Summary July 16, 2017 in the internet

Summary July 16, 2017 in the internet

  • The Air France plane made an emergency landing in Scotland

    The plane of airline of Air France flying from Paris to Vancouver, made an emergency landing at Glasgow airport in Scotland. According to some data, on Board of an airliner fire occurred. Information on casualties yet.

  • Costa Rica and Canada advanced to the quarterfinals of the Gold Cup CONCACAF

    Team Costa Rica defeated French Guiana in the match of group tournament of the Gold Cup CONCACAF – 3:0. A goal in this match was scored by Ariel Rodriguez, Rodney Wallace and David Ramirez. In another match, Canada drew with Honduras – 0:0.

  • The Governor-General of Canada will become an astronaut Julie Payett

    Female astronaut Julie Pellett appointed Governor-General of Canada, reports RIA Novosti. Candidacy approved by Queen Elizabeth II, as Canada is part of the Commonwealth and recognizes the British monarch as head of state.

  • Pagenaud for the first time in the season won the pole for the IndyCar

    The Colombian will start Sunday’s race from 20th position. Qualifying results IndyCar in Toronto POS.

  • Aleshin will miss the IndyCar race in Toronto

    Representatives of the program SMP Racing, Aleshin, also declined to comment. 27-year-old Saavedra spent in IndyCar racing 62 from 2010 to 2017. His best result is eighth place on the stage in Baltimore in the 2013 season.

  • In Canada was discharged from hospital former US President Jimmy Carter

    Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter discharged from hospital in the canadian city of Winnipeg, which was sent due to dehydration, said Friday the Agency AP. 92-year-old Jimmy Carter was hospitalized the day before.

  • Sapu signed a new contract with Liverpool for 1 year and $ 687 thousand

    Club of the National hockey League, “Vancouver Canucks” extended the contract with striker Michael Chapu. About it informs the official website of the team. A one-way contract with 25-year-old hockey player is calculated on one season, for which he will earn $ 687 thousand

  • Mike Pence and Justin Trudeau expressed readiness to modernize Nafta

    Mike Pence and Justin Trudeau expressed readiness to modernize NAFTA Vice-President Mike Pence and the Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau in the negotiations expressed readiness to improve the free trade Agreement between North American countries (NAFTA) with the help of constructive negotiations.

  • TIFF began an extensive program to support women in film

    In July 2017, the international Toronto film festival (TIFF) launches 5 year programme of support and development of women’s influence in the film industry, which will start in campaign fundraising “Share Her Journey”.

  • Ufologists found under the Orsk traces of aliens

    It is noted that this gorge is a place of pilgrimage for people interested in search of traces of extraterrestrial civilizations. On the images provided, if you have imagination, you can really see the forms of humanoid creatures dressed in suits.

  • The space telescope “Spektr-R” will remain in orbit until 2019

    In the case of keeping the previous orbit on 6 January 2018, “Spektr-R” has entered into the Earth’s shadow on 6.5 hours, and would cease to function. A new threat to long-term presence of the telescope in the shadow will emerge in 2021.

  • NASA showed unique pictures of a crater on Mars colored worms

    Experts government space Agency NASA has shared new photos of the craters of Mars that were sent to earth by the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter device. A distinctive feature of the picture was the fact that everything depicted is more reminiscent of the colorful worms.

  • Russia will delay launches of spacecraft “Luna-26″ and “Luna-27″

    Russia has postponed sending to the moon Orbiter as part of the mission “Luna-26″. Instead of 2020, it will be launched in 2021-m. lander “Luna-27″ will also be sent later in 2022.

  • Durov responded to the Telegram lock in Indonesia

    In my channel Telegram Pavel Durov wrote that upset the decision of Indonesia to block the messenger. According to him, the reason was that the command Telegram just did not have time to respond quickly to the requirements of the authorities and to remove content that is associated with terrorism.

  • Astronomers: “the death star” flies to the Ground

    “Death star” HIP-85 605 flying towards the Ground at high speed. This was stated by the expert of the Institute of astronomy of max Planck in Germany, Dr. coryn bailer-Jones. According to some astronomers, the “star of death” can cause chaos in the Solar system.

