacekeeping in Vancouver, said that sexual violence is found not only in Hollywood but also in politics and even in the armed forces.

  • Amazing healing lake in Canada duplicates the aquatic environment of Mars

    Amazing lake Spotted lake, located in Canada, its unusual appearance and composition of the water is reminiscent of Mars.

  • Found new evidence of the falsification landing US on the moon

    Skeptics have long said that the Agency NASA faked “moon mission” of the United States, a new reason to return to the discussion of controversial topics was the material published by the British tabloid the Daily Star.

  • Expert: OnePlus 5T surpassed iPhone X the speed of face recognition

    Experts report that the speed of face recognition on the recently released OnePlus ahead of the iPhone 5T X. Unlock, according to the journalists, is immediate, what can be said about the flagship of Apple.

  • Apple moved the release date of the smart-column HomePod for 2018

    Apple moved the release date of the smart-column HomePod for 2018, reported the press service of the American Corporation.

  • China plans to build space shuttles, nuclear by 2040

    China plans to 2040 launch two-stage missiles re-use and new generation space Shuttle with a nuclear power plant, allowing for the exploration and development of deposits on asteroids.

  • Scientists have created a means to combat dependence on porn

    Indian neurologists on the basis of research created a new app for mobile devices under the name of “har har Mahadev”, which should help to cope with addiction from watching porn.

  • Ufologists from Norway sent an alien musical message

    A group of scientists from Norway carried out a special broadcast aimed at deep space, which contains a musical message.

  • NASA scientists have discovered an exoplanet with atmosphere

    “Planet diamond” 55 Cnc in the constellation of Cancer has a shell resembling the Earth’s atmosphere.

  • A humanoid robot learned to do a somersault

    In the video, the robot passes an obstacle course, jumping from platform to platform. At the end of the video Atlas successfully perform a back flip.

  • In Russia will introduce a new contactless payment technology

    Manufacturer of sports watches Garmin for the New year intends to launch in Russia contactless payment system called Garmin Pay.

  • “Ahaha” and “Sorrow”. “Schoolmates” have added a new button with the reactions

    To strengthen its response, the social network will allow five additional buttons with “superamazing” (“Super!”, “Love”, “Ahaha”, “Sadness” and “Shock!”) — to do this, users will need to press the button six times, says TJ.

  • Scientists explain how the Big spot on Jupiter acquired a red color

    Raging in Jupiter’s atmosphere for more than three centuries the Great red spot acquired its unusual color when exposed to cosmic rays and due to the presence of sulfur compounds and acetylene.

  • Astronomers: Earth bombarded exotic antimatter

    According to scientists, the source of dark energy may be dark matter, but officially it is not want to declare before checking all other options.

  • Messenger WhatsApp is testing a simplified sending voice messages

    Developers of the popular WhatsApp messenger has begun testing a simplified voice messages.

  • Life hack allows you to read deleted messages in WhatsApp

    In the beginning of this month the WhatsApp messenger for all platforms, including iOS and Android, received a new feature that allows you to delete messages that were already sent to the source.

  • Feature Stories appeared in the web version of Instagram

    The developers of Instagram say that added service to the web version of the product due to the fact that he is very popular among users.

  • “Ahaha” and “Sorrow”. “Schoolmates” have added a new button with the reactions

    To strengthen its response, the social network will allow five additional buttons with “superamazing” (“Super!”, “Love”, “Ahaha”, “Sadness” and “Shock!”) — to do this, users will need to press the button six times, says TJ.

  • Facebook introduced an application for editing and video Analytics

    Facebook released app Creator for video content creators. This is stated in the blog of the social network.

  • Out the very fast Firefox browser in history

    The developers of Mozilla introduced a new version of the Firefox browser at number 57.

  • Google plans to double its position in Japan

    “Doubling our position in Japan means the extension experienced engineering groups in this country,” said CFO Ruth Porat Alphabet at a press conference.

  • Emirates airline will launch the fastest Wi-Fi on Board

    Emirates airline in conjunction with the communications firm Thales has promised by 2020 to increase the speed of the Internet on its flights.

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