Summary May 16, 2017 in hi-tech

Summary May 16, 2017 in hi-tech

  • Moscow will study the experience of Montreal for the introduction of electric buses

    Technology and experience in the use of electric transport the city authorities intend to study on the example of the canadian metropolis, said Maxim Liksutov. By 2025, the montréal plans to switch to electric and hybrid buses.

  • The Canadians built the world’s fastest of electrocast

    Canadian company Daymak has introduced electric cards called C5 Blast, which the manufacturer hopes will become the fastest in the world. The estimated acceleration time from zero to 96 kilometers per hour it is 1.5 seconds.

  • In Canada dead mother gave birth to a child in a coffin

    Residents of Toronto were shocked by the news, which immediately spread throughout the city. During the funeral of the woman who died in a car accident in the coffin the baby was born.

  • Birks began selling mined in Quebec Stornoway diamond

    Stornoway Diamond Corporation announced that Birks Group, a canadian retailer of jewelry and luxury, launched its first sale of diamonds from Quebec in its flagship store in Montreal.

  • Stevenson: I’m the king of the 175 pounds division

    World champion light heavyweight champion under version WBC Adonis Stevenson (28-1, 23 KO) considers himself the best boxer in the weight class of 175 pounds.

  • In Canada, beavers built a dam visible from space

    The dam, built in the canadian woods, has found satellites in space. Strange “bald spot” in the forest was captured in the photo companion. Spot width of 15 meters and stretches almost a kilometre in the woods of Northern Alberta.

  • Team Canada lost to Switzerland at the ice hockey world championship

    Team Canada lost to team Switzerland with the score 2:3 in overtime match of the group stage of the world championship on hockey. The Swiss scored the decisive goal in the fourth minute of overtime.

  • Team Canada hockey came early in the playoffs of the world Cup

    The Canadians defeated the Norwegians with a score 5:0. They scored 16 points, which allowed for the tour before the end of the group stage to ensure qualification.

  • Colton Parayko: “it is Important that Canada played all 60 minutes”

    Defender of Canada Colton Parayko after the victory in the match of world hockey championship-2017 over Norway (5:0) noted that his team was able to show the maximum commitment.

  • The 2017 world Championships. Panarin led the race the best scorers

    The Russian national team forward Artemy Panarin scored 3 (0+3) points in the group stage match of the world Cup against Latvia (5:0). The player of “Chicago” led the race scorers in the tournament with 12 (2+10) points ahead of the canadian Nathan MacKinnon (5+6) and Vadim Shipachev (2+9) 1 point.

  • Toronto police shot and killed walking in the city bear

    Law enforcement officers of Canada shot the bear, which wandered into one of the residential areas of Toronto and I walked in about four hours. That the streets of Toronto walking bear, police said several citizens.

  • Canada defeated the Norwegian minority

    The match is over a Leading group In Canada John Cooper did not leave any chance of the Norwegians in the match, converting four extra player and caught up with scoring in most of the national team of Russia, and was deprived Scandinavians chances of reaching the quarter-finals. Thank you for been with us, and until we meet again.

  • Canada showed the mummy of the deceased 110 million years ago dinosaur

    Researchers from Canada were able to detect the mummy dinosaur that lived on Earth about 110 million years ago. This information became known on the Network. Canadian experts released was found the mummy of a dinosaur.

  • In the United States failed the test of the analogue of the Russian RD-180 engine

    It is reported that the bench tests of the engine BE-4, which is created in USA, by analogy with the Russian RD-180 engine, were unsuccessful, experts lost a set of test equipment for fuel system.

  • Roskomnadzor called information about possible blocking of Telegram rumors

    Press Secretary of Roscomnadzor Vadim Ampelonskiy called rumors information about what the Agency appealed to the administration of Telegram messenger with a demand to provide data for inclusion in the register of the organizers of disseminating information.

  • “Yandex” has begun testing a new service of car sharing

    Geoservices of Yandex has been testing the service for search and choice of nearby machines for a short term rental.

  • Scientists have discovered a giant planet consisting of “foam”

    According to the expert, Joshua pepper, an unusual exoplanet has huge size — it is 40% more than Jupiter (the largest planet in the Solar system — approx. ed.). The mass of the planet is comparable with the density of the foam. The planet of “foam” refer to a class of “hot Jupiters”.

  • The satellite to ensure the aircraft Wi-Fi put into orbit

    Booster Falcon 9 with the communications satellite Inmarsat-5 F4 on Board has launched an American company SpaceX. The satellite will provide wireless Internet access via Wi-Fi to passengers of aircraft and ships.

  • Scientists spoke about global catastrophes of the future

    Scientists have predicted the disasters that await humanity in the next billion years. Scientists, after 50 thousand years, humanity will face a new ice age, and after half a billion years of photosynthesis on Earth would stop and the oceans will dry up due to the greenhouse effect.

  • For the virus-the extortioner, who was struck by not less than one hundred countries and Russia, can stand the North Korean hackers

    Former intelligence officer USA Edward Snowden earlier accused of developing the virus, the Agency of national safety of the country. In the United States believe that these are the special services of other countries.

  • In Canada, beavers built a dam visible from space

    In Canada, beavers built a dam, which can be seen from space. According to scientists, it was located about 80 kilometers t the nearest village. Experts have discovered that in the forests of Northern Alberta with the cosmos is seen a strange spot.

  • Scientists: the meteorite which led to the death of the dinosaurs, fell in the worst of places

    An international group of scientists conducted research in the Gulf of Mexico in the region, which, in their opinion, a meteorite fell. According to them, an asteroid with a diameter of 15 km fell in the shallow water in the formation of gypsum in the Gulf of Mexico.

  • In creating the virus WannaCry suspected hackers from North Korea

    The establishment of “virus-the extortioner” WannaCry that attacked hundreds of thousands of computers around the world, accusing the team of hackers associated with North Korea. This was reported by the Daily Mail, referring to the statements of several experts in the field of information security from Symantec and “Kaspersky Lab”.

  • RuTracker has released an app to bypass the lock Roskomnadzor

    Rutracker published on the Github service application to bypass the lock Roskomnadzor Users report that the program helps to connect with the announcer of the tracker for those who have a “red” deal, if the provider has not blocked the IP of the website, and the announcer.

  • Russian MS-21 aircraft is prepared for flight tests

    As pointed out by the United aircraft Corporation (UAC), preparation for flight tests conducted according to the schedule.

  • Programmer from Thailand created the blocking of the virus-the extortioner Wanna Cry

    Thai programmer Chanwit Keokee, lecturer, Department of computer engineering Technological University Suranari in the province of Nakhon Ratchasima, has developed a program to block the virus-extortionist Wanna Cry.

  • Wipe your tears: the virus WannaCry decreased the activity six times

    The activity of the virus WannaCry fell for the sixth time, according to “Kaspersky Lab”.

  • “Yandex” has commented on the failure of a news aggregator

    Earlier in the work of the aggregator has occurred a short-term failure.

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