Summary January 18, 2018

  • She was unable to open my eyes after the eyelash

    In Canada 20-year-old Isabel Kahn could not open eyes after the eyelash. This is the website of Fox News channel.

  • Night the duel: fight foxes and owls in Canada was caught on video

    On video got a kind of “duel” foxes and owls that was found on the road at night.

  • Australia complained to the WTO Canada, according to the rules for the sale of wine

    Australia sent in a complaint with the WTO in Canada because of the country’s existing rules for the sale of Australian wine.

  • In Canada, a teenager was attacked with a knife on a friend and employee of the school

    In one of the canadian schools, 16-year-old student was attacked with a knife to his contemporary and co-worker of the institution.

  • The Bank of Canada raised its key interest rate

    Recall that the results of the December meeting, the Bank of Canada has decided not to change its key rate, keeping it at the level of 1% per annum.

  • Two Americans and two Canadians were kidnapped in Northern Nigeria

    Two American and two canadian citizen was kidnapped in Kaduna state in Northern Nigeria.

  • Virtu and moir will carry the Canada flag at the opening ceremony of the Olympics

    Olympic Champions of Vancouver, the ice dancing Tessa Virtu and Scott moir will carry the Canada flag at the opening ceremony of the winter Games in 2018 in South Korea’s Pyeongchang, the official website of the Olympic team of Canada.

  • Minimum wage has been raised

    According to golyshmanovskiy of the center of employment of the population, since January 1 of this year raises the minimum wage in the Tyumen region.

  • The Russian foreign Ministry has condemned an international meeting on North Korea in Vancouver

    In a statement the foreign Ministry of Russia consider “absolutely unacceptable” the decision of the meeting participants “to reflect on the imposition of unilateral sanctions and other diplomatic measures, which go beyond the requirements enshrined in the resolutions of the UN Security Council”.

  • Scientists have proven that the brain of women is not disabled during sex

    Experts from McGill University in Montreal used functional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to identify differences between women and men during sexual arousal.

  • In Toronto proposed to use bitcoin for payment for property

    Recall: the U.S. Treasury announced that it would not allow the use of bitcoin in illegal activities in the state.

  • Nintendo announced cardboard designer Labo Switch

    On the night of 18 January, Nintendo has announced the Labo. This is a cardboard designer designed for hybrid Nintendo console Switch.

  • Samsung will soon release a chip of artificial intelligence

    Samsung is aware of the gap in the field of artificial intelligence and hopes to catch up with competitors this year.

  • Google will penalize websites with slow loading

    As it turned out, the reason for administration of a search engine was the release of mobile versions of leading positions, where the download speed should be maximum or at least conform to the standards developers.

  • The Ministry launched the portal to replace unpopular websites of government agencies

    At in test mode earned the portal, which can further combine all of the state sites.

  • IPhone owners will be able to disable the slowing of smartphones

    Future operating system update will allow iPhone owners to disable the slowing down of smartphones, said Apple’s CEO Tim cook.

  • The Duma will strengthen the responsibility of companies for the slowing down smartphones

    The Deputy from LDPR Vasily Vlasov asked the head of the Federal Antimonopoly service Igor Artemyev to review the possibility of increasing responsibility in the legislation for companies that shorten the life of products, including smartphones.

  • To find a dream job will help the social network “Classmates”

    In the framework of the project users in need of assistance in employment, can tell your story by posting it with the hashtag #Rabotnicki.

  • Hackers almost declassified data 19 thousand fans surround porn

    As it became known, experts have found in Annex SinVR a bug through which hackers have the opportunity to declassify information about all the users of the service.

  • Twitter will inform users about the “Russian propaganda”

    Notifying users about the impact of content, supposedly created by “Russian propaganda service” will appear on the social network Twitter, reports on 17 January, Reuters, citing CEO Carlos Monge.

  • All participants of the Olympic games-2018 will get a unique Samsung Galaxy Note 8

    South Korean company Samsung specifically for the Olympic winter games 2018 in Pyeongchang to release an exclusive version of its flagship smartphone Galaxy Note 8. It is specified that the phone will receive all participants of sports.

  • WhatsApp introduced a new feature in messenger spam

    The developers of WhatsApp have decided to introduce a new feature in messenger is designed to block incoming spam.

  • In 2019, the cutout on the iPhone screen will be smaller

    Developers of iPhone X take into account the criticism of one of the shortcomings of the smartphone, concerning a large cutout on the screen for the front camera and sensors extra pounds.

  • Apple accused to eliminate evidence about the slowing of the iPhone.

    The first time Russia has entered the top ten for spending on Google Play

  • Found virus spy that steals card numbers from WhatsApp

    How figured out the experts of “Kaspersky Lab”, Skygofree is actively distributed in the last three years. previously, the Nation News Agency reported that the popular messenger WhatsApp introduced a feature for blocking spam.

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