Summary January 20, 2018

  • The newest attack US Navy ship stuck in the ice during the first campaign

    Battle ship US Navy USS Little Rock was commissioned in December 2017, can’t get to home port in Florida after a record-breaking frost.

  • In an accident with a bus in Turkey killed at least 11 people and injured 44

    At least 11 people were killed and 44 were injured in a traffic accident with a tour bus in the province of Eskisehir in Turkey.

  • China accused the U.S. Navy of violating the territorial waters

    China accused the U.S. Navy that the American missile destroyer Hopper without permission entered its territorial waters near the disputed island of Huangyan in the South China sea.

  • NSA accidentally deleted data from many years of Internet surveillance

    The staff of the national security Agency USA (NSA) deleted data Internet security for seven years, reports Politico.

  • In the US, died Oscar-winning actress Dorothy Malone

    In the United States on 93-m to year of life has died the Oscar-winning actress Dorothy Malone.

  • The media learned about the attacks of the Turkish army on the Kurdish militia in Syria

    According to the information of the General staff, attacks were made “in response to provocative attacks” by Kurdish military forces from the border district of Afrin.

  • Federal Department of the USA stopped work due to lack of funds

    Federal Department of the USA from Saturday has stopped operations due to lack of funding.

  • Theresa may has ruled out the possibility of a second referendum on Brexit

    Prime Minister Theresa may has ruled out the possibility of a second referendum on the country’s withdrawal from the European Union.

  • Belgium will buy the US 34 multirole fighter F-35

    Belgium will buy from the United States 34 the latest multi-purpose fighter of the fifth generation F-35 and equipment for a total amount of 6.53 billion.

  • Nobel laureate predicted “total collapse” of bitcoin

    Bitcoin is waiting for a total collapse and a sharp increase in the value of the cryptocurrency is reminiscent of the “Tulip fever,” he said in an interview with CNBC, the Nobel laureate in Economics Robert Shiller.

  • The soloist of The Cranberries will be buried in his native village in Ireland

    The soloist of the rock band The Cranberries Dolores O’riordan will be buried on January 23 in his native village of Ballybricken in the County of Limerick in Ireland.

  • There was a video of a plane landing in Dusseldorf during a hurricane

    Hurricane “Frederick”, which hit Germany with wind speeds of up to 116 kilometers per hour, demanded that the pilots at Dusseldorf airport full concentration and high skill, according to TV channel Oe24.

  • Bloomberg found out the ticket price for dinner at the same table with trump

    Previously, trump said that tickets for the gala can be won in a lottery, the minimum price in which participation is $ 3.

  • Gazprom is allowed to build the second thread of the “Turkish stream”

    “Gazprom” has received from Ankara’s permission for the construction of the second offshore section of the “Turkish stream” in the exclusive economic zone and territorial waters of Turkey, said in a press release.

  • Lavrov called the defense strategy “confrontational concept”

    The Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Lavrov expressed regret in connection with the designation of Russia as a threat to the United States in the new defense strategy.

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