Summary January 12, 2018

  • Russia believes the meeting in Vancouver on the DPRK inappropriate

    Russia considers inappropriate international meeting on security on the Korean Peninsula, which will be held in Vancouver next week, said the official representative of Russian foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova.

  • The player in the NHL, Klinkhammer happy that he was in the Olympic team Canada

    Federation of hockey Canada on Thursday announced the squad for the Olympics, which included 13 players from the Kontinental hockey League (KHL).

  • The US will discuss in Vancouver interception of ships smuggling to the DPRK

    USA with partners will be discussed at the meeting of heads of foreign Ministries of the DPRK in Vancouver the ability of the Maritime interception of vessels violating the sanctions, said the Director of policy planning in the state Department’s Brian hook.

  • “Toronto” without Lowry defeated Cleveland in the NBA match

    “Toronto” has won a devastating victory over the “Cleveland” with a score of 133:99 in the regular season of the National basketball Association (NBA).

  • Trudeau: Canada from the Middle East back 60 militants

    The Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau announced that in a country with the Middle East returned about 60 representatives of the banned terrorist organization “Islamic state”, reports channel CBC.

  • Vacation perfectly: the 52 places in the world where you need to go in 2018

    The New York Times published its list of 52 places to visit in the coming year.

  • Passengers of the detained flight was subjected to harassment for captured video

    Passengers delayed flight from Boston (USA) to Toronto (Canada) complained about the incompetent and rude conduct of airline staff Porter, and threats.

  • The U.S. Treasury has said it is ready to withdraw from NAFTA

    Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said at a briefing in the White house that the United States will be released from the Agreement the North American free trade area (NAFTA), if the document is not revised, according to “RIA Novosti”.

  • America will report to Russia about the meeting in Vancouver on the DPRK

    Director of policy planning for the US Department of state Brian hook said that the US authorities will inform Russia and China the results of the meeting on the DPRK.

  • The US state Department: Sanctions against North Korea work

    The United States believes that sanctions against Pyongyang are working, and I hope that this will force the DPRK leadership to change the behavior.

  • Tillerson will hold a Ministerial meeting on North Korea in Canada

    Us Secretary of state Rex Tillerson will meet in Vancouver, Canada, a Ministerial meeting on North Korea. This was reported on the website of the state Department.

  • 13 players of the KHL became part of team Canada at the Olympics 2018

    In April 2017 the national hockey League (NHL) announced that the regular season will not be suspended during the Olympic games, which will be held from 9 to 25 February in Pyeongchang and thus players will not be able to compete at the Olympics.

  • In Canada lit up the ice hotel

    The first ice hotel in Canada appeared in January 2001. The hotel is open from the first week of January to last week of March.

  • The United States will not ease pressure on North Korea, says expert

    United States of America will not change its policy of confrontation and pressure on the DPRK, even under the condition of improving relations between Pyongyang and Seoul, said the lecturer, Institute of practical Oriental studies, expert of the PIR Centre, Roman Lobov.

  • Scientists: People with obesity can lose weight with light

    Canadian scientists from Albertinho (University of Alberta) the study found that people with obesity can lose weight with the help of light.

  • Intel spoke about the performance of the patched processor

    Evaluation of performance conducted by the company, is still preliminary, but the Intel specialists claim that the results obtained in the future most likely will not change much.

  • In Holland we create service to legitimize sex

    The developers from the Netherlands announced the release of LegalFlings application that allows users to conclude a legally binding agreement before sex.

  • The next iPhone update reduces performance of the gadget twice

    Enthusiast have installed on your iPhone 6 update iOS security 11.2.2, but before that I tested the phone using the benchmark.

  • An FBI expert told about working at Apple “assholes” and “evil genius”

    CSI FBI Stephen Flatley says that in Apple, there are “assholes” and “evil genius” who, through their development of complicated office mechanism the iPhone.

  • Google intends to develop for smartphones screen speakers

    The startup offers to use features of dynamics of the smartphone with the screen, which greatly frees up valuable space of the housing.

  • Astrakhans will be able to detect fake drugs

    Astrakhan oblast became the participant of experiment on introduction of system of “Marking”, thanks to the medicine packaging now will be a special QR-code, it, in turn, will allow you to identify counterfeit and illegal medicines.

  • Russia will pay hackers for finding IT-vulnerabilities

    According to the first model there is a clear customer search vulnerability, which will offer their system to the test and can give access to it, says Massukh.

  • GLONASS will be given the option of “quick start” in 2019

    The Russian GLONASS satellite navigation system in 2019 will have the option of “quick start”.

  • New tape Facebook will reduce the time spent in the social network — Zuckerberg

    After a few months, Facebook is planning to complete the setting and to introduce a new generation algorithm of the news feed, according to which the advantage will receive posts from relatives and friends of the user.

  • The court found Samsung guilty of patent infringement by Huawei

    Almost a year ago a Chinese court has considered the claim of infringement on technology for 4G networks.

  • Hyperkin will release a new version of the console Game Boy

    Popular in its time game console Game Boy once again goes on the world market, say the media.

  • The U.S. military is going to follow the Russians in social networks

    Bots to monitor posts on social networks and influence the user plans to use the U.S. army.

  • “Lebedev Studio” was accused of trying to sell someone else’s logo

    According to the statement Artemenko received from Lebedev Studio logo is almost an exact replica of the logo of a foreign Agency Creative Plus, which is on the first page in the Google search for query plus creative logo.

  • Experts have found a way to read someone else’s conversation in WhatsApp messenger

    The experts found a “hole” in the encryption system, with which the messenger delivers data only to the target audience, i.e. those who participate in a group chat.

  • There was an application of the Central suburban passenger company

    Previously it was announced that this possibility will appear in the first half of this year.

