Summary July 17, 2017 in the world

  • In Turkey, the accident occurred in an amusement Park, killing one person

    Park in the Turkish city Kirsehir accident on the rollercoaster. The car ride with children fell from a height of 5 m the father of one of children.

  • About a hundred tourists had to be evacuated because of the fires in Montenegro

    The fire broke out around 3:00 local time. From Bay area Paddle was evacuated about 100 tourists, including women and children. Rescuers also evacuated residents of nearby villages.

  • Album autographed by Lennon for killer sell for $1.5 million in the United States

    The Double Fantasy album John Lennon signed by the artist for his killer Mark Chapman five hours before his death, sell in the US for $1.5 million by the bidding Agency for the sale of personal things of celebrities Moments in Time.

  • The alleged killer of Russian tourists in Abkhazia pleaded guilty

    One of the suspects in the attack on tourists from Moscow, killing one person confessed, the press service of the Prosecutor General of Abkhazia. Earlier it was reported that employees of the state security Service detained two people.

  • Scientists see the replacement of sugar by sweeteners the risk of obesity

    Replacing sugar with sweeteners may in the future lead to excess weight, says Canadian Medical Association Journal. To such conclusion scientists from Canada, conducted a study in which participated more than 400 thousand people.

  • FT: Winnie the Pooh was on the black list of Chinese social networks

    The first comparison of the President of China with Winnie-the-Pooh appeared on the Internet in 2013, during his visit to the United States. Users have compared the photo of XI and then President Barack Obama with a picture of a bear and Tigers.

  • China’s GDP in the second quarter of 2017 increased by 6.9%

    “According to preliminary estimates, China’s GDP growth in the second quarter of 2017 amounted to 6.9%,” — said in a statement Monday the report. Accordingly, China’s GDP growth in the first half of 2017 also fell by 6.9%.

  • In the United States died the owner of “Oscar” actor Martin Landau

    In the United States after urgent hospitalization died one of the oldest winners of the “Oscar” actor Martin Landau, he was 89 years old, this July 17, the newspaper reported The Guardian.

  • Nine people were killed in flooding in Arizona

    Nine people were killed and one person missing in floods caused by heavy rains in Arizona. About it reports Reuters, citing data from local lifeguards. Flooding occurred in 145 km from the city of Phoenix.

  • Japan will equip the F-2 new supersonic missiles

    Monday, July 17, it was reported that, in 2018, Japan will equip the F-2 with their own supersonic missiles “air-ship”, to intercept which will be difficult due to the low flight trajectory, and due to the fact that they will fly three times the speed of sound.

  • Investments in the main capital of China in the first half rose by 8.6%

    BEIJING, 17 Jul — RIA Novosti, Anna was Raccogli. Investment in fixed assets (excluding agriculture) of China in the first half of 2017 increased by 8.6% compared to the same period last year, according to data of the state statistical Bureau of China.

  • The number of victims as a result of rainfall in northeast China has risen to 18

    The death toll from torrential rains in Jilin province, which led to the floods has risen to 18. This is the Agency “Xinhua” with reference to the headquarters to combat floods and drought. Another 18 people remain missing, said the headquarters.

  • About 37 thousand people were evacuated to Canada due to forest fires

    37 thousand people were forced to leave their homes because of forest fires in the canadian province of British Columbia.

  • Along the coast of the Adriatic sea raging wildfires

    Along the Adriatic coast in Croatia and Montenegro — raging wildfires, the Associated Press reports. According to the Agency, in Croatia, the fire covered several coastal areas. The flames came close to homes of šibenik, but firefighters managed to stop the threat.

  • First starring role in the TV series “Doctor Who” will play a woman

    The trailer for the new season with the actress tweeted a series.On Monday, the creators of the series “Doctor Who” spilled the beans – the main role in a British sci-Fi series for the first time in its history will be performed by the woman – the actress jodie Whittaker.

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