Summary November 14, 2017

  • Canada’s Premier kiss Filipino women

    The Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau, who came to the ASEAN summit in Manila, was fascinated by Filipino women entrepreneurs, with a hearty kiss upon their cheeks.

  • Team Moses won the Curling tournament in Edmonton

    The Russian team led by skip Victoria Moiseeva became the winner of the bonspiel, which was held in Edmonton, Canada.

  • Hockey selanne and Kariya included in the Hall of glory of NHL in Toronto

    The former striker of the national team of Finland on hockey Teemu selanne and Paul Kariya canadian inducted into the Hall of fame National hockey League (NHL), which is located in Toronto.

  • The team of Russia suffered their second defeat in the hockey super Series

    Youth national team of Russia on hockey has suffered the second defeat in the super Series against the canadian Junior leagues.

  • Vandals poured paint over a monument to the founder of Canada

    Unknown persons poured red paint on the monument to the first Prime Minister of Canada, John MacDonald, set in one of the parks of Montreal.

  • In the mountains of Canada killed a famous French skier

    In the mountains of Canada during a workout died a famous French skier David Poisson.

  • American taxi service Lyft comes to the canadian market

    American taxi service Lyft, which is the main competitor of Uber in the U.S., will begin in December to provide its services in Toronto (Canada) — for the first time outside the States.

  • In Canada, the woman noticed the interception black helicopter

    A woman from the canadian province of Alberta told the researchers about the incident in 2010, She then noticed the interception of a black helicopter, and then a similar event took place recently in Los Angeles, and was filmed on video.

  • Mkhitaryan shirt sold in Canada for twenty thousand dollars

    During the dinner, the auction of t-shirt midfielder of the Armenian national team and Manchester United Henrikh Mkhitaryan, which I bought for 20 thousand dollars.

  • Russia starts consultations with Canada, Denmark and the United States on the continental shelf in the Arctic

    Russia in 2015 has submitted to the UN a revised application for the expansion of the boundaries of its continental shelf in the Arctic by joining the submarine Lomonosov ridge, which stretches in the direction of the North pole, and others.

  • A new virus is infecting computers via a Word document

    Cybersecurity experts told about a new virus that can infect the device without macros.

  • Astronomers from the Moscow state University have uncovered one of the secrets of the birth of white dwarfs

    Astrophysicists from Russia and Italy revealed the mysterious nature of the binary system HD 49798 in the constellation of the Stern, proving that one of its inhabitants is a young white dwarf, whose matter is compressed gradually, and not a neutron star, as believed by some scientists.

  • Indian authorities unblocked access to “contact”

    The Ministry of electronics and information technology of India was allowed to unblock access to the social network “In contact”, said “RIA Novosti” in the Ministry.

  • “Roskosmos” since 2018 will again be sent to the ISS for three people

    “Roskosmos” since 2018 will again be sent to the ISS a crew of three. On Tuesday he told the state Corporation.

  • Apple may release three new smartphone based on iPhone X

    Three new smartphone based on iPhone X can produce Apple in 2018.

  • The Superjet will be more secure because of the control system

    Technical ground structure will be obtaining timely information about the liquidation of certain failures on the Board.

  • The Federal space Agency will launch into orbit five satellites sensing

    State Corporation “Roscosmos” plans to launch five new satellites sensing of the Earth by 2025, reports “RT”.

  • Experts Dr. Web found a virus in Google Play apps

    The Specialists Of Dr. Web found in Google Play apps with a built-in virus Trojan Android.

  • “Hubble” made a unique snapshot of the “one-armed” galaxy

    The telescope “Hubble” photographed a rare galaxy NGC 4625, which has only one spiral arm instead of four or two.

  • IPhone X have discovered a new defect

    IPhone users X found a new defect. Write about this “RIA Novosti” with reference to

  • The lack of sunspots has surprised astrophysicists

    The number of sunspots is considered to be the main characteristic of the activity level of the star. This parameter is measured by the solar cycle.

  • The satellite of Neptune ufologists saw the remains of a dinosaur

    Ufologists saw in the picture of Triton, satellite of Neptune, the outlines of the remains of a dinosaur. These observations they shared with the public.

  • In the United States successfully tested the Dream Chaser spaceplane

    Company Sierra Nevada announced that cargo spaceship Dream Chaser test flight performed in the scheduling mode 11 November, reports Engadget.

  • Day after tomorrow: earthlings predicted the imminent end of the world

    Earth has predicted another “end of the world”. According to experts, our planet will be plunged into darkness in the coming days, Western media reported.

  • Infortrend third consecutive year in the “Gartner Magic quadrant”

    Infortrend® Technology, Inc. (TWSE code: 2495) today announced the inclusion of his company in the Gartner report “Magic quadrant vendors versatile disk arrays-2017″ (Gartner Magic Quadrant for General-Purpose Disk Arrays).

  • Co-founder, Opera spoke about the surveillance of Internet users

    Co-founder, Opera noted that often the user, for example, to evaluate a particular restaurant.

  • Facebook will integrate Facebook Messenger with Stories Day

    Sumodeluxe history Messenger Day that users could publish in the messenger will no longer exist as a standalone product: the social network combine with Facebook Stories.

  • Apple gadgets on iOS 11 are heated when the YouTube app

    Gadgets on iOS 11 will become very hot when the YouTube app. This is reported by users on Twitter.

  • New virus attacked computers using Word documents

    The scheme is simple: a user opens a document, the file will connect to a remote server, then installs on the computer the first part of the virus.

