Summary November 17, 2017

  • BYD will open its first plant in Canada

    Chinese automaker BYD, supported by the American billionaire Warren Buffett, plans to open its first factory for the Assembly of cars in Canada, betting on an expected jump in demand for electric trucks from municipalities and legal entities.

  • The next meeting of founders WADA on 17 may 2018

    Officially, the question of the restoration of RUSADA will be possible to raise again at the next meeting of founders WADA, which will be held may 17, 2018 in Montreal.

  • Amazing healing lake in Canada duplicates the aquatic environment of Mars

    Amazing lake Spotted lake, located in Canada, its unusual appearance and composition of the water is reminiscent of Mars.

  • About 795 thousand litres of oil spilled in the accident on the pipeline in the United States

    In the accident on the Keystone canadian pipeline company TransCanada has leaked about 795 million liters of crude oil.

  • “Vegas” won “Vancouver” in the match NHL

    “Vegas” beat “Vancouver” with the score 5:2 in the away match of the regular championship of National hockey League (NHL).

  • “FL” beat “San Jose” in the match of the regular championship of NHL

    “Florida Panthers” beat “San Jose sharks” in the regular season of the National hockey League, reports TASS.

  • Hockey Detroit red wings scored eight goals in the gate “calgary”

    The winner of the match takes designed Andreas Atanasiu and Anthony manta and scored Gustav Nyquist, Dylan Larkin, Justin Abdelkader, and Luke Glendenning, and the guests goals were scored by Chris Versteeg and johnny Godro.

  • Canadian surgeons saved the child from paralysis of the right in the womb

    In Canada, surgeons have made an incredible on the complexity of the surgery — they opened the uterus of the expectant mother to undergo an operation formed inside the fetus.

  • Angelina Jolie: Sex and sexual violence have nothing to do

    Jolie argues that sexual violence is currently almost everywhere, from universities and educational institutions to business, armed forces and politics.

  • Diabetes and hypertension pregnant back years later

    The scientists decided to look at the health of spouses, and no wonder: it turned out, if the wife suffers from high blood pressure and diabetes during pregnancy, the husband also raised the risk to get these problems years later.

  • Samsung led the TOP 5 most popular brands of smartphones in Russia

    The experts present on the Russian market brands of smartphones and made the TOP 5.

  • Emotions “ha Ha” and “Sad” appeared in the “Classmates”

    Some users already had an opportunity to Express new emotions: “cute”, “ha-ha”, “sad” and “wow!”.

  • Scientists have recorded the most powerful explosion of a star in history

    An international team of astronomers recorded the most powerful in the history of observations of the cosmic flash.

  • On the Russian satellites will install solar panels record-breaking power

    In Russia launched production of solar panels record-breaking size and power for new military and civilian communications satellites.

  • Boston Dynamics has taught a robot to do flips

    The company Boston Dynamics has taught its humanoid robot Atlas to climb to the elevation and make them flip.

  • Scientists sent a radio signal to potentially habitable exoplanet

    Participants Active SETI for the last more than 50 years trying to find evidence of the existence of intelligent life in the Universe by studying radio signals coming from different corners of our galaxy.

  • “Martian city” will appear in Dubai in 2.5 years

    The project “Martian city” Mars Scientific City in Dubai, where scientists reproduce the conditions of life on the red planet, will be completed in 2.5 years.

  • Feature Stories appeared in the web version of Instagram

    The developers of Instagram say that added service to the web version of the product due to the fact that he is very popular among users.

  • Scientists have shown the video of the huge ozone hole over Antarctica

    An international team of climate scientists monitored the change in the Earth’s ozone layer over the past thirty years, the result was an animated video where you can see the giant ozone hole over Antarctica.

  • Tomorrow morning the students will be able to observe planets and stars

    From night to Saturday morning the students will be able to observe a meteor shower. Its maximum is predicted in 21:30.

  • NASA said, when we have found extraterrestrial life

    NASA officials announced their forecasts on the timing of the discovery of extraterrestrial life.

  • Facebook will give the media a special icon

    Representatives from Facebook in the future, I plan to “reward” with a special icon, all the news sources.

  • To the Earth sweeps huge asteroid

    In December of this year, closer to the Earth, a large asteroid with a diameter of 5 km. a Giant asteroid Phaethon will be held at a relatively small distance from the Earth on December 17.

  • Football field “Volgograd-Arena” flashed on the new technology

    Processing football field polymer fiber will help to increase the durability of turf is more than three times, and will also reduce the risk of injury players.

  • Emotions “ha Ha” and “Sad” appeared in the “Classmates”

    Some users already had an opportunity to Express new emotions: “cute”, “ha-ha”, “sad” and “wow!”.

