Summary May 19, 2017 in the world

  • The Italian two days ago was locked in the apartment and throws furniture at passers-by

    Ursini locked himself in his apartment two days ago. Heavy objects from the balcony, a Calabrian, began to drop on Thursday in the afternoon. In addition, the man threatened to open fire on passers-by, and then to commit suicide.

  • In the Swedish Prosecutor’s office reported about a possible resumption of the case Assange

    “The investigation can be resumed if Julian Assange will be in Sweden in the period up to 2020, when the deadline for prescription of the offence with which he is suspected,” said attorney Mariann Nude on Friday at a press conference in Stockholm in connection with the closing of the case against Assange of rape, in which he is suspected, and the cancellation of warrants for his arrest.

  • Province in Norway you can call Mordor

    As a result among the residents of the Norwegian Internet voting on the new name of the province resulting from the merger of the Norwegian counties Troms and Finnmark, the winner turned out to be Mordor. This name scored 65 percent of the vote. About it reports the edition iTromso.

  • Scientists have found that a slow Internet is injurious to health

    Slow Internet affects a person’s about the same as watching a horror movie or a tiring jog. Scientists have concluded that poor Internet causes stress and can cause disturbances in the psyche.

  • Ran over pedestrians in new York, the driver was charged with

    The driver ran over pedestrians in the center of new York, was charged with second-degree murder, reports channel ABC, citing city police. The incident occurred around noon Thursday on the square in times square.

  • Named the date of the first flight between Japan and the Southern Kurils

    The first flight between Japan and the Southern Kurils is scheduled for June 18. This writes TASS, citing the Japanese newspaper Yomiur. Japanese former residents of the Islands, will visit Iturup and Kunashir, to visit the graves of their ancestors.

  • In the US, two women and a child fell from the Ferris wheel

    Two women and 7-year-old child was injured after falling from Ferris wheel in Port Townsend in the us state of Washington, according to radio station KGW. All three were at the height of about 4.6 meters, when the Cabinet is turned over. People fell to the ground with a metallic coating.

  • Fire at Google in California injured three people

    Three people were injured during the annual conference of Google in California. On it informs Agency Associated Press. According to media reports, one of the injured is in serious condition and two in satisfactory.

  • USA will find out information about the victims in the strike in Syria

    The U.S. Central command to clarify the number of victims committed by a coalition strike on Pro-government forces in Syria. It is reported RIA Novosti with reference to the official representative of the division Josh Jakes.

  • The Greek Parliament approved new austerity measures

    The Greek Parliament voted for a package of new austerity measures, the adoption of which is required by international creditors, reports BBC News. The bill was supported by 153 deputies out of 300. For approval of such documents in Greece is quite simple majority of votes.

  • Unnamed painting by Basquiat was sold for $110,5 million

    Untitled painting American neoekspressionista of Jean-Michel Basquiat sold at auction of contemporary art Sotheby’s for 110,5 million dollars. This amount was a record sales price of the artist’s works.

  • The government of Japan approved the law about the abdication of the Emperor

    The government of Japan has approved a bill allowing 83-year-old Emperor Akihito in life to abdicate. While Hrizantemovym the throne would go to his heir, crown Prince Naruhito. Now, however, the draft law will be submitted to the Parliament of Japan.

  • Trump believes “pain” appointment of spectracolor in Russia

    The President of the United States Donald trump upset over the appointment of ex-FBI Director Robert Mueller spectaculorum to investigate the alleged involvement of Russia in the U.S. presidential election.

  • Ex-wife trump took a selfie at the scene in new York

    The former wife of US President Donald trump, actress Marla maple was photographed in the heart of new York city, where the 26-year veteran of the U.S. Navy entered the crowd of people. Maple posted a selfie to Instagram. Some time later the photo was removed, but the media managed to make a copy.

  • Ran over a crowd in new York the driver “heard voices”

    Crashed into a crowd of pedestrians in the heart of new York city, the American military was not a terrorist. Most likely, he suffers from mental disorders. After the arrest of 26-year-old former employee of the U.S. Navy Richard Rojas shouted that he heard voices.

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