Summary November 14, 2017

  • The Prime Minister hoped to defeat supporters Pokdemon elections

    Answering the question whether he is going to stand as a candidate at a future General election, the Prime Minister said: “I feel good, now is a good moment in my life.”

  • More than twenty people were affected by the tornado in Antalya

    In the Turkish province of Antalya due to the Twister injured 25 people, foreign tourists among them, said RIA Novosti the representative of the local authorities.

  • Son of trump published his correspondence with WikiLeaks

    From the published screenshots, it follows that WikiLeaks first contacted via Twitter personally to the son of trump in September 2016.

  • Italian authorities deported an Egyptian preparing act of terrorism

    The Spanish authorities deported 22-year-old Egyptian, which had planned to carry out in the country a terrorist attack.

  • Van Gogh’s painting sold for 81,3 million dollars

    The work of Vincent van Gogh called “the plow and the Plowman” was sold in new York for 81,3 million dollars.

  • Abe urged ASEAN to lift the ban on the import of Japanese goods from Fukushima

    Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has demanded to remove restrictions on imports from several prefectures in the North-East of the country.

  • Rospotrebnadzor warned about measles outbreak in Europe

    The Ministry said that in order to travel to Serbia and other European countries, the Russians are not vaccinated against measles and have not had measles should be vaccinated against this infection.

  • The U.S. justice Department may launch an investigation against Hillary Clinton

    The U.S. Department of justice will consider the need to conduct investigations against former Secretary of state Hillary Clinton in connection with the uranium deal.

  • The Pentagon is buying s-400 from Russia called sovereignty of Turkey

    The head of the Ministry of defence of the USA James Mattis called the purchase by Turkey of the Russian is antiaircraft-rocket complexes With-400 “Triumph” sovereign matter for the authorities of the Republic.

  • In Mexico seized the gun to fire marijuana into the U.S.

    In the Mexican state of Sonora, the security forces seized a homemade gun, designed for the delivery of drugs into the United States with the help of fire, reports TASS with reference to the state office of public Prosecutor of the region.

  • The head of the Pentagon called “business as usual” exercises off the coast of Korea

    The Pentagon has called maneuvers off the coast of Korea with the participation of three aircraft carriers “business as usual”.

  • The court of appeal allowed partially to apply the immigration decree trump

    The court of appeals in San Francisco (CA) has allowed to apply caast provisions of the third edition of the immigration decree of the President of the United States Donald trump, reports Reuters.

  • In the heart of London gangsters on motorbikes robbed the Apple store

    In Central London a gang of criminals on mopeds have robbed the Apple store, told “Izvestia”.

  • The former head of Catalonia made the rejection of the independence of the region

    The former head of Generalitat Catalonia Carles Pujdeme gave an interview to the German newspaper Die Welt, in which he called the condition of preservation of autonomy within Spain.

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