Summary March 19, 2018

  • The mayor’s office in calgary apologized for the false information on the application for the Olympics 2026

    The city authorities of calgary reported that appeared on the official website of the city information about the financial guarantees from the state and Federal government in question apply to holding Olimpici-2026 is unreliable.

  • Died stand-up comedian Mike McDonald

    Canadian stand-up comedian Mike McDonald passed away at the age of 63 in Ottawa March 17, 2018.

  • Canada will introduce peacekeepers in Mali

    The government of Canada plans to deploy peacekeeping force in Mali, where since 2012 continue fierce armed conflicts.

  • Canadian scientists told about the benefits of healthy obesity

    Explaining his words, scientists talk about how to actually stored fat in the human body.

  • In the U.S. and Canada closed stations on election of the President of Russia

    Closed last areas in the world to vote in the election of the Russian President. They were in the U.S. and Canada.

  • Canadian boxer Wisdom died after a 10-month coma

    10 months ago in a match against Gary Kobasa David wit got knocked out, resulting in the canadian boxer had a brain hemorrhage.

  • Triple-double Westbrook helped “Oklahoma city” win “Toronto”

    The most productive player of the match in the composition of the winners was Russell Westbrook, who triple-double, as he scored 37 points, made 13 rebounds and gave 14 assists.

  • Elistratov and Prosvirnov remained without medals in the all-around at the world Cup

    Canadian Francois Hamelin was the winner of the world championship in the all-around. Women have excelled Choi Min John from Korea.

  • Elistratov won bronze on a distance of 3000 m at the world Cup short track

    Russian short-tremist semen Elistratov became the bronze medalist of the world Cup, at a distance of 3000 m. the Competition is held in Montreal.

  • Two unknown persons have shot the man on the street in Toronto

    Two unknown persons have shot the man on the street in the Western part of Toronto, Canada. About it reports TV channel CBC.

  • Not all teams know how to lose with dignity.

    Montreal losing to Toronto, set a new club record

  • IBM has introduced the smallest computer in the world

    Developers submitted to the experts and guests of the smallest for today computer, which does not exceed the dimensions of the granules of salt.

  • Bloomberg: Apple plans to release its own MicroLED display

    Apple is developing their own display using a promising technology MicroLED and plans in a few years to begin production, which will allow it to abandon the purchase of this type of components from other companies, said on Monday Bloomberg.

  • Components Samsung Galaxy S9+ was more expensive than the Galaxy Note 8

    As it turned out, the Samsung Galaxy S9+ came out a few more of last year’s flagship Galaxy Note 8. Thus, the total cost of the components in the Samsung Galaxy S9+ reaches up to 379 USD, and the Galaxy Note 8 is 369 dollars.

  • Facebook suspected data breach of 50 million users

    In Facebook it was discovered the theft of 50 million users of the social network.

  • “Yandex” has decreased by 40% the number of sites with annoying ads

    Employees of “Yandex” thanks to its special filter reduced by 40% the number of sites with ads, annoying users.

  • Samsung Galaxy S9 fell sharply in Russia on 10 thousand roubles

    In Russia there is a sharp drop in the price of the Galaxy S9 reports “” with reference to a well-known portal AKKet.

  • New virus intercepts calls to the phone to steal money

    The new version of the virus Fakebank capable of intercepting phone calls from smartphones running the Android operating system, appeared on the network.

  • Nuclear submarine with a gamepad from my Xbox took on the U.S. Navy

    Earlier in March, it was reported that the U.S. Navy has adopted a new multipurpose nuclear submarine USS Colorado of the Virginia class.

  • Enthusiasts learned to print on beer

    American startup Ripples introduced the machine to print designs on the foam of a beer, according to Mashable.

  • At the end of March Apple will unveil a new iPhone SE 2

    According to some thematic editions, most experts suggest that a scheduled event will show a new iPad, new MacBook Air 13 new smartphone iPhone SE 2.

  • Scientists have shown in the video the Earth after the machines take over

    Scientists have shown in the video the Earth and its change after the expected world of revolt of cars.

  • Unusual snake with two heads and gullets found the farmer in the United States

    As told to us veterinarians, reptile feature is that it has two heads and two hearts, and two of the esophagus.

  • LG G7 will never be a “killer” Samsung Galaxy S9 iPhone X

    LG G7 will never become a real “killer” Samsung Galaxy S9 and especially iPhone X. the Smartphone with the prefix Neo shown at the exhibition MWC-2018, without revealing details.

  • Owners of the Sony PlayStation 3 will pay cash compensation

    Owners of the Sony PlayStation 3 can now receive compensation, as well as in their time did the group of users who sued the Corporation’s monies.

  • The developers have added in WhatsApp three useful functions

    The creators of WhatsApp have added three new features. New features will be very useful in life.

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