  • Google released the updates PageSpeed Insights

    The developers of company Google reported that the release update PageSpeed Insights.

  • Microsoft adds Skype encryption

    Microsoft agreed with the service Signal to implement encryption in your app for video calling Skype.

  • Zuckerberg explained the upcoming changes in the news feed of Facebook

    The founder of Facebook mark Zuckerberg explained why again decided to change the algorithm for generating news feeds of social network.

  • “Yandex” started showing free movies on the main page

    Internet company “Yandex” at the beginning of 2018 added to the main search page movies and TV shows.

  • Discovered the first malware for Android written in Kotlin

    Experts of company Trend Micro found in Google Play malware written in Kotlin.

  • Google intends to develop for smartphones screen speakers

    The startup offers to use features of dynamics of the smartphone with the screen, which greatly frees up valuable space of the housing.

  • Experts have found a way to read someone else’s conversation in WhatsApp messenger

    The experts found a “hole” in the encryption system, with which the messenger delivers data only to the target audience, i.e. those who participate in a group chat.

  • MacOS High Sierra found a bug that allows you to change your password the App Store

    MacOS High Sierra (version 10.13.2) finds the latest vulnerability that has nothing to do with Intel.

  • In the network appeared the White Paper of the bitcoin and Gram from Telegram messenger

    Telegram, according to RoadMap (the roadmap project), plans to start testing the system in 2018 in the fourth quarter of the year, users will be able to electronic wallets in which you will accumulate bitcoin and to make her various operations – transfers, payment of goods in online stores affiliate network Telegram.

  • Apple to open Beijing access to the data of Chinese iCloud users

    The American company Apple has promised to open a Chinese government organization on the Cloud Guizhou Big Data (GCBD) access to information for Chinese users the service iCloud.

  • Browsers Microsoft was able to recover some lost users

    According to the results of the analysis of the browser market at the end of last year, Microsoft regained 0.7 percent per cent market share.

  • Discovered extortionist HC7, receiving a ransom of Ethereum

    Lawrence Abrams (Lawrence Abrams), a well-known security expert and the founder of the site, Bleeping Computer, talked about a new version of the HC7 ransomware that encrypts the files of their victims, replacing the extension on .PLANETARY.

  • Hackers switch to small business

    Since corporations operate at a heightened risk of cyber-attacks and invest in protecting, in 2018, the hackers will move on to the attacks on the supply chain — for small and medium-sized enterprises that supply goods and services to large companies, according to the study ESET.

  • EOS introduced the SED “Business” version 17.2.4

    EOS has released a new version of the electronic document management system “Delo” – 17.2.4.

  • Burmatov names of accused members of the Federation Council in a conflict of interest

    The head of the Duma Committee on ecology Vladimir burmatov has accused several members of the Federation Council in a conflict of interest, the correspondent of IA REGNUM January 12.

  • Peskov called the transfer of Ukrainian weapons from Crimea gesture of goodwill

    Press Secretary of the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov said that the transfer to Ukraine military equipment from Crimea is a goodwill gesture to move the Ukrainian political settlement from the dead point, RIA “Novosti”.

  • From Ukraine came to Russia train bomb

    From Ukraine to Russia on January 11, came a booby-trapped train.

  • Peskov said that Russia will not leave unanswered the sanctions USA

    Moscow will adequately respond to possible new sanctions from the United States, said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov.

  • The CEC registered Grudinina a presidential candidate from the Communist party

    The Central election Commission (CEC) has registered as a candidate in the presidential election from the Communist party Pavel Grudinina, the correspondent of RBC.

  • Belarus stated that it did not intend to “make friends” with the EU against Russia

    Foreign Minister of Belarus Vladimir Makei in an interview with Xinhua said that the country does not intend to develop trade-economic and political relations with the EU to the detriment of Russia.

  • Defense Ministry increased purchases of ammunition for TOS “Buratino”

    Scientific-production Department of “Alloy” in 2017 to more than 8.6 times increased the supply of rockets for the heavy flamethrower system TOS-1A “Pinocchio” in the Russian army, told reporters on Friday, the press service of the holding company “tehmash” (includes “Alloy”).

  • The media learned about the first Russian purchase of a power plant with the purpose of mining

    Russia’s first purchase of a power plant with the purpose of mining, writes “Kommersant” with reference to sources.

  • Trump called “dirty holes” of the country, where in the US migrants

    The US President Donald trump called “dirty holes” a number of countries, including in country migrants.

  • New sanctions list of the USA was an old

    Fresh US sanctions list, which provided the politician Oleg Mitvol, was old. The document was not a single new name.

  • The court denied the leader of the hacker group “Humpty Dumpty”.

    Lefortovo court of Moscow refused parole to release from prison the leader of the hacker group “Humpty Dumpty” Vladimir Anikeev.

  • Killer Nemtsov was transferred to the colony in Irkutsk

    Two convicted for the murder of opposition politician Boris Nemtsov Zaur Dadayev and Khamzat transported to the colony of Irkutsk and Kirov-Chepetsk, where are quarantined, have informed “Interfax” one of the lawyers of the accused Rosa Magomedova.

  • Kim Jong-UN said the DPRK is willing to endure sanctions and a century

    The head of the DPRK, speaking to representatives of the state Academy of Sciences, said about the ability of North Korea to resist international sanctions for decades.

  • WWF called on Merkel to stop the “Nord stream – 2″

    The world wildlife Fund (WWF) and the nature protection Union of Germany called on German politicians to stop the construction of the pipeline “Nord stream-2″.

  • The Ministry of health proposed the “scary pictures” on packages with alcohol

    Social activists from the project “Sober Russia” has directed to the Ministry of health the proposal to place on the container with alcohol scary pictures that must inform buyers about the dangers of alcohol.

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