Summary May 17, 2017 in the internet

Summary May 17, 2017 in the internet

  • Prince Aga Khan has opened in Canada, the Global centre for pluralism

    The spiritual leader of the Ismaili Prince Aga Khan discovered in Canada, the Global centre for pluralism, the press service of the AKDN. The official opening of an independent charitable organization took place in Ottawa. The ceremony was attended by Prince Aga Khan and Governor General of Canada David Johnston.

  • The winners of the Grand Prix of Canada depicted on postage stamps

    On stamps are presented the images of Michael Schumacher, Ayrton Senna, Gilles Villeneuve, Jackie Stewart and Lewis Hamilton.

  • In Canada, the thief ripped the face of the asphalt, running away with the loot

    Typing full cart, the woman tried to run out without paying for the merchandise. Alas, while trying to escape she could not resist and fell on the pavement. A failed thief smashed my face and was forced to flee, leaving the stolen products.

  • The booth of “Moscow transport” presented at the world summit in Canada

    At the world summit in Canada, held in Montreal from 15 to 17 may, presented a stand of “Moscow transport”. Any visitor of the exhibition can be transported to the capital of Russia by means of three-dimensional points.

  • Published videotest the fastest in the world electric chart

    Canadian company Daymak has shown the fastest electrocat in the world.

  • In the middle of this week in the region expected warming

    Tomorrow afternoon the thermometer, according to the meteorologists, will rise to +14.

  • Team Canada defeated the Finns at the world hockey Championships

    Team Canada hockey victory over team Finland in the final group stage match of the world Cup 2017, reports “R-Sport”. The meeting, which was held on Tuesday in Paris, ended with the score 5:2 in favor of North Americans.

  • The German team confidently beat Italy at the world Cup in 2017

    The German national team won a landslide victory over Italy in the group stage match of the world hockey championship of 2017. The meeting was held at “LANXESS Arena” in Cologne, ended with the score 4:1.

  • Canada was not allowed Finns to Russia

    By the way, at the end of our meeting determined opponents of team Russia in the quarterfinals of the tournament. If the Finns don’t win in regulation time, the Russians in the 1/4 finals will play against the Czechs, if it happens, will fight “Red car” from the Finland.

  • The live broadcast of the ice hockey world Championship: Canada — Finland

    Moscow, may 16 — Today, as part of the ice hockey world Championship will battle some of the strongest teams in the sport.

  • Colton Parayko: “it is Important that Canada played all 60 minutes”

    Defender of Canada Colton Parayko after the victory in the match of world hockey championship-2017 over Norway (5:0) noted that his team was able to show the maximum commitment.

  • In St. Petersburg will host a festival of tulips

    27 and 28 may in the Palace part of the Park will install several music and theater venues, which will be presented to such of the era, like Baroque, Rococo, classicism, Empire and art Nouveau. And those who come to the Park in historical costume will get in for free.

  • Service Mail.Ru suggested the Ukrainians options to bypass the blocking of social networks

    Company Mail.Ru Group, which owns the social network “Vkontakte” and “Classmates”, the Ukrainians sent instructions on how to use its services to bypass the lock access.

  • Bloomberg: Apple will unveil in June three new laptop models

    Apple in early June, will present at the annual technology conference in San Jose three new models of laptop. Apple to unveil new lineup of laptops at the annual technology conference in San Jose, which will be held from 5 to 9 June.

  • Apple has patented a unique box for pizza

    In the development of corporate container for pizza by the President of the food service company Francesco Longoni. An unusual box from Apple is designed for use inside the campuses of the firm. It is noted that staff are often able to bring pizza from the dining room to his office.

  • The scientists said that early on Mars it rained

    American researchers have shown that earlier on Mars there were heavy rains. In the result of conducting some research experts have found that before the Red planet had almost the same atmosphere as Earth, but the atmospheric pressure on Mars was four times above the earth.

  • Scientists found in the system of Proxima Centauri, a planet suitable for life

    In Proxima Centauri, one of the nearest stars to the Solar System is the planet b.Scientists, are part of an international group of astrophysicists and meteorologists found out that the planet b system Proxima Centauri may be suitable for human life.

  • Tesla will not cooperate with Uber in the field of unmanned vehicles

    According to published information, offer of cooperation came from the Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, who appealed to the head of Tesla Elon musk, asking them to combine production facilities to create a series of unmanned vehicles.

  • The mystery of the white flashes on the Earth, recorded by NASA, revealed

    A NASA satellite was able to catch the white flashes on the surface of the Earth, which have caused scientists from around the world with serious suspicion. Mysterious white spots on the photos, which made the probe from space, not a little puzzled the experts of the Agency. But the solution was quite simple.

  • NASA has the Cassini shadow of Saturn on its rings

    Researchers, governing the work of the Cassini spacecraft, has published a new batch of photos the shadows emanating from the rings of Saturn.

  • Scientists have built a model of catastrophes on Earth in a billion years

    Experts have painted a model of destruction of the planet for a billion years. For example, according to the researchers, in eight thousand years on Earth may experience a system failure that will be associated with five-digit-year dates.

