Summary May 18, 2017 in the world

  • A Polish company requires the EC to fine “Gazprom”

    Polish PGNiG requires the European Commission to fine “Gazprom” for violation of Antimonopoly legislation and to create competitive conditions on the gas market, said CEO Peter Wozniak during a press conference on the case of an application for antitrust investigation against “Gazprom”.

  • In Turkey in the accident were 16 Ukrainians, two hospitalized

    Sixteen Ukrainian tourists were in the bus that got in an accident in Turkey, two of them were hospitalized, the threats to their life there, told RIA Novosti on Thursday, the office for culture and information of the Turkish Embassy in Ukraine.

  • On 53-m to year of life has died the lead singer of Soundgarden Chris Cornell

    At the age of 52 years died, Chris Cornell is an outstanding vocalist, soloist and founder of the band Soundgarden, and one of the best voices of the era of grunge. On the death of the musician may 18, we learned from Fox News. According to the Associated Press, representatives of Cornell called his death a sudden and unexpected.

  • Kosachev stated that the United States is more important than the fight against Assad than against terror

    The Chairman of the Federation Council Committee on international Affairs Konstantin Kosachev stated that the United States fight against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is more important than the confrontation of terror.

  • China has announced a new hydrocarbon revolution

    Chinese oil companies first in the world produced from the bottom of the South China sea “combustible ice” the natural gas hydrate. On Thursday, may 18, reported China Central television, citing the Ministry of land and resources of China.

  • Richest people in the world the day lost $ 35 billion

    Billionaires out of top 500 richest people in the world on Wednesday, may 17, lost a total of $ 35 billion. This was due to a sharp fall of stock indices in major markets caused by the scandal around the US President Donald trump, said on Thursday, may 18, Bloomberg.

  • The Embassy of Turkey accused the Kurds of provocations and violence, in Washington

    The conflict was the result of provocation on the part of the representatives of the Kurdistan workers ‘ party (PKK), said in comments released by the Turkish Embassy.

  • The DPRK owes Germany €10 million for tax evasion

    The German authorities demand that North Korea pay off debts in the amount of 10 million euros. As reported by broadcaster NDR and WDR, the DPRK for 13 years, passed one of the buildings of its Embassy in rent under the hotel and Convention center, with taxes to the German Treasury were not paid.

  • USA decided to impose a ban on the transportation of laptops in the cabin

    Earlier a press-the Secretary of the U.S. Department of homeland security David LAPAN said that U.S. authorities are considering the introduction of a ban on the transportation of laptops in the cabin from Europe.

  • A diamond in the shape of a heart sold for $ 15 million at auction in Geneva

    Necklace with diamond in 92 carats was sold for almost $ 15 million at auction Geneva trading house Christie’s, reports AFP. A piece of jewelry is a pearl necklace in the center of which is the white jewel in the shape of a heart.

  • The king of the Netherlands secretly works as a pilot in one of the airlines

    The king of the Netherlands admitted that in secret works as a pilot of a passenger flight. According to him, a few years ago, he got a flight license. Willem-Alexander noted that the first time he took to the skies as a co-pilot in August 2013.

  • British nanny officially changed her name to Mary Poppins

    42-year-old a registered nurse from the UK Emma Davenport officially changed her name to Mary Poppins. named after the famous heroine books writer Pamela Travers .

  • The U.S. Congress passed a bill on sanctions against allies of Syria

    The lower house of us Congress Wednesday passed a bill that, if approved in the Senate, would oblige the US President to impose sanctions against allies of the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, reports The Hill.

  • Canada supported the introduction of sanctions against Russian officials

    The canadian authorities intend to support the opposition prepared a draft law similar to the American “Magnitsky act”. According to the document, the country will be able to impose sanctions against Russia and Russian officials for human rights violations.

  • In the United States appointed spectracolor in Russia

    Commenting on the introduction of the post of spectacular in Russia, trump said: “the Investigation will confirm what is already known: there is no collusion between the parties to my campaign and any foreign organization was not.”

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