Summary January 18, 2018

  • Klintsevich has accused trump of the breakdown of dialogue between South and North Korea

    Earlier, the state Secretary Rex Tillerson, speaking at Stanford University, has accused Russia of disrupting the sanctions regime established by the UN against North Korea.

  • Senators in the US have called for sanctions against Usmanov and Seagulls

    Four influential Republican senators — Roger Wicker, mark Rubio, Cory Gardner, and Lindsey Graham, sent a Chapter of the US state Department Tillerson Rex, and heads of Finance Ministry and National intelligence a letter urging consideration when compiling a “Kremlin report” representatives of the “inner circle” of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

  • Tillerson: the US is not building an army on the Syrian-Turkish border

    U.S. Secretary of state Rex Tillerson rejected the talks that the United States will create a border troop at the Syrian-Turkish border, reports Reuters 18 Jan.

  • In the scandalous book about the White house, trump will take the series

    In a scandalous publication “Fire and fury: inside the White house trump” will be filmed TV series.

  • Media Mogul Rupert Murdoch was in the hospital due to a back injury

    “Rupert Murdoch hurt his back while swimming with his son on a yacht in the Caribbean”, — writes the edition.

  • Trump announced the winners of the competition for fake news

    US President, Donald trump declared on Twitter that awarded the promised prize of “fake media”.

  • The White house estimated the cost of the wall on the border with Mexico

    The construction of the wall on the border with Mexico will cost US $ 20 billion, but the President is Donald trump still hopes to get Mexico to pay for construction, said chief of staff John Kelly.

  • In the US, unknown killed more than 200 thousand bees, brought from Russia

    As a result of the incident killed at least 200 thousand bees, brought from Russia and Italy.

  • Tillerson pledged to keep US troops in Syria after the defeat of the IG

    About the US plans to leave a contingent of troops in Syria in November, the newspaper The Washington Post, citing a source in Washington.

  • Apple to invest in the US economy over $30 billion within five years

    American Corporation Apple intends to invest in the US economy more than $ 30 billion over the next five years and to open a second headquarters.

  • NASA called the power of the explosion of the meteorite over Detroit

    The power of the explosion of the meteor in the U.S. state of Michigan reached 100 tons in a trotyl equivalent.

  • In an American court Sheriff’s Deputy shot and killed a 16-year-old defendant

    16-year-old American, who conducted the trial, was shot dead by a Deputy Sheriff right at the time of his trial.

  • The Turkish authorities extended the state of emergency for three months

    “The Cabinet of Ministers recognized the need to extend the state of emergency for another three months,” Anadolu quoted the Prime Minister Bekir Bozdag.

  • USA consider Turkey’s interests in Syria, said the Pentagon

    USA take into account the interests of Turkey for operations in Syria and recognize their legitimacy, says the press service of the Pentagon.

  • In Sweden, near the police station detonated an explosive device

    In Malmo near the police station was a powerful explosion, RIA Novosti reported.

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