  • A new dangerous virus is spreading in Google Play

    Security experts ESET have warned about massive new threat to the owners of smartphones with Android.

  • Feature Stories appeared in the web version of Instagram

    The developers of Instagram say that added service to the web version of the product due to the fact that he is very popular among users.

  • WhatsApp is testing a simplified sending voice messages.

    YouTube has limited the monetization of videos on an iPhone X

  • Download in 60 seconds: In Berdigestyakh upgraded the network of “MegaFon”

    The specialists of “MegaFon” has completed the complex of works on development of the network in the major regional centre of Yakutia – the village of Berdigestjah.

  • Users will be able to order a ticket to the concert via YouTube

    Users will have the opportunity to hold order tickets to the concert through YouTube.

  • Google launched a new design for the Cards

    Google introduced a new design for Google Maps (Google Maps).

  • Facebook will give the media a special icon

    Representatives from Facebook in the future, I plan to “reward” with a special icon, all the news sources.

  • Impenetrable protection for smartphones was developed in Russia

    The advantage of the method which encouraged the specialists from the Institute of intelligent cybernetic systems, MEPI, is a continuous protection from outside interference without any additional action by the user.

  • “Yandex” has opened access to the service for project management

    The comments are saved all the decisions and agreements taken in the course of work.

  • Mail Bank connected payment device is an Android

    Add debit, credit or virtual Visa card “Bank Mail” app in Android Pay can users of phones that support contactless module NFC and the Android operating system version 4.4 and above.

  • Google has introduced new features to the aggregator vacancies

    Google introduced several new features in aggregator job to simplify job search.

  • Called for admission of Russia to the Olympic games-2018

    “The IOC Executive Board in December to take the decision about the participation of Russian athletes taking into account all circumstances, including with a view to ensuring equal conditions at the Olympic winter games in 2018″ — quoted by TASS message of the Committee.

  • Recep Tayyip Erdogan accused the United States in the financial support of the IG in Syria

    Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, speaking in Ankara in front of the heads of the regional offices of the ruling Party of justice and development, accused the United States in the financial support of the terrorist organization “Islamic state” (IG, is prohibited in Russia).

  • Sechin promised to appear in court over Ulyukaev

    The head of “Rosneft” Igor Sechin did not give the date of his appearance as a witness in court, where the trial of the accused in bribery former Minister of economic development Alexei Ulyukaev.

  • The court sentenced General Lopyreva to 10 years in prison

    Znamensky garrison military court sentenced to 10 years in prison, General of the Federal security service (FSS) of the Russian Federation Gennady Lopyreva.

  • Called the media, claiming the status of inherent

    The Ministry of justice (moj) of the Russian Federation has published the list media (media), which can recognize foreign agents.

  • “The truck of the future”: Elon Musk has unveiled an unmanned electroform

    The founder of Tesla Elon Musk has unveiled a prototype of an electric Tesla truck Semi, according to Vox.

  • Tesla published the first video with electric truck

    The company of American entrepreneur Elon musk of Tesla published in Instagram the first official video of the prototype of his electric truck.

  • Lawyers surprised: WADA explained the failure to recover the journalist rights

    In Seoul hosted a meeting of founders of the world anti-doping Agency (WADA), the results of which the Russian anti-doping Agency (RUSADA) was denied restoration of previously lost because of the massive scandal right.

  • In Mari El in the result of an accident involving a bus died 15 people

    Recall earlier NTR-24 talked about that in July 2017 in Tatarstan in a traffic accident involving a bus died 13 people.

  • Why the UN security Council gave the mission to investigate hematic in Syria one day

    As reported by the source Agency, Japan already has introduced in the Security Council (SC) UN draft resolution on a technical rollover for 30 days of joint investigation mechanism (CMP) hematic in Syria mission of UN – OPCW.

  • To contain Russia in Europe, the United States intends to spend $ 4.6 billion

    In the defence budget to 2018, adopted by the house of representatives of the U.S. Congress, there are a number of measures related to Russia.

  • The head of the DND told about the exchange of prisoners

    The self-proclaimed head of the Donetsk national Republic (DND) Alexander Zakharchenko has said it is ready to transfer to Kiev prisoners in exchange for almost 300 held by supporters of DND.

  • McCain commented on the media law-registered as a foreign agent

    Us Senator John McCain expressed their indignation in connection with the adoption by the state Duma in the third reading the law on mass media-registered as a foreign agent, according to which the media receiving funding from abroad, can be recognized in Russia as foreign agents.

  • Day of mourning: in Mari El continues the identification of victims of terrible accidents

    Already on the operating table terminates the life of one of the victims. It will become the 15th victim of this terrible accident.

  • SK has begun check upon road accident with a minibus and a truck in the Mari El Republic

    On this fact the investigative agencies of the Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Mari El organized investigation verification.

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