  • Visa connect card 8 Russian banks Android Pay

    Currently a full launch of the payment service has not yet been conducted, so its use impossible. About when the clients of the aforementioned banks will have the opportunity to make payments via Android Pay will be announced at a later date.

  • On orbit brought the satellite to ensure the aircraft Wi-Fi

    American company SpaceX launched a Falcon 9 with the communications satellite Inmarsat-5 F4 on Board, which should provide Wi-Fi to passengers of aircraft and ships. The spacecraft was successfully launched into orbit.

  • In Russia started selling the Nokia 3310

    In Russia, the novelty is 3990 rubles and is available in four colors – red, yellow, blue and gray. Initially, the Nokia 3310 was released in 2000, this phone has a long battery life and durability.

  • After updating to Instagram introduces new features

    Instagram is gradually updating its service with new features that has gained popularity in other social networks. Among the innovations noted mask Stories, a rewind function and a color eraser.

  • NASA astronauts gathered on the ISS, the first harvest of cabbage

    For cultivation was selected cabbage “Tokyo ride”, as it is considered low-maintenance plant. Note that this experience of growing plants in space is not a debut. Earlier, the astronauts managed to grow a full salad and even some flowers.

  • Telegram promised not to disclose the data security services

    The administration of Telegram messenger promises not to give out user data to the intelligence services of the countries of the world. According to the representative of the messenger, “no government or specslujbi the world and not have bits of information”. “Always will be”, – said the representative of the service in conversation with Rambler News Service.

  • Hackers stole data 560 million users

    A well-known company Kromtech Security Center, which specializiruetsya for information security, officially announced that professional hackers were able to access data 560 million global users of the Internet.

  • Yandex has launched video ads with visible impressions

    Measurement and control the visibility of the display will be possible only on the websites of Yandex and on partner sites of Yandex advertising network that uses standard JavaScript VPAID, which provides two-way communication between video player and ad networks.

  • told the Ukrainians how to bypass the lock

    Caught subject to prohibitive sanctions, the Russian Internet company sent out the messages to users with instructions, detailing how to bypass the blocking of websites.

  • WannaCry sweeping the planet: virus infected computers 99 countries

    The information security specialist from the UK randomly managed to neutralize the world-acclaimed virus WannaCry. Banks, hospitals, communication companies and infrastructure, government institutions, etc. suffered from the harmful programs, which blocks the operation of their computers.

  • RUSADA came up with an application for athletes to distinguish doping from approved drugs tested the new from RUSADA. The app “anti Doping PRO” is available for download in the AppStore and GooglePlay.

  • Google launches cloud service data management for the Internet of things

    Google Cloud IoT Core will help companies to manage all these devices and data. Earlier a similar service was launched by Microsoft: Microsoft was presented FOR, which will help entrepreneurs to work with IoT without the development of technology from scratch.

  • The expert explained how to protect a computer from new virus WannaCry

    WannaCry the virus continues to attack the computers worldwide, zashifrovat operational data and requiring you to send the cyber criminals money for the unlock, and have already reached Central Asia, hitting a few dozen computers.

  • Virus WannaCry could hit computers in Tatarstan

    Virus WannaCry, which became one of the major global topics of the last days have been noted in Tatarstan. WannaCry could hit the computers of the Republican interior Ministry reports citing its own sources.

  • The third day of cyber attacks: 150 countries have become victims of

    It is clear only that the victims device on Windows operating system. If you believe the experts, over the next days the victims of malware can become about a million computers.

  • Experts told how to protect computer from virus WannaCry

    In Russia, as in many countries of the world virus “cry” has infected several hundred thousand computers, both personal computers and banks, hospitals and government agencies. However, there are ways to fight the virus WannaCry.

  • Virus attacks repulsed

    I bypassed this virus and Russia — the attack targeted the computers of many large companies and government agencies.

  • NATO commented on the ban on Russian social networks in Ukraine

    NATO said that the decree of the Ukrainian authorities to ban the Russian sites is a safety issue, not freedom of speech. Also, the Alliance recalled that he was working with Ukraine to strengthen its reforms, including on issues of democracy, rule of law and respect for human rights.

  • “Let’s go for a third Maidan”: the reaction of social networks to block Yandex and Vkontakte in Ukraine

    Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has signed the decree about the next expansion of sanctions against Russia. This time, under the restrictions were Russian companies Mail.Ru and Yandex, as well as the popular social network “Vkontakte” and “Classmates”. The reaction of Internet users has not kept itself waiting long.

  • Google I/O 2017: expected announcement of Android and not only

    In mountain view will begin its annual conference Google I/O. the Greenbot Website has listed the expected topic. One of the main is expected to become Android O, the new version of Google mobile OS, while is available in evaluation version for developers.

  • “ALTEKS-Soft” suggested ways to counter WannaCrypt

    According to experts “ALTEKS-Soft”, there is a probability that the specified update is not installed on all computers, even when connected to Microsoft updates, especially if you are using legacy support operating system.

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