Summary May 16, 2017 in the world

  • In Greece, journalists and seamen went on strike

    Greece on Tuesday without news, and without the ferry — journalists of public and private media carry out 24-hour front Desk, and the sailors — a 48-hour strike in protest against new austerity measures.

  • The actress from “sin City” have found a home in Venice, the corpse of a cousin

    38-year-old American actress and singer Rosario Dawson was discovered at his home in Venice, the corpse of his 26-year-old cousin, Vaness INES Vasquez.

  • In Geneva started negotiations on Syria

    Started in Geneva sixth round of negotiations on the Syrian settlement, the delegation of the Syrian government, headed by the permanent representative of the country to the UN Bashar al-Jaafari has arrived in Geneva the UN office for the meeting with the special envoy of the organization for Syria, Staffan de Mistura, the correspondent of RIA Novosti.

  • Russia for the month increased its investments in US bonds for $13.5 billion

    Russian investments in us government bonds for March 2017 increased by $13.5 billion — thus, their total volume reached $99,8 billion this is evidenced by the data published by the U.S. Treasury. In previous months Russian investments grew much less significantly.

  • “Seated woman in a blue dress” by Pablo Picasso sold for $45 million

    The painting is Pablo Picasso’s Femme assise, robe bleue (“Seated woman in a blue dress”) was sold at auction for $45 million.

  • Washington Post accidentally published the personal number of the head of the Pentagon

    Edition of the Washington Post accidentally published the personal phone number of the Pentagon James Mattis, said “”. In the newspaper there was a picture with Donald trump and his bodyguard Keith Schiller, holding several sheets of paper.

  • In Japan, rescuers found all the people from the crashed military plane

    The plane LR-2 air-defense forces of Japan crashed in Hokkaido the day before. Its wreckage was found near the dam in the city Assabu in the South of the island. On Tuesday morning rescuers were able to locate the part of the fuselage.

  • The founder of Alibaba became the richest man of China

    Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Alibaba Group Jack MA once again became the richest man in China, ahead of his compatriot van Czarina. Its condition Forbes estimated at $30.9 billion Jack MA has lost the title of wealthiest businessman of China in 2015 according to estimates by the WSJ and Bloomberg.

  • In China in the collision of bus and truck killed 12 people

    The accident occurred on the evening of may 15 on the highway in the city of Yingtan in the East. As a result of collision of bus and truck in China killed 12 people. A major accident occurred on Monday evening in the city of Yingtan is located in Jiangxi province.

  • Israel has discovered a new variant of a dangerous virus WannaCry

    The Israeli company Check Point Software Technologies discovered a new version of the virus WannaCry. He previously infiltrated the computers in 150 countries. Experts on computer security said that for the last few hours, “watched every second attack” of the new virus.

  • The satellite to ensure the aircraft Wi-Fi put into orbit

    Booster Falcon 9 with the communications satellite Inmarsat-5 F4 on Board has launched an American company SpaceX. The satellite will provide wireless Internet access via Wi-Fi to passengers of aircraft and ships.

  • Deripaska filed against the Associated Press libel suit

    Russian businessman Oleg Deripaska on Monday filed a lawsuit against the American news Agency Associated Press (AP), accusing him of libel, said Tuesday the Agency itself.

  • Hillary Clinton announced the creation of a new political organization

    Former U.S. Secretary of state Hillary Clinton announced the creation of a new political organization, which was titled “Forward together.” According to Clinton, its purpose is to support political candidates and human rights associations.

  • Him and Merkel discussed the reform of the European Union

    German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the newly elected President of France Emmanuel macron discussed possible reform of the European Union, which aims to strengthen it. “First we have to define what we want to change, and if it turns out that it is necessary to change the documents, we are ready to do it,” said the Chancellor.

  • A passenger plane crashed during landing in new Jersey

    The plane crashed in new Jersey at the time of planting. The incident occurred at Teterboro airport, according to ABC News. As noted, as a result of this emergency situation, killing two crew members.

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