Summary March 21, 2018

  • The national team of Yamal in the lead at the Arctic winter games gold

    The team of Yamal came in first place in the overall standings by number of gold medals at the ongoing Canada Arctic winter games.

  • The port of Brussels and port of Quebec signed a partnership agreement

    In Montreal (Canada) hosted a ceremony of signing the partnership agreement between the port of Brussels (Belgium) to the port of Quebec (Canada).

  • Canada will send peacekeepers to Mali in the summer of 2018

    The canadian contingent will be stationed in Mali in the summer of 2018.

  • Scientists have learned where the formed interstellar asteroid Omwamwi

    Scientists from Canada came to the conclusion that interstellar asteroid Omwamwi, with high probability, formed in a double star system.

  • “Winnipeg” in overtime beat “Los Angeles”, Connor scored twice

    Both washers in the composition of the winners was scored by striker-signing Kyle Connor.

  • Canada and the United States have made progress in the negotiations on NAFTA

    Canada and the United States have made progress in bilateral talks on the renegotiation of the Agreement on North American free trade area (NAFTA).

  • “Winnipeg” ripped last two teams on the ice.

    “Tampa Bay” – “Toronto”: another fight in the East

  • Team Russia beat the Japanese in world championship Curling

    The Russian women’s team Curling won a victory over the Japanese team with the score 7:4 in the match of the world Cup of Curling, held in Canada.

  • Elistratov continues to collect medals for himself and for Victor Ana

    At the world Championships in Montreal for Elistratova all started almost the same as at the Olympic games with a bronze in the 1500 meters.

  • Toronto beat Orlando in the NBA match

    “The Toronto raptors” won “Orlando magic” in the regular season of the National basketball Association, reports TASS.

  • The defender “Ottawa” Karlsson’s son is dead

    The defender “Ottawa” Erik Karlsson son died. This is the official website of the club.

  • Canadian boxer died after ten months of coma

    Canadian boxer David Whittom died after ten months in a coma, reports TASS.

  • StarCraft was 20 years old. The players I remember the best moments

    During the month, users share the highlights on social networks, adding to the records hashtag #SC20.

  • At Pwn2Own successfully hacked Edge browsers, Safari and Firefox

    Let me remind you that by the end of 2017 Pwn2Own representatives of Trend Micro Zero Day Initiative (ZDI) paid to the participants 833 000 $ 51 a vulnerability has been discovered, and in 2016 the white hat s earned 460,000 $ 21 and found a bug.

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