Summary May 19, 2017 in Canada

Summary May 19, 2017 in Canada

  • Russia warned Canada from the adoption of the “Magnitsky act”

    The adoption of the “Magnitsky act” can greatly complicate economic relations of Canada with Russia. So the Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation commented on the plans of the leadership of Canada to adopt its own version of the American “Act on the rule of law and accountability name of Sergei Magnitsky”.

  • Canadian hockey player fears the destruction of his team in the match with Russia

    Canadian hockey players ahead of the semifinal match of the ice hockey world championship against Russia have great concerns, as evidenced by the word striker “maple leaf” Matt Dushane.

  • Canada may adopt its own equivalent of the Magnitsky act

    Freeland noted that if it adopted the canadian version of the Magnitsky act sanctions be introduced for violations of human rights and corruption in other countries, reports Reuters.

  • VEB could be a party to the transaction partner, trump’s business – WSJ

    The company, as suggested by the participants in the investigation could invest in construction funds, raising them from the sale in 2010 of a stake in Zaporizhstal. According to the newspaper, the buyer of shares in the amount of $850 million could be the account associated with the Russian government. According to them, the transaction initiated on the web.

  • Became known start time of the semifinal world Cup 2017

    Determined the start time for the semifinals of the ice hockey world championship 2017. Semi-finals will take place on may 20.

  • Ambassador: the Senate of Canada approved a free trade agreement with Ukraine

    “The great Ukrainian day in Canada continues: the Senate just voted for the ratification of the Agreement on free trade with Ukraine”, – he wrote. He also noted that the completion of the ratification “were only the signature of the Governor-General of Canada”.

  • Distrust of outsiders explained the flip side of community rituals

    During the experiments, the researchers found that no matter what community people do not consciously turned, whether subcultural, religious or any other community, who, following the community of interests are supported by certain rituals, it is a negative attitude, in which case it tends to progress.

  • “Pittsburgh” lost “Ottawa” in the semifinal series of the NHL

    In the third match of the semifinal series of playoffs of the National hockey League “Pittsburgh” lost “Ottawa” in the away match with the score 5:1.

  • Yatsenyuk in Canada has accused Russia of international crimes

    Former Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk in the canadian capital of Ottawa, said that Russia committed an international crime.

  • The arsonist mosque for a long time said goodbye to freedom

    As a result of Islamophobia was sentenced to 25 months in prison, reports IslamNews with reference to the CBC. Judge March Sisolak considered that the arguments of the Prosecutor are well founded, and also included a sentence of 3 years probation after serving the first part of the sentence.

  • In Canada have created a jar of beer, which can change color

    For example, at room temperature, the Bank has a light blue color and cool grey. Exposed to bright light banks are very bright and are painted in orange, red, gold colors. Sell new colorful cans of beer will begin in Canada volumes 355 and 473 ml.

  • Canadian beavers built a giant dam, visible from space

    Canadian scientists saw in the pictures of the earth’s surface from space, a vast wasteland at a distance of not less than 80 km from the nearest human habitation, which was located in a wooded area. Experts have found that the trees had been felled beavers who built the dam.

  • WADA acknowledged that the report of McLaren not enough evidence

    As it turned out, in the Commission’s report Richard McLaren, not quite everything is the absolute truth. In the sense that some cases do not have sufficient evidence of guilt.

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