  • Scientists said that the “death Star” Saturn was created by aliens

    The footage, obtained by the apparatus Cassini in 2004, clearly visible line that runs along the perimeter of the entire moon. According to ufologists, yapet is an artificial object from two metal structures that are welded together, according to NASA.

  • Scientists at five o’clock “weigh” a giant black hole

    Due to the movement of molecular gas it is possible to measure the gravity of a black hole, and the received power is calculated the actual weight. According to the results of a scientific experiment where the researchers spent about 5 hours, the mass of the black hole in the galaxy NGC 4526 is equal to the weight of 500 million suns.

  • The experts identified three smartphone which is better iPhone 7

    Experts have made a rating of the three phones that best iPhone. According to experts, the main competitor of the iPhone 7 is Huawei P9. Dual camera 12 megapixel and high performance makes this smartphone the best.

  • In the Internet appeared the video, “proving the existence of UFOs”

    Supporters of the existence of UFOs has published another video, which, in their opinion, proves the facts visit our planet unidentified flying objects. In the publication of ten mysterious movies in confirmation of his hypothesis.

  • The first Russian crowdfunding satellite launched from Baikonur

    Russia’s first spacecraft “beacon”, the money that was collected the whole world, sent from the cosmodrome “Baikonur”. He and another 72 satellites launched on the carrier rocket “Soyuz-2–1A” on the eve. “Lighthouse” bull designed by students-engineers of the capital’s Polytechnic University.

  • “Google Maps” began to predict the ideal time to visit

    A new feature of the app “Google Maps” can predict and choose the perfect time to visit. Thus, people after work may not be in the tube. The function will indicate how much time it will take to the road and show the load path.

  • Microsoft will develop for Windows 10 update Fall Update Creators

    Microsoft will develop for Windows 10 following update Fall Update Creators. Noted that noise layer “acrylic” design was visually “soft”, the changes are noticeable in all interfaces and applications established on the basis of XAML.

  • “Yandex” has come up with a way to cheat the system face recognition

    “Yandex” has come up with a way to cheat the system face recognition. However, the developers are not going to share methods to have used them not scammers. In “Yandex” checked, how can I bypass identification of a person by the pictures.

  • In the Facebook app there is the option of creating gifs

    As noted by TNW, the moment the function is in the testing phase, and therefore accessible only to some users. In addition, journalists found that the innovation can evaluate only the owners of iOS devices — the Android version of the application, this option is not provided.

  • The police of Ukraine: the Attack of the virus M.E.doc may be repeated

    As you know the police of Ukraine relatively recently opened a full cyber. They got information about that program reporting and documentation preparing a new attack. The statement has already been posted on the official website of the Department.

  • Facebook launched the stream from the application of virtual reality Spaces

    As stated in the press service of the company, users have vozmojnosti to chat in a 3D space in online

  • Preview videos on YouTube became animated

    Preview videos on YouTube became animated in the desktop version of YouTube. On the part of users, YouTube has a innovation while viewing the desktop version of the website – when you hover on the thumbnail of the video he starts moving and losing 3 seconds.

  • In the United States called a technology company with the most reliable protection

    The experts from research organization the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) in the United States called technology companies with the most robust protection of private data of users. The findings were based on four criteria.

  • Fake Tor browser steal bitcoins from wanting to buy drugs

    As writes portal Bleeping Computer users have tried to order goods (including drugs) to the illegal sites on the darknet, but after removing bitcoins from the account of the ordering to them and has not come.

  • Google detects bad application using machine learning

    Google using machine learning to recognize the bad and even malicious applications. In this way the company cares for the security of Android devices.

  • WhatsApp users received the ability to transmit any files

    Users of devices on iOS and Android will now be able to send each other files of any type. Currently, however, the maximum size of the file sent is limited to 100 megabytes.

  • The founder of ABBYY, presented the planning tasks Yva

    Founder of the Russian company-developer of solutions in the field of OCR and linguistics ABBYY David Yan in his new firm Findo has created a planning task Yva. Is a personal assistant that runs on the AI.

  • In the people’s Republic of China will forbid the use of VPN services

    VPN services are widely used by the population and companies who want to circumvent the so-called Great Firewall (or the Great Chinese Firewall) and to access blocked government sites, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, some news sites and other resources.

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