Summary November 13, 2017

  • Russia in 2018 will begin consultations on the accessory shelf of the Arctic

    Scientific discussions with representatives of Canada, Denmark, USA and Norway over the ownership of underwater tectonic structures of the Arctic ocean to the Arctic shelf will begin in 2018, said the Deputy Director in a geological direction of Institute of Oceanology Shirshov Russian Academy of Sciences Leopold Lobkovsky.

  • Vandals poured paint over a monument to the founder of Canada

    Unknown persons poured red paint on the monument to the first Prime Minister of Canada, John MacDonald, set in one of the parks of Montreal.

  • Team Moses won the Curling tournament in Edmonton

    The Russian team led by skip Victoria Moiseeva became the winner of the bonspiel, which was held in Edmonton, Canada.

  • “Buffalo” without Antipina lost to “Montreal”

    “Montreal” on the ice beat “Buffalo” with the score 2:1 () in the match of the regular championship of NHL. “Blades” I lost the second game in a row.

  • On canadian radio was allowed to say the word fuck

    Canadian Council on broadcasting standards (CBSC) were allowed to use the word fuck broadcast of French-speaking radio stations of the country, reports The Guardian.

  • The Ministry of transport of Canada was allowed to carry on Board the plane small knives

    According to TASS, the new rule does not apply to flights from Canada to the United States, as the two countries signed a special security agreement.

  • Residents of Toronto transferred $340 000 cryptomaterial

    Residents of Toronto were subjected to intimidation and extortion, and thousands of dollars were assigned to kriptosistema, told broadcaster CBC.

  • Team Finland won the Karjala Cup

    Team Finland defeated team Canada and won the Karjala Cup. The meeting ended with the score 4:3.

  • The Prime Minister of Canada emerged from the APEC summit under the cheers of journalists

    The cheers of women and girls-volunteers were accompanied by Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau at the output of the APEC summit, media reported.

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