Summary January 11, 2018

  • Toronto airport faced two aircraft

    At the airport Pearson Toronto the accident occurred.

  • “Minnesota” won “Chicago” in the match of the regular championship of NHL

    Ice hockey “Minnesota wild” was stronger than “Chicago Blackhawks” in the away match of the regular championship of National hockey League (NHL).

  • Trudeau: Canada from the Middle East back 60 militants

    The Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau announced that in a country with the Middle East returned about 60 representatives of the banned terrorist organization “Islamic state”, reports channel CBC.

  • Canada is preparing for the U.S. withdrawal from NAFTA

    The US withdrawal from the Agreement the North American free trade area (NAFTA) is actively preparing Canada.

  • Media: Ottawa is preparing to enter Washington from NAFTA

    According to the TV channel CBC, referring to informed sources in the canadian government, Ottawa is actively preparing for the possibility of entering Washington from the North American Agreement on free trade area (NAFTA), despite the continuing negotiations on the revision of the Treaty.

  • Marina Fedunkiv amused visitors of the Oceanarium in Canada

    Ekaterina Varnava has already lost in the States with a suitcase of cosmetics and direct Marina Fedunkiv laugh not only spectators to the show-concerts and all visitors to the Aquarium in Toronto.

  • Trudeau declared that Canada would defend the right of women to abortion

    The canadian government will continue to defend women’s right to abortion.

  • In Canada dramatically decreased the unemployment rate

    In December 2017, the unemployment rate in Canada fell to 5.7% of the economically active population from 5.9% in November, according to the national Statistical service (StatCan).

  • Americans are massively buying the wrong book about trump

    Previously, the Fifth channel was telling about the unprecedented hype around the book “Fire and fury: the White House, trump on the inside”, which sold out in the US for a few hours.

  • In Canada, injuring two people during a fire at the ice hotel

    Today, January 11, the canadian journalists news newspaper the Montreal Gazette reported a fire at the ice hotel, where people got hurt.

  • Grigory Zheldakov: the last time the winning goal was scored in Canada

    The match was basic for each of the contenders. It was hard and that and the other team.

  • Canada initiates WTO dispute with the USA on anti-dumping

    Currently, Canada considers that anti-dumping and countervailing litigation practiced in the United States, do not correspond ratified by the United States anti-Dumping code, Agreement on subsidies and countervailing measures, General agreement on tariffs and trade 1994, as well as the approved procedures for the settlement of disputes in the WTO.

  • The Muslims demanded that Justin Trudeau moral gesture

    In an open letter to the Prime Minister Director of the Board Ihsan Gardi said that such a gesture will help to raise public awareness about the problems nenavistnichestva and Islamophobia, reports IslamNews with reference to CTV News.

  • In Canada due to the cold frozen Niagara falls – amazing pictures

    The world-famous Niagara falls is partially frozen, according to Agence France-Press.

  • Kulagina: play with Canada and the United States hard, but Russia is set to win

    Defender of the youth national team women’s Irina Kulagina shared his thoughts about the start of the world Cup, in which the Russians beat Canada and lost to US.

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