Summary May 17, 2018

  • The new head of Catalonia refused to swear allegiance to the king of Spain

    The Catalan Parliament 14 may approved one of the most radical representatives of the movement for the independence of the Deputy from the party “Together for Catalonia” Kim Torr head of the Catalan government.

  • The source spoke about the EU’s proposal for the abolition of new fees USA

    The European Commission has proposed to increase the supply in the member countries of the community of the liquefied gas from the United States with the expansion of appropriate infrastructure, reported RIA Novosti diplomatic source in Brussels.

  • May announced about the readiness of Britain to leave the EU customs Union

    Previously, the newspaper The Telegraph wrote that British authorities intend to inform Europe about the willingness to remain a member of the customs Union of the EU after 2021 under the agreement on Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union.

  • The foreign Ministry of Canada has condemned the opening of the Crimean bridge

    Canada condemned the construction and partial opening of the Crimean bridge. This is stated on the website of the foreign Ministry.

  • The EEC and the PRC signed an agreement on trade and economic cooperation

    The agreement between the Eurasian economic Union (EEU) and China on trade and economic cooperation signed during the Astana economic forum.

  • In the most distant galaxy found oxygen

    Traces of oxygen found in the galaxy MACS1149-JD1, located 13.28 billion light years from Earth.

  • Seven people were killed in a road accident with a minibus in China

    At least seven people were killed in the accident involving a minibus in the province of Jilin in northeast China.

  • US urges DPRK to eliminate its nuclear warheads and missiles

    Previously the website wrote about the fact that North Korea promised to cancel the bilateral talks with the United States in case Washington will continue to make demands on its nuclear program.

  • “SpaceX Chinese” launched the first rocket

    In China, a private company launched their own rocket, according to Reuters.

  • Chief sanitary doctor of the United States aboard the plane saved the man

    Chief sanitary doctor USA Jerome Adams was not confused and has provided urgent medical assistance to a passenger airliner during the flight.

  • Mueller will not be able to press charges against trump

    The special Prosecutor’s group Robert Mueller told the White house that can not make accusations against Donald trump, no matter what evidence is collected against him during the so-called “Russian investigation”, said the lawyer of the President Rudolph Giuliani.

  • The US imposed sanctions against three members of Hezbollah and militants IG

    The US imposed sanctions against three people alleged to be connected with the Lebanese movement “Hezbollah”.

  • Six Middle East countries have imposed sanctions against the leaders of “Hezbollah”

    Middle Eastern countries have imposed on Wednesday sanctions against the leaders of the political movement “Hezbollah”, and against those who provide support to the organization.

  • Three Florida residents sentenced to prison for helping ISIS

    Three Florida residents were sentenced to various terms of imprisonment for attempting to provide material support to Islamic state (ISIS, a group banned in Russia), according to the U.S. justice Department.

  • The media reported the receipt of intelligence of the German “Newbie” in the early 1990s

    The German intelligence service in the early 1990s received from one of serenitynow sample nerve agents “Novice”, the newspaper Zeit.

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