Summary March 14, 2018

  • “Tigres” beat “Toronto”, despite the own goal Carioca

    “Tigres” beat “Toronto” in a return match of 1/4 of final of Champions League CONCACAF (3:2). In the part of the Mexican team scored an own goal by former midfielder of “Spartak” Rafael Carioca.

  • Scientists said the only way to slow down the body aging

    Difficulties in the elderly body is synthesized from ADP ATP, and is the main cause of age-related atrophy, also known as senility.

  • Canada supported the idea of joint application for world Cup 2026 with the United States and Mexico

    The government of Canada supported the idea of joint bids for the world Cup in 2016 along with the United States and Mexico, according to CBC.

  • Yamal athletes went to the Arctic winter games in Canada

    Seventy-athletes of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug (YANAO) on Wednesday went to Canada to participate in Arctic winter games.

  • “Nashville” beat “Winnipeg” in the match NHL

    “The Nashville Predators” defeated “Winnipeg jets” in the regular season of the National hockey League, informs “the Soviet sports”.

  • Canada’s Premier confident in a productive work with the new U.S. Secretary of state

    Canada will build a good and productive relationship with the new U.S. Secretary of state Michael Pompeo benefit the two countries.

  • The leaders of the United States and Canada discussed the duty on steel and aluminium

    The US President and the Prime Minister of Canada has discussed the new duties on steel and aluminum, about which Donald trump announced last week.

  • The Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz: the economy may

    The Bank of Canada Governor Stephen Poloz: the economy may be 50% more susceptible to higher rates than ten years ago.

  • In Canada, heavy snowfall broke the traffic

    Heavy snowfall has disrupted flights in Eastern Canada, reports TASS.

  • The Canadians by mistake I met the king of Belgium with the German flag

    During the official visit to Canada of king Philippe of Belgium residents by mistake and saluted the German flag.

  • YouTube for iOS received a dark theme

    Team YouTube added a dark theme for your mobile app.

  • AMD found 13 critical vulnerabilities

    Experts on cyber security found 13 critical vulnerabilities in the U.S. processors American Micro Devices (AMD).

  • Audience Apple Music has reached 38 million subscribers

    The audience of paid subscribers of the music service Apple Music has reached 38 million in March 2018.

  • Ivan Urgant and Vkontakte will compete for million in mobile quiz

    Creative group of TV host and the developers of the social network to launch Russia’s first mobile game “Clover” with cash prizes.

  • Powerful smartphone LG G7 will be released in may

    The South Korean company LG announced that the powerful G7 smartphone will be released in may of this year.

  • Smartphone Huawei Y7 2018 equipped with two powerful cameras

    The developers have demonstrated a new smartphone Huawei Y7 2018, which meets the latest fashion – the screen has a ratio of 18:9.

  • Fitbit released fitness tracker for kids

    The company Fitbit has released a children’s fitness tracker Ace.

  • Disclosed features of the crypto accelerator Nvidia P102-100

    In the network appeared the information about the accelerator Nvidia P102-100, which can be used for cryptocurrency mining, and will compete with the GeForce GTX 1080 Ti, becoming his counterpart.

  • Apple has announced the date for the presentation of new products

    Apple has set the date for WWDC 2018, an annual developers conference where the company introduces new products.

  • Apple released a wireless charging AirPower at the end of March

    Apple intends to release for sale wireless charging AirPower in late March.

  • The Creator of the world wide web spoke out against Facebook and Google

    Most Do care about the appearance of dominant companies like Facebook and Google, which have become sort of gatekeepers: they decide what to show users, what ideas and views can meet people.

  • Named the “smartest” city in the world in 2017

    Singapore named the most intelligent city in the world in 2017, said the experts of the consulting company Juniper Research, followed by joint research with Intel.

  • Windows 7 users have discovered a serious flaw in the OS

    A serious flaw was discovered by users in the Windows 7 operating system. The problem faced the owners of computers with AMD processors of the newest generation.

  • Russian brand Caviar cast iPhone X in liquid gold

    Russian brand of Caviar, which is engaged in the production of luxury smartphones, has cast new iPhone X in liquid gold.

  • The new version of GTA V will be released in April

    It is assumed that the developers decided to replace the conventional publishing the new due to the high sales of GTA V. three years after the release of the game remains in the top 10 British retailers.

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