Summary May 14, 2018

  • The Iranian foreign Minister called on to protect international law from the United States

    Earlier the acting Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov has urged to protect the legitimate interests of the Russian side in the nuclear deal on Iran.

  • Legless 69-year-old Chinese climber has conquered mount Everest

    According to Daily Mail, before Smiling Boya the only legless climber who conquered Everest was new Zealander mark Inglis, who made the ascent in 2006.

  • Amputation of the leg helped the British win millions on a TV show

    A UK resident has won 125 thousand pounds (about 10.5 million) due to a leg amputation.

  • In China, the aircraft urgently villages due to broken glass in the cockpit

    Airliner airlines Sichuan Airlines made an emergency landing in Chengdu, in southwest China due to the fact that the cockpit broke the windshield.

  • Five thousand visitors of the music festival were evacuated to Germany

    As reported by RBC with reference to the German media and reports from eyewitnesses in social networks, the festival is postponed due to hit the Lower Saxony storm.

  • Self portrait by Picasso worth $ 70 million injured in the United States

    Before the incident, the painting was exhibited at the auction house Christie’s, the initial cost of the lot was estimated at $ 70 million, reports news Nation News.

  • China will start supplying the largest amphibian aircraft by 2022

    China to 2022 year will begin deliveries to customers of the world’s largest amphibian, informs the Agency “Xinhua” with reference to the chief designer of the aircraft Juan Linza.

  • The PLO on moving the Embassy to Jerusalem: the US fomenting religious war

    Today’s transfer of the Embassy will breathe life into a religious conflict instead of a decent world.

  • Two people were killed in the plane crash in Ireland

    The pilot and child who were on Board died in the plane crash in Ireland.

  • Trump: Iran tried to establish dominance in the middle East

    The US President Donald trump on Twitter said that Iran was trying to establish dominance in the entire Middle East.

  • At the airport in Istanbul has faced two passenger liner

    At the Istanbul airport Ataturk aircraft collided with a South Korean Asiana Airlines and Turkish Airlines.

  • In Germany, the 81-year-old driver hit the group of cyclists

    In the commune Klein Keris (earth Dakhma-Spreewald) 81-year-old driver drove into a group of cyclists, four were seriously injured, police said.

  • USA threatened the EU with sanctions in case of cooperation with Iran

    Advisor to the us President for national security John Bolton stated that the United States can impose sanctions against companies from the EU for cooperation with Iran.

  • In Turkey Russians died, lapsed into a coma after attempting suicide

    Tourist from Yekaterinburg, lapsed into a coma after a suicide attempt in the Turkish resort of Alanya, died in hospital, said the mother of the deceased.

  • The United States promised Kim Jong Ynu security assurances in exchange for disarmament

    USA will provide the DPRK with security guarantees in exchange for nuclear disarmament, said U.S. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo.

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