Summary January 14, 2018

  • The Ministry of foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation considers inappropriate initiative on the DPRK in Vancouver

    Moscow considers inappropriate initiative of the United States and Canada on an international meeting on North Korea in Vancouver.

  • Trudeau noted the important role of Russia and China in the North Korean issue

    The Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau noted the important role of Russia and China in resolving the situation on the Korean Peninsula, despite the absence of their representatives at the Ministerial meeting on North Korea in Vancouver.

  • “Toronto” has lost “Golden state”, despite 42 points Derozan

    The most productive player of the meeting was the defender of “Raptors” Demar derozan, which account for 42 points.

  • Pandas beat the snowman in Canada: video

    In the Internet appeared the video, where three pandas from a zoo in Toronto destroyed the snowman.

  • The leader of the Western conference of the NHL “Vegas” lost to “Edmonton” in overtime

    Ice hockey “Vegas” was defeated by Edmonton in overtime in the match of the regular championship of NHL.

  • Vacation perfectly: the 52 places in the world where you need to go in 2018

    The New York Times published its list of 52 places to visit in the coming year.

  • In the South-East of Canada Livni was left without light almost 10 thousand people

    Almost 10 thousand people were left without electricity due to heavy rains that struck the canadian province of new Brunswick, reported on the website of the company NB Power.

  • Canada has tightened sanctions against North Korea

    As published on the website of the foreign Ministry document, the property and cash assets of the DPRK in the territory of Canada seized.

  • Russian hockey players remained without medals of the world youth championship

    Bronze medals of the youth world championship, which is attended by players no older than 18 years, went to Canada.

  • KFC started selling fast food with bitcoin

    Network of KFC restaurants in Canada began to accept bitcoins as payment for the order.

  • The US is trying to return the building, which the wind carried away to Canada

    Gone with the wind, the building was situated on stilts on the verge of the Museum smoked herring in lübeck.

  • Passengers of the detained flight was subjected to harassment for captured video

    Passengers delayed flight from Boston (USA) to Toronto (Canada) complained about the incompetent and rude conduct of airline staff Porter, and threats.

  • Scammers have started to sell fake cryptocurrency from Telegram

    Users Telegram messenger began to receive e-mail false offers to take part in the launch of cryptocurrency and blockchain Gram-platform Telegram Open Network (TON).

  • Photos of the new budget iPhone SE published online

    Photo of the new smartphone iPhone SE, which is scheduled for summer of 2018, has appeared online. About it reports the Sunday Express.

  • Samsung demonstrated a phone with the patented “wrapping” screen

    The company showed a phone with the patented “wrapping” screen. This time the Samsung developers have created a smartphone with a double-sided screen.

  • Samsung unveiled a bendable smartphone

    It is noted that Samsung has created a 7 by 3-inch foldable display and already in November will begin mass production of smartphones that can be bent in one and in the other direction, and the AMOLED screen will be stretch to 12 mm without the risk of any damage.

  • Programmer from China was able to accelerate the speed of older PC four times

    Using modern cooling system, the Chinese managed 4 times to accelerate the speed released 16 years ago, PC.

  • Passionate sex will save the world from the “new flu”

    In accordance with the statistics, couples who engage in sexual relations two or three times a week are less likely to suffer from the “new flu”.

  • Bigmoon Entertainment has announced the racing simulator of Dakar 18

    The game is a simulation of the famous race. It will be released on the Unreal Engine.

  • Social network “Vkontakte” made the list of pirate resources

    The Ministry of Commerce of the United States introduced social network “Vkontakte” in the list of pirate resources, reports “Interfax”.

  • The largest exchanger cryptocurrencies blamed the spam attack on bitcoin

    The largest cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase accused of problems with long transaction confirmations in the bitcoin network, writes ForkLog.

  • In children’s apps Google Play detected advertising porn Kardashian

    In children’s entertainment apps on Google Play found a pop up advertising a sex tape involving Kim Kardashian.

  • “VKontakte”, said that working on licensing content

    The largest Russian social network “Vkontakte”, which the US authorities have included in the list of sites that violate property rights, States that have already signed agreements with several major rights holders, and continues to be active in the licensing of audio and video content.

  • The mobile version of YouTube will add incognito mode

    The developers of Google have reported that will add the mobile version of YouTube in incognito mode.

  • Audience “Classmates” has exceeded 330 million users

    The attendance of the resource has exceeded 330 million users. About it journalists were told by representatives of the administration of the social network.

  • Microsoft began testing the end-to-end encryption in Skype

    Microsoft began testing the technology end-to-end encryption of communications in Skype, which uses a developed by Open Whisper Systems a standard Protocol Signal Protocol.

  • In children’s apps Google Play detected advertising porn Kardashian

    In children’s entertainment apps on Google Play found a pop up advertising a sex tape involving Kim Kardashian.

  • Experts removed a critical vulnerability in the Electrum wallets

    Experts removed a critical vulnerability in cryptocurrency e-wallets Electrum.

  • Experts have found a way to read someone else’s conversation in WhatsApp

    German experts have found a way to read the correspondence in created a closed group chat in the mobile app WhatsApp messenger, writes The Verge.

  • “Kaspersky lab” warns of hacking the gadgets

    The specialists of “Kaspersky Lab” warns users about the beginning of hacker attacks on electronic gadgets.

  • Yandex introduces new features for the Turbo pages

    Yandex has begun to implement the promised features for the Turbo pages.

  • The new service allows you to remove personal data from Google

    The new program allows you to delete all personal user data that Google collects and saves a long time on servers.

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