Summary January 17, 2018

  • Discovered can steal messages from WhatsApp Android virus

    According to specialists, the virus is able to steal SMS and messages from WhatsApp, calendar events and GPS data, to record conversations.

  • Zhirinovsky ordered US “out of Olympus”

    Global foreign policy goals of the U.S. failed, so it was time becoming a regional power.

  • Near Detroit meteorite fell

    The fact of the fall of a meteorite was confirmed by the USGS, adding that he fell in 8 km from the small settlement of new haven, located to the North-East of Detroit, and caused the earthquake of a magnitude of 2.0.

  • Lost hills: In the Netherlands found an unknown van Gogh’s drawings

    Became aware of the fact that the Netherlands were found two previously unknown figure that belonged to Vincent van Gogh.

  • The White house doctor said about the health trump

    The White house doctor Ronny Jackson after a medical examination of the President of the US said that Donald trump is in great shape and fully suitable for the performance of his duties, wrote on Tuesday The Hill.

  • In Finland, the start of early voting in the presidential elections

    Early voting in the elections of the President of Finland started on Wednesday, January 17. This statement was made in the Ministry of justice.

  • The commanders of the two ships of the U.S. Navy was accused of involuntary manslaughter

    In the United States appear before the court, the commanders of two American warships Fitzgerald and John McCain, who are accused of manslaughter, according to the website of the U.S. Navy.

  • Ex-CIA officer arrested for illegal possession of confidential data

    Former CIA agent Jerry Jung Shin Lee, who was arrested on charges of illegal possession of classified information, could give China information about the informants US intelligence, according to “”.

  • More than 50 people were injured in an accident with a bus and a truck in China

    Victims of an accident involving a bus and a truck in southwest China, 51 more hospitalized.

  • Australia complained to the WTO Canada, according to the rules for the sale of wine

    Australia sent in a complaint with the WTO in Canada because of the country’s existing rules for the sale of Australian wine.

  • USA halve the financing of the United Nations Fund for aid to the Palestinians

    Us authorities on Tuesday announced that it held approximately half of the aid, which originally was to provide the UN Foundation, responsible for assistance to the Palestinians.

  • More than 40 cars collided in the South of the Czech Republic due to snow

    In the South of the Czech Republic in the area of the 99-th kilometer in both directions of the highway Prague – Bratislava has faced more than 40 cars.

  • The Federal tourism Agency has warned of an outbreak of a viral infection in Finland

    Earlier Wednesday, the CPS warned of an outbreak of infection caused by respiratory syncytial virus human (HRSV) in Finland.

  • The Czech government resigned after a vote of no confidence

    The Czech government under the leadership of Andrew Babish resigned after made on the eve of the confidence vote of the Parliament, reports news Agency Ceske Noviny.

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