Summary May 18, 2017 in Canada

Summary May 18, 2017 in Canada

  • The Canadians had the fastest electric kart

    The Canadians had the fastest electric kart

    According to representatives of the brand, the model will be the fastest in the world: the calculated time for acceleration to 100 kilometers per hour is 1.5 seconds. However, testing had not been conducted. In the movement of the card causes motor and 12 turbogenerators.

  • WADA noted the progress in the issue of restoration of membership RUSADA

    WADA noted the progress in the issue of restoration of membership RUSADA

    The head of the world anti-doping Agency Craig reedy stated that Russia has done a good job in restoring RUSADA in the organization. Reedy added that the decision to restore the membership of the Russian anti-doping organizations will be accepted on may 18, reports TASS.

  • Canada supported the introduction of sanctions against Russian officials

    The canadian authorities intend to support the opposition prepared a draft law similar to the American “Magnitsky act”. According to the document, the country will be able to impose sanctions against Russia and Russian officials for human rights violations.

  • “Ottawa” took the lead in the series with “Pittsburgh”

    “Ottawa” has come forward in a series of the Eastern conference finals of the NHL “Pittsburgh”. In the third match of the “senators” of the house confidently won with the account 5:1. In the previous two games, opponents, recall, won once.

  • VEB could be a party to the transaction partner, trump’s business – WSJ

    The company, as suggested by the participants in the investigation could invest in construction funds, raising them from the sale in 2010 of a stake in Zaporizhstal. According to the newspaper, the buyer of shares in the amount of $850 million could be the account associated with the Russian government. According to them, the transaction initiated on the web.

  • A brace of Marner helped team Canada beat Finland at the world hockey Championships

    In the match of group round of the world hockey championship in the elite division, team Canada defeated the team of Finland with the score 5:2. Scoring twice in the winning team were scored by Mitch Marner. In addition, once you hit the gate Harry Sateri managed Brayden Point, Colton Parayko and Matt DuChene.

  • Team Canada hockey came early in the playoffs of the world Cup

    The Canadians defeated the Norwegians with a score 5:0. They scored 16 points, which allowed for the tour before the end of the group stage to ensure qualification.

  • Anderson: “Ottawa” will study the video, there are enough cuts

    The goalkeeper of “Ottawa senators” Craig Anderson has shared his impressions of the game with “Pittsburgh penguins” (0:1, 1-1 in the series).

  • Colton Parayko: “it is Important that Canada played all 60 minutes”

    Defender of Canada Colton Parayko after the victory in the match of world hockey championship-2017 over Norway (5:0) noted that his team was able to show the maximum commitment.

  • Canada issued a postage stamp in honor of the Formula 1

    This year Canada celebrates the 50th anniversary of the national Grand Prix of Formula 1 in 1967 on the track Mosport was the first race, which was won by Jack Brabham. Canada post announced the release of a special edition of postage stamps dedicated to this event.

  • Roskoshestvo warns of the danger of carrier backpacks for children

    Roskoshestvo not recommend parents to use the back carrier the Poco, Poco Plus and Poco Premium because of the risk of loss of his child, marked on the official website of the Department. This was reported by “Russian planet”.

  • Heat increases the risk of diabetes during pregnancy

    According to experts, if the woman’s pregnancy coincided with the cold season, the risk of illness did not exceed 4.6 percent. However, women who bears a child in hot periods, were exposed to 7.7 percent.

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