Summary March 12, 2018

  • Scientists said that stress and depression can be transmitted

    Scientists from the Institute of brain Haccess at the University of calgary found that depression and stress which can in a literal sense becoming infected, affect the biochemistry of the brain, inhibiting its activity and disrupting its structure.

  • The first time a woman will head the police of Canada

    The head of the government of Canada Justin Trudeau has appointed a woman as head of the Federal police, that was the first time in the history of the country.

  • Home sales in Toronto fell by 35% over the year

    Sale in Toronto in February 2018 fell to a 5 175 deals is 35% lower than a year ago, according to the Toronto Real Estate Board (TREB).

  • In Canada on the lift got stuck for 140 people

    In the canadian province of Quebec on the lift got stuck for 140 people.

  • “Toronto” has crushed “Pittsburgh” Malkin gave an assist

    The hosts ‘ forward Nazem Kadri scored twice, Mitchell Marner scored 2 (1+1) points, defenseman Morgan Reilly 3 assists.

  • Scientists: the Vikings first discovered America

    The Vikings became the first to discover America, scientists say. The proof of this fact was presented by the archaeologist from Canada Birgitta Wallace.

  • The islanders ended a run of 8 defeats, having beaten “calgary”

    Double in the composition of the winners was designed by Anders Lee. Thanks to this result, ”islanders” ended its streak of 8 losses.

  • Canada will play calgary and the islanders.

    Police are searching for a killer in a mask who shot a man in the West Toronto

  • Canadian won 25 million dollars in the lottery

    A resident of the canadian province of Ontario won $ 25 million in the national lottery Lotto Max, tearing the jackpot.

  • A burning plane urgently villages in Canada

    Canadian aircraft regional carrier Porter Airlines forced sat in the airport of Fredericton, while flying from Halifax to Montreal.

  • Team Russia has not reached the playoffs stage of the World series in Vancouver

    The men’s team of Russia on Rugby-7 came out in the play-off stage of World series in Vancouver.

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