  • Raiffeisenbank adapted the website for smart phone users

    Raiffeisenbank launches a new website. This project was developed with a focus on use in mobile devices.

  • Experts Dr. Web found a virus in Google Play apps

    The Specialists Of Dr. Web found in Google Play apps with a built-in virus Trojan Android.

  • A new algorithm for “Prometheus” will help in “Vkontakte” to find like-minded people

    The new algorithm detects a variety of interesting information by labeling it with a fire symbol, namely “Fire VK”.

  • MegaFon has upgraded its 4G network in Zakamye

    The Internet signal 4G/LTE in the territory of validity of the upgraded network has a greater penetrating ability, better through thick walls and metal ceiling in the room.

  • Google Chrome will block advertising, open tabs

    Chrome so will protect the users directly from transitions according to the existing malicious links or download dangerous documents in the case of pressing buttons, having the form of the site.

  • Doctors on the blockchain: how tokens change the health

    New technology can completely change many industries, including health care.

  • Google called phishing the main reason for the leakage of personal data

    Google engineers analyzed data on the sale of Internet accounts on the black market and found that the most common cause of loss of personal data on the Internet is phishing — collecting information by using fake links and sites that requires information about the user account.

  • PayPal has introduced the option to implement the joint payment of costs

    The PayPal service presents a new functionality that allows users to cooperate, to monitor and co-pay expenses for group events or personal goals.

  • Google called phishing, the most dangerous form of attack

    As a result, the researchers were able to calculate that about 12.4 million users were victims of phishing attacks, more 788 000 suffered from keyloggers, and the credentials of more than 3.3 billion people have been compromised in various data breaches (remember that in recent years, such incidents made the company MySpace, Adobe, LinkedIn, Dropbox, Yahoo and many others).

  • Created a system that will protect the business from common passwords

    Estimated Shape Security, in many industries, including retail, more than 90% of attempts to log in to the online system are somehow connected with the attempts to use other people’s usernames and passwords.

  • The defense Ministry accused the United States in direct support of militants in Syria

    The defense Ministry has revealed evidence supporting the terrorists of the Islamic state (banned in Russia) the US-led international coalition.

  • Fuel Union explained the record increase in gasoline prices

    The head of the Russian fuel Union (RTS) Evgenie Arkusha in an interview with RT said the reasons for the record increase in gasoline prices in Russia.

  • Deputies have made amendments on the recognition of registered as a foreign agent for any foreign media

    Vice-speaker of the state Duma Pyotr Tolstoy told reporters that representatives of all four Duma factions have agreed and amended the law, allowing to classify the foreign media to foreign agents.

  • Walker and Surkov discussed the deployment of peacekeepers in the Donbass

    The special representative of the US state Department in Ukraine Kurt Volker and assistant to the President of Russia Vladislav Surkov held a meeting, discussed the current diplomatic status of the situation in the Donbass.

  • Putin and Erdogan summarized the results of negotiations in Sochi

    The presidents of Russia and Turkey Vladimir Putin and Recep Tayyip Erdogan held talks in Sochi, which lasted a total of more than four hours.

  • Peskov told about the upcoming meeting Surkov and Volker

    The Russian presidential aide Vladislav Surkov and the US special envoy to Ukraine Kurt Volker will discuss the UN peacekeeping mission in the Donbass.

  • Cannon responded to the accusations of may in Russia

    Alexei Pushkov (@Alexey_Pushkov) November 14, 2017, Prime Minister Theresa may on Monday delivered his annual statement on foreign policy, which has accused Russia of meddling in elections in several countries, in violation of international order, the situation of Crimea and involvement in the conflict in the Donbass, as well as cyber espionage and hacking attacks.

  • Gasoline prices in Russia has reached record levels

    The wholesale price of gasoline AI-92 from the beginning of November rose by 2.3% to 42.85 thousand RUB per ton, AI-95 – by 1.7% to 44,99 thousand rubles per ton.

  • USA told about the UN permission to invade Syria

    Pentagon chief James Mattis believes that the UN allowed the United States to enter the territory of Syria.

  • Russian Ambassador to U.S.: Putin’s Statement and trump on Syria is encouraging

    Joint statement on Syria made by the presidents of Russia and USA Vladimir Putin and Donald trump, is encouraging.

  • Disclosed correspondence of the son of trump with WikiLeaks

    The US President’s son Donald trump Jr. has confirmed that he corresponded with representatives of the exposing website WikiLeaks during the election campaign of his father, and published in his Twitter a few messages.

  • Theresa may has accused Russia of threat to world order

    Prime Minister Theresa may has accused Russia of meddling in elections in other countries, generating “fake news” and trying to sow discord in the Western world.

  • The court sent Sechin repeated the summons for questioning by e-mail

    The Zamoskvoretsky court of Moscow has sent an email re agenda the head of “Rosneft” Igor Sechin, told RIA Novosti press-Secretary of the court Emilia Gil.

  • The foreign Ministry of Ukraine outraged by a New York Times article about the Crimea

    The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine stated about its intention to request the correction published by the American newspaper The New York Times editorial, which depicts a map belonging to the Russian Crimea and analyzed the construction of a bridge across the Kerch Strait.

  • Antonov said the situation with RT in the US is an unfriendly step

    Russia’s Ambassador to the U.S. Anatoly Antonov called for the coercion of the TV channel RT America to register as a foreign agent unfriendly step by the United States.

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