Summary July 17, 2017 in Canada

Summary July 17, 2017 in Canada

  • Scientists see the replacement of sugar by sweeteners the risk of obesity

    Scientists see the replacement of sugar by sweeteners the risk of obesity

    Replacing sugar with sweeteners may in the future lead to excess weight, says Canadian Medical Association Journal. To such conclusion scientists from Canada, conducted a study in which participated more than 400 thousand people.

  • Edmonton signed a new contract with Simpson

    Edmonton signed a new contract with defenseman Dillon Simpson, reports Sportsnet. The contract with 24-year-old player is designed for one year.

  • About 37 thousand people were evacuated to Canada due to forest fires

    37 thousand people were forced to leave their homes because of forest fires in the canadian province of British Columbia.

  • Costa Rica and Canada advanced to the quarterfinals of the Gold Cup CONCACAF

    Team Costa Rica defeated French Guiana in the match of group tournament of the Gold Cup CONCACAF – 3:0. A goal in this match was scored by Ariel Rodriguez, Rodney Wallace and David Ramirez. In another match, Canada drew with Honduras – 0:0.

  • The Air France plane made an emergency landing in Scotland

    The plane of airline of Air France flying from Paris to Vancouver, made an emergency landing at Glasgow airport in Scotland. According to some data, on Board of an airliner fire occurred. Information on casualties yet.

  • The Prime Minister of Canada has seen a family of refugees, named in his honor

    The Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in calgary visited a family of refugees, which is growing Justin-Trudeau Adam Bilal. This two-month child parents named in honor of the canadian Prime Minister. The Syrian family, in which a growing boy, left his home about six years ago.

  • Newgarden’s won an IndyCar race in Toronto

    American Josef newgarden’s team Penske won the race in Toronto in the championship IndyCar. The second was his compatriot Alexander Rossi, and closed three James Hinchcliffe. Russian Mikhail Aleshin in this race and was replaced by Sebastian Saavedra, who became the 11th.

  • The Governor-General of Canada will become an astronaut Julie Payett

    Female astronaut Julie Pellett appointed Governor-General of Canada, reports RIA Novosti. Candidacy approved by Queen Elizabeth II, as Canada is part of the Commonwealth and recognizes the British monarch as head of state.

  • In Canada was discharged from hospital former US President Jimmy Carter

    Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter discharged from hospital in the canadian city of Winnipeg, which was sent due to dehydration, said Friday the Agency AP. 92-year-old Jimmy Carter was hospitalized the day before.

  • Russian driver Aleshin will miss the IndyCar in Toronto

    Russian pilot team Schmidt Peterson Motorsports driver Mikhail Aleshin will not be able to participate in the next stage of the championship IndyCar in Toronto, reports RT. The Russians will replace Colombian Sebastian Saavedra, according to Autosport.

  • Sergio Perez: “it was Bad start ruined my future race”

    Bad start ruined my future race. At Silverstone you can overtake, but it’s not easy. I almost the entire race was in the distance behind the Window, but actual points for overtaking was not.

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