Summary November 14, 2017

  • Canada’s Premier kiss Filipino women

    The Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau, who came to the ASEAN summit in Manila, was fascinated by Filipino women entrepreneurs, with a hearty kiss upon their cheeks.

  • Team Moses won the Curling tournament in Edmonton

    The Russian team led by skip Victoria Moiseeva became the winner of the bonspiel, which was held in Edmonton, Canada.

  • Hockey selanne and Kariya included in the Hall of glory of NHL in Toronto

    The former striker of the national team of Finland on hockey Teemu selanne and Paul Kariya canadian inducted into the Hall of fame National hockey League (NHL), which is located in Toronto.

  • The team of Russia suffered their second defeat in the hockey super Series

    Youth national team of Russia on hockey has suffered the second defeat in the super Series against the canadian Junior leagues.

  • Vandals poured paint over a monument to the founder of Canada

    Unknown persons poured red paint on the monument to the first Prime Minister of Canada, John MacDonald, set in one of the parks of Montreal.

  • In the mountains of Canada killed a famous French skier

    In the mountains of Canada during a workout died a famous French skier David Poisson.

  • American taxi service Lyft comes to the canadian market

    American taxi service Lyft, which is the main competitor of Uber in the U.S., will begin in December to provide its services in Toronto (Canada) — for the first time outside the States.

  • In Canada, the woman noticed the interception black helicopter

    A woman from the canadian province of Alberta told the researchers about the incident in 2010, She then noticed the interception of a black helicopter, and then a similar event took place recently in Los Angeles, and was filmed on video.

  • Mkhitaryan shirt sold in Canada for twenty thousand dollars

    During the dinner, the auction of t-shirt midfielder of the Armenian national team and Manchester United Henrikh Mkhitaryan, which I bought for 20 thousand dollars.

  • Russia starts consultations with Canada, Denmark and the United States on the continental shelf in the Arctic

    Russia in 2015 has submitted to the UN a revised application for the expansion of the boundaries of its continental shelf in the Arctic by joining the submarine Lomonosov ridge, which stretches in the direction of the North pole, and others.

  • A new virus is infecting computers via a Word document

    Cybersecurity experts told about a new virus that can infect the device without macros.

  • Astronomers from the Moscow state University have uncovered one of the secrets of the birth of white dwarfs

    Astrophysicists from Russia and Italy revealed the mysterious nature of the binary system HD 49798 in the constellation of the Stern, proving that one of its inhabitants is a young white dwarf, whose matter is compressed gradually, and not a neutron star, as believed by some scientists.

  • Indian authorities unblocked access to “contact”

    The Ministry of electronics and information technology of India was allowed to unblock access to the social network “In contact”, said “RIA Novosti” in the Ministry.

  • “Roskosmos” since 2018 will again be sent to the ISS for three people

    “Roskosmos” since 2018 will again be sent to the ISS a crew of three. On Tuesday he told the state Corporation.

  • Apple may release three new smartphone based on iPhone X

    Three new smartphone based on iPhone X can produce Apple in 2018.

  • The Superjet will be more secure because of the control system

    Technical ground structure will be obtaining timely information about the liquidation of certain failures on the Board.

  • The Federal space Agency will launch into orbit five satellites sensing

    State Corporation “Roscosmos” plans to launch five new satellites sensing of the Earth by 2025, reports “RT”.

  • Experts Dr. Web found a virus in Google Play apps

    The Specialists Of Dr. Web found in Google Play apps with a built-in virus Trojan Android.

  • “Hubble” made a unique snapshot of the “one-armed” galaxy

    The telescope “Hubble” photographed a rare galaxy NGC 4625, which has only one spiral arm instead of four or two.

  • IPhone X have discovered a new defect

    IPhone users X found a new defect. Write about this “RIA Novosti” with reference to

  • The lack of sunspots has surprised astrophysicists

    The number of sunspots is considered to be the main characteristic of the activity level of the star. This parameter is measured by the solar cycle.

  • The satellite of Neptune ufologists saw the remains of a dinosaur

    Ufologists saw in the picture of Triton, satellite of Neptune, the outlines of the remains of a dinosaur. These observations they shared with the public.

  • In the United States successfully tested the Dream Chaser spaceplane

    Company Sierra Nevada announced that cargo spaceship Dream Chaser test flight performed in the scheduling mode 11 November, reports Engadget.

  • Day after tomorrow: earthlings predicted the imminent end of the world

    Earth has predicted another “end of the world”. According to experts, our planet will be plunged into darkness in the coming days, Western media reported.

    • Переведено сервисом «Яндекс.Перевод»