Summary May 15, 2018

  • Russia and Sweden will play for first place in group at world hockey Championships

    May 15, the last day of the group stage of the world championship on hockey in group A will meet the leaders – Sweden, and Russia, which will compete for the first place.

  • “Vegas” equalized in the series a playoffs of NHL “Winnipeg”

    From Winnipeg goal was scored by Kyle Connor (48). The account in a series to four victories became equal — 1:1. The third match will be held in Las Vegas on may 16.

  • Team Canada only in overtime beat Latvia at world hockey Championships

    Team Canada defeated the team of Latvia in the match of group stage of the world championship on hockey in Denmark. This was reported by “Soviet sport”.

  • Trump and Trudeau discussed the middle East and the revision of NAFTA

    The US President Donald trump and the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau discussed by telephone the situation in the middle East and American-canadian relations, including the revision of the agreement concerning the North American free trade area (NAFTA).

  • In Canada, the first woman in history to become head of the Church

    The head of the Anglican Church of Canada for the first time in history would be women.

  • Evgeny Medvedev spoke about the tears and “silver” at the Olympics-2018

    The Games were two coach figure skater Eteri Tutberidze – 15-summer Alina Sagitova and 18-year-old Evgenia Medvedeva.

  • Canada agreed to merge two of the largest producer of marijuana

    On the emerging market of production of marijuana in Canada continues to consolidate assets: the deal to merge the two agreed a major player, writes Bloomberg.

  • In the US, Canada and Belgium to 2017, reduced sales of beer

    How to write E-Malt, consumption and beer sales are declining in the U.S., Canada and Belgium.

  • Rainbow benches embroil users because of the homeless

    Network users outraged painted in the colors of LGBT bench which includes dividers, not allowing the homeless to sleep on it.

  • Google loses professionals not wanting to work for the Pentagon

    Google employees started retiring EN masse in protest against cooperation with the Pentagon. It is reported by Gizmodo.

  • Experts have discovered a new gap in the social network Facebook

    The publication New Scientist has organized an independent investigation, which resulted in the information that the data is not less than about three million users of Facebook are free.

  • “Kaspersky lab” will open in Zurich, the “Centre of transparency”

    “Kaspersky lab” until 2019 intends in Switzerland to create the first “transparency Center” that will handle user data and a new program, and the center will check ON.

  • Google shuts its cloud service Drive

    Yesterday, may 14, information appeared about the fact, cloud storage, Google Drive will be closed. Together he will work another Google One.

  • Options lock Telegram Roskomnadzor left — expert

    It is noted that Roskomnadzor will continue to look for ways to negotiate with Apple and Google to remove messenger from their online stores.

  • The Samsung Galaxy S10 fingerprint scanner built right into the display

    Samsung Galaxy S10 will receive a fingerprint scanner built directly into the display.

  • Dangerous virus steals payment data from users of Chrome and Firefox

    Specialists of the company Proofpoint has discovered a new malware Vega Stealer that targets users of Google Chrome and Firefox.

  • Facebook has suspended the operation of about 200 applications from data leakage

    The company Facebook has suspended some 200 applications in the same social network due to their unauthorized access of personal information of users.

  • In the Stavropol region launched a large-scale production of drones

    In the Stavropol region the group of companies “Stilsoft” has launched a new database for the production of security systems and unmanned aerial vehicles.

  • Experts named the best mobile Internet in the subway of St. Petersburg

    “Recently, all the focus that is on the mobile web: to talk to the subway is difficult due to noise, but to look at the screen of your smartphone or tablet — a very common pastime,” explained the results of the study, General Director TelecomDaily Denis Kuskov.

  • “VympelCom” has refused from investments in development of networks 3G and 2G

    The company will give priority to the development of 4G networks, and the existing infrastructure for 2G and 3G networks will be supported, and support costs of 2G networks will be reduced.

  • Kiosks with the “gaps” for porn sites appear in the UK

    Experts advocate the use of a special pass card, which will allow you to confirm your age anonymously.

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