Summary January 20, 2018

  • The newest attack US Navy ship stuck in the ice during the first campaign

    Battle ship US Navy USS Little Rock was commissioned in December 2017, can’t get to home port in Florida after a record-breaking frost.

  • Young bear Berkeley received his first birthday cake ice cream.

    Amazon has decided on possible locations under the headquarters

  • Light snow is projected in Nizhny Novgorod in the weekend

    NTA-Volga region — light snow is projected in the Nizhny Novgorod region at the weekend.

  • “Toronto” beat “San Antonio”, despite a double-double for Aldridge

    “Toronto” on the home parquet beat “San Antonio” in the match of the regular championship of NBA. This is the second consecutive victory for the raptors.

  • Court in Canada acquitted the three accused on the case about the train accident

    A jury in Canada acquitted the three accused of criminal negligence in the case of the collapse of the oil composition in the canadian city of Lac-mégantic in 2013, reports channel CBC.

  • Nugent-Hopkins will miss 6 weeks due to broken ribs

    Striker “Edmonton” Ryan Nugent-Hopkins will miss about 5-6 weeks due to injury, the official website of the NHL.

  • In Canada, the murderer was caught due to a selfie with a gun crime

    The crime was possible thanks to a selfie that the killer posted on Facebook, reports the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC).

  • Canada will spend almost $10 million in humanitarian assistance to Yemen

    The government of Canada will allocate 12.1 million canadian dollars ($9.7 million) in humanitarian assistance to Yemen.

  • In Toronto as a result of firing two people were killed

    As a result of shooting in Toronto, Canada, two people were killed. The incident happened in the city centre, according to the Western media.

  • The Governor General of Canada gave Poroshenko the Kiev from space

    The Governor General of Canada Julie Paet during his visit to Ukraine gave President Petro Poroshenko a photo of Kiev, taken from the ISS.

  • “Ottawa” does not exclude the possibility of sharing Erik Karlsson

    General Manager “Ottawa senators” Pierre Dorion said that does not exclude the possibility of exchange defender Erik Karlsson.

  • In Canada the police “fined” the car out of the snow

    According to the publication, the 33-year-old Simon Laprise with friends fashioned out of snow, car De Lorean in full size and parked it on a city Park.

  • Developer: Mylistory already “comes on the heels of the” Instagram

    Over 100 thousand users have registered in Mylistory – Chechen analogue social network Instagram, which is available for download in the official stores Google Play and App Store from September 2017, told reporters the developer of the application Magomed Eshanov.

  • In Moscow for school students launched an online simulator chess

    At the Moscow General educational institutions students can enjoy chess online simulator that runs in the context of the service “My achievements”.

  • In Russia will appear the facial recognition system for exams online

    In Russia may receive a facial recognition system that will allow students to take exams online, said CEO and founder of the developer company VisionLabs Alexander Khanin.

  • 90% of Google users ignore the key security feature

    Almost all users of online Google ignore the option of two-factor authentication, which protects against penetration of malicious programs.

  • New smartphone Bluboo D5 got a case of zinc alloy

    New smartphones from the popular Chinese brand Bluboo models D5 and D5 Pro, presented at the recent presentation, it was decided to provide housings made of special zinc alloy.

  • Disclosed a new strategy of hacker attacks on Android

    Lookout concerned with cybersecurity, and human rights Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF, the electronic frontier Foundation) have discovered a fundamentally new strategy of international hacker attacks.

  • Developed computer-pendant Q-Stick with 8 GB of RAM

    Gadgets equipped with 8 GB of RAM, Bluetooth 4.1 and Wi-Fi 802.11 n/ac, microSD slot up to 128GB, HDMI connector, 2 ports USB 3.0, connector USB Type-C, and Micro-USB port.

  • Facebook users will appreciate the reliability of news sources

    Users of Facebook will determine the reliability of news sources.

  • In Russia collapsed the price of the new smartphone from Samsung

    As writes portal Hi-Tech the gadget went on sale in the Russian market in September last year at a recommended price of 70 thousand rubles for the version with a storage capacity of 64 GB.

  • French thrill-seeker took video of testing a “flying Segway”

    French inventor and thrill-seeker Frank Zapata has started testing its new aircraft – Segway platform with the telling title Ezfly, playing off the simplicity of the flight unit.

  • Samsung “hide” the front camera under the screen

    Samsung plans to create a “frameless” phone where the front camera and motion sensors will be “hidden” under the screen.

  • WhatsApp has launched an app for small business

    WhatsApp has launched a free app for small businesses, which will simplify the communication of entrepreneurs with customers.

  • The authors of the project “1917” released an online game about the history of the USSR

    The developers said that the users of their games will be able to take part in the main historical events of the Soviet period.

  • Bitcoin called the development of US intelligence

    In the presentation, which was presented at the opening of the training centre at ITMO University in St. Petersburg, said that bitcoin is “a project of us intelligence, which was created for rapid funding of exploration activities of US, UK and Canada to different countries of the world”, reports RIA Novosti.

  • Apple has created a “smart” toothbrush

    Apple jointly introduced the new Colgate toothbrush with artificial intelligence. This was reported on the website of the Corporation.

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